Jun 13, 2006

"Dwell in possibility." - Emily Dickinson

“Dwell in possibility.” - Emily Dickinson

Greetings! I am thrilled to share my news, thoughts and greetings with all of you who continue to care for and support me and my business. You can never truly understand how much you mean to me.
As a person in a creative field, I meet many women who want to embark on their own journey to pursue their creative passion. Some have just discovered theirs—others are still searching for it. They are talented, committed, and yes, passionate about what they do or want to do. But no matter how impassioned we may be, there is a key ingredient necessary to move beyond the ‘dream’ stage to the ‘do’ stage: We all need courage. Courage is like the oven that bakes the cake. Flour, sugar and eggs, along with the passion and talent for creating a cake do not result in a cake until it is finally baked in the oven. Only then do you have cake. Without courage, your dream remains just that—only a dream.
Having a dream gives us all hope, something to look forward to. Whether we dream of becoming parents, opening a business, buying a home, going back to school, or finding the love of our lives, it takes courage to really see it through. And sometimes, when our dreams are taken from us, or altered against our will, it takes courage to dream a new dream. And then it takes even more courage to ‘bake our cake’ and turn our dream into reality.
Courage is something to which we all have access. No one possesses it, we don’t own it, no one can give it to us…but it is there for us to use when we need it. The key is to know when we need it and then go borrow it. More than passion, more than talent, more than dreaming, courage is the key that enables us to discover who we really are, not just who we wish to be.
Never underestimate the power of courage...courage makes the possibility a reality.
from my house to your house,


Cathy said...

Just such a wonderful, inpirational blog, I thank you so much for sharing this with us all...I actually just read it to my 12 year old daughter for inspiration... Lovely.....
Thanks Cathy

Elizabeth said...

Thank you Cathy for the kind words. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and I appreciate you reading them.

from my house to your house,

Anonymous said...

We have not met, but I am a dear close friend of the expectant mother, Maria. She is my son's godmother. I have known Maria since first grade and consider her to be the sister I never had as I am an only child. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing the crib story and bringing joy to her life.
She is one sensational woman and a true blue friend. Your blog is wonderful. I write as well and your blog is warm and inviting.
Thanks for sharing. ~Rebecca

Kali said...

You are such a beautiful inspiration in so many ways...thank you for sharing a part of you through this blog!

Bettsi said...

Oh my. I've just read your entire blog! You ARE an inspiration. I am so impressed with all that you do and your esthetic is fabulous! Thank you for giving me a glimpse into what it's like to follow one's dreams. Let's see if I can ever work up the courage myself!

Jeanne said...

You continue to amaze. I so believe in courage being a huge component in the creative life. Just as my two children left the nest and I saw a wide open horizon to living my dream of being an artist, my husband's brother with special needs moved in with us....it took me a while, but I've learned to see these little detours as the the blessings they really are! They teach us to be bigger than we would otherwise be. Never fear. I am now still living my dream and with great thankfulness and a bigger heart. Happy New Year Elizabeth!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you Jeanne and I hope your new year is filled with more discovery for your creative side.


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