Jul 28, 2006

Phone call from the future....You know those rare moments that "just happen at the right time" that are so reaffirming? Well that moment happened yesterday for me. I was having a particularly tiring week (with expansion to Chicago) and several things just didn't go right or even close to as planned. Then I get a phone call from the future.

Yes, the future - literally. I got a call from Australia, and it was 5:30 AM the next day over there - so I was literally talking from someone who was already living in my tomorrow. Kind of reassuring - to know that there will be a tomorrow and a chance to start again.

My new friend, Cathy, initially contacted me via email to let me know she read about me in Romantic Homes, been to my website, and even read my blog. She wrote just about the sweetest email anyone could ever get. Plus, she is first Australian to email me. Cathy has a wonderful website that I encourage you to visit ...www.cathypentondesigns.com. She sells wonderful, artful charms and she is just starting out.

She sent me some wonderful custom Elizabeth House pieces as a gift and shortly after receiving them, St. Louis had a terrible storm that caused a huge power outage, and then immediately after that, I was out of town in Chicago. So, Cathy calls me yesterday to make sure I received her "parcel" as the Australians so charmingly say. What a nice surprise to get her call.

I instantly felt kindred spirits. To hear her happy voice, her excitement with her new business that is so "tiny and new" as she puts it...and what an "honor" it was to talk with me. Believe me, the honor was all mine. I am still very tiny and still very new as well. But to hear her passionate voice over the phone was just the medicine I needed to remember, and hold on to, those same feelings that I once had, but can get easily overtaken with worries, power outages, broken down car, not enough time to meet some deadlines....Cathy's call meant more to me than she even knows.

After I hung up, I sat and thought for a moment about how absolutely fabulous it is to have a total stranger call me all the way from Australia because she saw something in the article, my website, or this blog that inspired her to contact me. I would have never, ever thought that something so wonderful as that could really happen to me when I first opened my doors almost four years ago.

And that is what I want you boutique-owner-wanna-be's to realize. That when you are finally ready to open your doors for business - know that there are many, many doors you will be opening and you won't even realize that not only did you open a new door, but you walked right through it. And while all those doors are new and exciting and even necessary for growth...don't ever lose that feeling of pure excitement and sense of accomplishment you felt when you opened that very first door - your new business.

There will always be power outages, virus-filled computers, shortage of time and resources. But there will be only one time that you will experience the joy, thrill, pride, and pure excitement as a brand new business owner. Enjoy it. And never forget that feeling. And when that feeling escapes you - it is the calls from those "Cathy's" in your life that will jolt you right back where you need to be - back in business.

Thank you Cathy for the call from "down under." You lifted my spirits and that is a cherished gift that is "parceled" through time - a lifetime.

From my house to your house,



Anonymous said...

Hi Greetings from the Wairarapa in New Zealand...

I love your site Elizabeth, discovered it through Cathy Penton a while ago, she is a gem and makes the most beautiful things. As I was starting a small business from home selling imported Italian gumboots, (may I ? www.bootylicious.co.nz), she was very encouraging. How wonderful it is to know there are women all over the world sharing and supporting each other..

Sincere regards

Lisa Schwanecke Masterton

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Masterton in the Wairarapa New Zealand

How wonderful it is to find a world-wide network of women entrepreneurs sharing and supporting each other. I discovered Cathy Penton through a magazine advert and she was very encouraging of my small business importing Italian gumboots (www.bootylicious.co.nz)In turn her website led me to the "Adventures of Elizabeth" which I enjoy regularly.

Sincere regards


Elizabeth Maxson said...


What a wonderful thing it is to have new friends from around the world. I agree - it is important for women to support each other. I feel so good knowing that there are other women out there working hard and if I can, help them in some way. Lord knows, I did not do this all myself.
All my best,

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