Nov 14, 2006

Welcome my new Gem!

I would like you to meet my new gem - who is not a diamond in the rough, but all shiny and polished and ready for a setting. I am just lucky that the setting is Elizabeth House. Please welcome Ara. She and I met about four years ago when I first opened my store. She walked in, and we immediately bonded. We chatted for a long while - and then, we never saw each other again. She had just moved from San Francisco, and I from Texas. She was married and so was I. She worked in the creative field, has traveled to numerous places, and so have I. But after that first, and only meeting, we never saw each other again.

I placed a blind ad for the position at EH, and she answered it. After reading her email and resume, I sent her my website and told her about the store. She emailed back and said, "we already met!" I didn't recognize her name, but I recognized her beautiful hair the moment I met her for her interview.

A lot has happened since we first met. I divorced and she is now divorced. She has a fiance who has a knack for antiques, and my love for antiques keeps growing. She has just moved into a beautiful home in Soulard, and I have, since first meeting her, moved into the apartment above the store, which was featured in Mary Englebreit's Home Companion magazine. The list goes on and on.

Needless to say, I feel very blessed to have her be a part of the EH family and feel that Ara will make our customers feel at home at EH. So, please welcome Ara when you visit the store. She is the one that is all "shiny and polished."

From my house to your house,
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Anonymous said...

I have met Ara and she is wonderful! Thank you Ara for the great conversation and help. I look forward to seeing you again at Elizabeth House.

Texas Jack said...

Wow! It does not surprise me to read that Ara & Elizabeth had already met before.
Elizabeth's life is full of serendepity and amazing discovery.

Anonymous said...

Oh great! Now there are 2 reasons for my husband to find excuses to go buy a bun candle "for me." Haha. Elizabeth, my husband has had the biggest crush on you for years now. You have no idea because you are just as charming to all of your customers, but he is sure you are extra nice to him. :-) What is so amusing is that he has no idea that I know of his secret crush, and you have no idea he has it on you. While sad to hear of your sudden change in marital status, my husband, I think, has "hope" now. You are so way out of his league! But I am the one that really benefits - I get a regular supply of your wonderful bun candles! Now, with Ara on board, no doubt I will get even more candles! You are such a glamorous addition to St. Louis. Your energy is just amazing. I am lucky to live close enough to your store to get a piece of it.

Warmest regards,
A happy customer with an even happier husband :-)

Elizabeth Maxson said...

What a fun, if I could only get you addicted to my high-end custom furniture...hmmm?

You seem very good-natured and I have no doubt that your hubby knows how lucky he is to have you. It is funny how we can preceive people.

I am very sure that my boyfriend wouldn't mind trading me in at times...but he loves my candles too much to get rid of me just yet...haha ;-}

Glad you love the EH bun candles - Ara will be more than happy to sell them to your sweetie-pie.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

That's all I need, another gorgeous woman. Good thing I mostly shop there alone. Sorry Elizabeth but I'll make sure that my husband shops for my Holiday gifts at the mall this year. I'm kidding, we will stop in to say Hello.
Welcome Ara.

bethy said...

i'm jealous. i want to work at your store! :)

Anonymous said...

Everything in my life is serendipitous so having Elizabeth in my life is no surprise to me! I love Elizabeth’s style sensibility not to mention her personality.
Working at Elizabeth House has been an emotional and spiritual purification having come from having spending my last few years working in Corporate America!
Everyone I have met at the shop has been absolutely lovely.
Thank you for the kind words Elizabeth, you are a real blessing.

Anonymous said...

what about the new gentlemen i see every so often in there?

Elizabeth Maxson said...

No new gentlemen and no old gentlemen that I have seen. If they are in the store, then they are disguised as mannequins! :-) Or, I've rushed passed them on the way out to an appointment and assumed they were just new inventory I haven't put away yet. Stop by anytime and point them out to me - that is if I don't rush past you too! :-)

Anonymous said...

:) oh must have been a repeat customer.... tall dark hair. I'll have to come in and see if I see him again. I have only seen that one guy in there in my many trips.

Elizabeth Maxson said...

If you find him - point him out to me, please! :-)

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