Aug 6, 2010

Wedding Dress Bedding

(Note: For those who commented on the Where Women Create post, I am now caught up in replying to your lovely comments. Please click here to read them, if you wish.)

When you were a kid, did you have a favorite great aunt or maybe it was your grandma that you just loved to visit? You loved visiting them because when you showed up on her porch (all old aunts and grandma's have porches) they had their arms stretched out wide for you and she bent down as you ran into her arms and she squeezed you tight and made you feel like she waited all day long for your arrival and you couldn't wait to get there either because you missed her so much as well.

Well, that is how I feel about you all.  I have missed you so much, and I have been getting so many emails, and comments and I got so behind on catching up on my posts, it was just getting out of hand. I felt like you all were faithfully waiting on your front porches...okay....some of you got pooped and sat down on the steps and many of you got too hot and just went back inside in the A/C, but kept watch through the window (don't blame you there), but I thought I would never get here. How I missed you.

I have so many wonderful things to tell you.


I have promised and promised this for about four posts now about showing you some bedding that my  wonderfully, sweet client, Debra, had me make her some time ago. She is one busy woman, running her business and is still in the process of unpacking and getting settled in and these photos are old and even taken with my old camera (yes, that is part of the news I will tell you next time) but below are the photos of her bedroom - not decorated yet mind you - but I am finally showing you.

Before I do that though....

Just a little side note that the blog, Apartment Therapy, (the kitchn), featured my kitchen make-over on their blog! I was very flattered when I got an email asking permission to use my photos from my flickr acct. Please click on over there and feel free to comment if you wish. What I like about that blog is you can find all sorts of ideas from real homes from real people.

Okay, now we go to another part of the home - the bedroom. Enjoy the photos. To remind you of the home I am speaking of, visit Debra's home from an earlier post and see some of the other drapes I had designed for her. And look at another room in her home that I did some work in as well.

The next post, I will catch you up on my website, my photography, a new "move" I am doing, some writing,  a premier project, and a nation-wide "something" that I am in....and I won't wait long to tell you either....promise!

So for now, it is my privilege to introduce my lovely Debra:

Does she fit with these drapes or what?

When Debra came to me asking me to design her bedding, she said she wanted it to be like a "wedding dress." So, I actually used wedding dress fabrics. I even designed a corset pillow. Debra is a romantic at heart. My words aren't needed for you to see that. The pictures will tell you that.  Enjoy her home:

This is her study off her bedroom - would love to "study" near this fireplace!!

Her master bath is off her bedroom:

I just want to thank Debra for trusting me with her beautiful home. I love working with her and all of these beautiful fabrics. And yes, it is all silk. Until next time - I will be dreaming right along side of the rest of you that this room is to die for....

Miss you all and will be back soon!

from my house (and Debra's!) to your house,


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Wow E, this is just gorgeous. I missed your posts, glad you are back!

Rhonda said...

Dreamy and creamy whites just melt my heart. Amazing photos of an amazing bedroom and home. Wow, I'm speechless actually. I can only dream of rooms like that.

Mindy said...

How much fun was that? I really enjoyed the close ups of the pillows. Beautiful, Elizabeth!

By the way, my business has taken a turn for change and I find myself referring to your blog. Such timeless words of advice. Thank you! ~Mindy

Unknown said...

Good golly Miss Elizabeth! I wondered what happened to you and kept checking, even though I follow...just in case I missed something. Glad you're back...can't wait to hear all the news and here's hoping that your post are more frequent. :-) Missed you and your style girlfriend!
PS...Debra's room is beautiful!

Jenny Danna said...

I am so gald you are back and I can't wait to hear all that you...and of course Randy have been up to! You did a great job on Debbie's Where Women Create article! I hope everyone goes out and buys the magazine to see your great work and of course Debbie's awesome office! Jenny Danna

Jenny Danna said...

Elizabeth...I hit send too soon! Debra is a blessed lady to have you decorate/dress her house! Everything you do is beyond beautiful! I can't wait to see the rest of the house after you get through with it! Jenny Danna

cathypentonatelier said...

Oh honey these photos just transport me to another world...extraordinary!!! Gorgeous as always...Can't wait to hear all your news...smiles Cath xx

Donna Reyne' said...

This is so lovely!
I love the Elegance and the Romance!
I too would love the have a bedroom with bedding as devine as this!
You are amazing!
Have a blessed day!

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

So very beautiful!!!! My only complaint is that your photos aren't larger? You know we are dying to see MORE detail. :) Happy weekend!

Sweet Old Vintage said...

I am just speechless from the stunning fabrics and design....

Anonymous said...

I light up whenever I see that you have posted!
Debra's home is lovely - and what you do is pure magic!

Lanette of Cottage Elements said...

Stunning! Magazine worthy pictures. Wow!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Thank you Mindy for the compliment - how exciting when a business makes changes - I hope you are finding your changes exciting and fulfilling - as always I wish you and all those who have the courage to "get it out there" all the best. I am smiling really proudly for you over here! :-))))


Elizabeth Maxson said...

I am glad to be back Teresa ! Thanks for the welcome!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Tami!

Glad you stuck around - when I get back in town I will take time to carefully respond to those who took time to write to my last post that I just posted only yesterday but zipped out of town.

Missed you too!


the wild raspberry said...

how wonderfully luxurious.
like a dream.
good to see you today elizabeth.
i have lemonade waiting :)

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Chasity,
How did you know that lemonade is absolutely my favorite drink??? Really! I will take it - right after a tight hug :-)

Thanks for the smile,


clustres said...

So soft and luxurious and ah....
Really loving that corset pillow! I am anxious to hear your news.
p.s. loved that old photo on the porch

Jackie said...

Oh I always look forward to your posts! Debra's bedding is so lovely and amazing!!!

You are such a talented woman Elizabeth! Seems like everything you touch turns to gold!!

Hugs from Tampa!!

Kaye said...

Have definitely missed you! What a bedroom; you do amazing work. It screams MAGAZINE!!!

Can you share what color paint you used in your office (Where Women Creat)?


Carol @ A Bird in Hand said...

I can't imagine living in such a beautiful spot. All the fabric...and that bathroom...the fireplace in the study...I think I would never leave home! You did a splendid job.

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Kaye,

Thank you for the nice comment. Yes would love to share - I have many comments to catch up on the WWC blog as well !

My studio was painted in Ralph Lauren Artist Studio color (isn't that funny that it happens to be called that color?) And then I aged it with a very lighted handed glaze. My friend, Debbie, painted her kitchen with the Artist Studio once she saw my office, but she didn't age it and Randy and I went over there the other night for dinner and Randy said, "Hey, I really like your color on the walls!" And Debbie laughed and said "That's your wife's color!" But it looks different when not aged. It really is pretty!

Thanks for asking,
Elizabeth :-)

mama c said...

It's a fairy tale bed room! Stunning, and yes it's so good to have you back! Missed you.

Burlap Luxe said...

Ooooh! My what a dream home, Yet I am still in love with the passion you have over in yourb home it is so me, and I know you could see that when you visited me!

You are soooo! right if we lived close to each other we would have a crazy time painting up the town :)

Your photography is breath taking and you need to be told this daily :)

Thank you for visiting me your comment you left me I will treasure from here on in. It had me in wow! mode, and saying you got to be kidding me! the queen of euro chic is enjoying my little ol blog site :)

I have you on my blog roll so I don't miss out on a thing you do over here.

When you need a paint partner or any help with interior designs you know who to call :) Inspiration from you I will take with me.

Inspired by you said...

Absolutely beautiful. So inspiring. I've been waiting to see more of this home. I just love what you have done!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Dore,

You are so funny. I find it very humbling when I have people who have such FAB blogs/website write me and tell me they are blown away that I visited their "little site" and so on. I NEVER ever think that way. If and when I find and take the pleasure to visit a site it is because it IS so fab!

I really love what you said about being told "daily" about something...I am incorporating that. People should be told daily something fabulous about themselves - our internal dialog is so hard on ourselves - it is nice to have heros on the outside! :-)

Big hug,

laura said...

Your room & all you do is a dream. I have always been a frustrated decorator & can never get enough of creamy colors.. no one does it better then you!
Will you have a book out soon? xooxxo Laura

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Jackie,

You are a sweet doll for saying such sweet things, but I sure wish they were true! Gold? Not really...but I like how you think! :-) Thanks for believing in me - that is priceless!


Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Inspired by You,

Thank you for waiting! I hope it was worth it - you all were so missed. I really love writing to you all.

Thanks again for being there.

Big hug,

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Jenny Dena,

Thank you for already seeing the next WWC and seeing Debbie Dusenberry's office and workspace. Yes, she has fab stuff to photograph.

Always nice to see your comment.

Take care

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Thank you Laura, Kaye and Carol,

Your comments are very appreciated as much as I love doing what I do, it makes me feel very good that my work inspires others. (And I get to work with great people like Debra who have great taste in fabric!)

Many thanks for visiting,

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Oh my goodness! This is the most luxurious and elegant bedroom ever! I love the colors and all the exquisite details!
So, so beautiful!
:) Laura

Debra@CommonGround said...

Dear E.
This home is spectacular to say the very least. A place that most of us could only dream about. And comparing it to "weddings", your designs are like the "icing" on the wedding cake. It's delicious in itself, but your creative hand makes the result truly personal and reflective of the of a kind. A room fit for a queen.
Thank you, E. for always leaving such deep and introspective comments, It really blesses me to know you are there and we have a connection. Blessings sister, love you,

Anne Marie said...

it's like gazing at ball gowns! I love it!!!

Mary Ann said...

absolutely beautiful! verbena cottage

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Thank you Debra,

I am glad you stopped by. I don't get to stop by as often as I wish, but I always enjoy and learn. Thank you for all your work.


Curtains In My tree said...

Miss Elizabeth

I think that bedroom is a dream. How any of us would enjoy that. Anyway I would get rid of my Toile bedset and have you put the wedding look in my bedroom. I would like those drapes in my living room. Really I anyroom in my house would take them.
I love your work and follow you. You are truly an artist. said...

WOW Elizabeth, you haveout done yourself with Debra's bedroom. It is so gorgeous!!!So many beautiful details. I just love the feature on your kitchen. The floor is great! I was featured this week too,twice:) Isn't it exciting??? So happy you are back. Can't wait all about the movie you are doing. You are always full of surprises:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Thank you Debra for the comment - you are too funny. I so enjoy hearing from you. But I think you meant "move" and not "movie" I am doing a "move" not a "movie" - my life isn't that exciting! Haahaha - still in the process, and will update soon about it.

Big hug
Elizabeth :-)

Unknown said...

Amazing! Felicitaciones! This is beyond gorgeous, glamorous and stylish! Loved it! XoXo :)

Anonymous said...

Could you pretty pls tell me how you hung them curtains I just love the.m thank you

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hello Anonymous

Thank you for stopping by. Oh my, those drapes were done so long ago. I used a professional installer, which took two people to hang them because of the weight. I will share with you what I "know" and remember. The living room/bedroom drapes were simply on a rod (installed very well into the wall/trim). The bathroom shade was an inside mount, and it was "pre mounted" to keep its shape. Meaning, the top of it (fabric/lining) was attached to a board of sorts and the board was then screwed into the window trim. It is operable, which makes it more tricky than a stationary treatment. Any good drape book (usually at a good sewing or fabric store) will show you methods of installation. Each window is custom, so having a book to show the basics is good to have. Hope this helps!

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