Dec 9, 2006

Open House Photos - The Table

The front table is a whimsical wonderland of pale dishes, snow, paper, and cheese cloth. This setting greets you as you enter the store. The paper cones are made from very old book end pages - yes that I tore out of books that dated about 1900.

If you look closely at the bell jar, it contains snow - I was waiting for a curious customer to lift the jar and be surprised when all the snow fell out!

More pictures to come on posting prior to this one.


Anonymous said...

Love your room vignettes and the tone on tone and monochromatic color schemes!

Anonymous said...

This table setting is to die for. Did you study visual merchandising or are you inately talented? I love how you marry the old and the new. Your photography is so tasteful and understated yet powerful. I can't wait to read everything you've written and see all of your beautiful displays.
You made my day!
Dianna Castner

Anonymous said...


I'm ready to open my store in Kansas City, Mo! I have a secured loan in place - just looking for the right space. I wish I could eloquently express how much I appreciate your willingness to share your experiences as a shop owner with this humble wannabe! I think I learned as much, if not more from your blog as I have from two expensive "own your own business" books. Just the photos alone make me want to get in my car and make the 4 hour drive to see for myself. I wish you continued success....and by the way - I lived in Chicago for 5 years. It's a great city...full of vigor and life and yet despite it's size - remains comfortable and easy. Thank you very much for sharing bits of your journey!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Thank you Sheila for the kind words! How exciting for you - enjoy every moment. Please stay in touch - would love to visit your shop!

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