Jan 9, 2008

A Healthy Heart Begins with Chocolate!

Just when we are all off to a wonderful start with our New Year's diet...along comes Valentines Day! No fair! Okay, I admit, I use February 14th to cheat on the diet - but I cheat all day long!

Just as I promised, I am posting a sneak peek at the next issue of Romantic Homes feature that I produced for Valentines Day. I believe it will be on the stands any day now. In this feature, I do something a little different: I use color! Yes, candy red, pinks, and shades in between. Why color now? Well, it is the dead of winter, no leaves on the trees, no flowers in bloom (well, for most of us around the country that is) and in some places, snow on the ground. A little color is needed this time of year and what a better way than to add some to your front door. After all, opening a colorful door helps us to cope with the dreary day we are about to leave behind as we enter our cozy home.

In this feature, I show one door, adorned three ways for Valentines Day. We have a tradition of hanging up a wreath on our doors for Christmas, and most of us adorn our door with a Fall wreath as well. I decided to add to the tradition by having a Valentines Day wreath on the door. When one enters your home, the "wreath of love" is a greeting and a welcome that all will enjoy.

In addition, my article also shows a new way of using a nose gay for Valentines Day, not just for May 1st, as tradition states. You will have to go out and read the article for yourselves to get more information on this "love thy neighbor" tradition that is bound to mend any fragile fences between neighbors or strengthen those already steady. Enjoy the photos and please pick up the Feb issue of Romantic Homes to see the article in its entirety. I have to brag for a moment about Romantic Homes...this magazine is fast becoming more and more popular and the editors are doing a stellar job in creating a magazine filled with photos, elegance, and practical tips for the readers. I love it!

In the meantime, remind yourselves that dark chocolate has been found to have health benefits! Ummm..yeah...right... Well, I am all for good health! If not a heart of gold, then a heart of chocolate will do for now. And a healthy heart is a heart open to receive love and to give love.

And may your February be filled with good health and your heart filled with love.

Happy Chocolate Day - er - I mean Happy Valentines Day!

From my house to your house,


fishee said...


Elizabeth Maxson said...

Wow! You are fast! I just published this only one minute ago! Thank you for the nice compliment and for reading my blog.


stadtgarten said...

Good to hear (read) from you! It seems that you are feeling better now and had a good start into the new year!
Unfortunately there are not so many american magazines on the newsstands here in Wiesbaden. I am sure they have Country Living in the shop at the station, but I never noticed Romantic Homes. But I will go and check. If not, I will ask a friend whose husband works for the army.
Have a nice time, Monika

Ms. said...

Your heart shows it's true colors when you read each of your articles. If I did not know you so well I would have never guessed you have a sweet tooth. To have a healthy heart look around you, you have love coming at you in every direction. Love the photo of you but maybe I am partial. Love Ms.

Anonymous said...

Wow!... The blogs are back, and it warms my heart....am looking forward to the issue.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Elizabeth, what a great article, I've already devoured my magazine and I mentioned your beautiful wreath on my blog. Please please do another post and show us the whole pictures done for the magazine rather than just the close ups. I really wanted to see all you'd done with the angel on on the porch. Thanks.

cathypentonatelier said...

Hi my dear friend
Dark chocolate is my favourite and I think we should enjoy it anytime we please (LOL).... Your photos are amazing and I so agree that Romantic Homes is a wonderful publication. Keep up the amazing work.... I haven't even seen the January one yet here in Australia.... Love Cathyxxxx

Unknown said...

Oh I can't wait! I am so anxious to get my new issue! I have been pacifying myself with your Valentines spread from last year! Oh la la! Do you still live in the building that was featured in Home Companion a few years ago? I have always loved it and going through my old issues discovered that it was yours!!! Many Happy Returns!

Anonymous said...

I subscribe to Victoria and can't wait to see your article.

I have to admit I was disappointed with the first issue. The second one was great and I think the third one will be fabulous!


Abby Kerr Ink said...

Oh, I have missed you and your beautiful, inspiring work. So glad you are "back" and OKAY after your accident. All the best to you in the New Year and I can't wait to see that new issue of Romantic Homes!

Ulla said...

Only thing better than Chocolate is seeing your photos! You look adorable by the way!

Mary said...

My copy came a couple of weeks ago and I just loved your article as always. Your photos are marvelous.

May I ask about your gorgeous chocolate outfit? Is it a ruffled scarf and gloves? Whatever, it's tres chic and I love it!

Hope all is well now and that you are careful when driving - that was such a scare.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I can get Romantic Homes where I live (small town in France). How frustrating!
Happy Chocolate Day to you.

Carol Bennett said...

Congrats! Got my magazine yesterday, and love the article!

Anonymous said...

I really like your hair style on you , it looks wonderful..I want a good cut like yours, you look GREAT!!!! frequent blogreader....IMR

blessings said...

HI Elizabeth. I got my copy a couple weeks ago (I order for the store) but I've been saving it for a quiet day when I can savor every little bit. But... today will have to be the day! My husband found the cutest old red door on the curb. It has little window panes! I can't wait to decorate it... and it sounds like this is the perfect article for me. I'll post a picture on the blog when I get it done. Blessings... Polly

Country French Antiques said...

Love all your articles!!
Your spirit just shines through
Bravo !!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Thank you! My fiance cuts and colors my hair - yes - really! He is cosmotologist, but works as a barber and runs his own shop. More on him later. Monika, I hope you find Romantic Homes magazine at the PX. If not, ask for it,they are usually good about getting it. Don't get it mixed up with Victoria magazine - Romantic Homes is another entirely different publication.


paris parfait said...

I wish I could find Romantic Homes in Europe - alas, it's not available either in Paris or London. Wonderful photos and lovely decorations and ideas for a fun holiday!

susanna said...

What a great idea! I'll definitely check out your photographs (which are always so gorgeous) in the new issue of the magazine.

PS - I just bought that chocolate bar...isn't the packaging pretty? And of course we can't go wrong with dark chocolate!

secretleaves said...

Gorgeous, E. Wish I could find the darn magazine!


Vintage Rose Collection said...

Your blog is delightful, love the lollipop wreath!

Mary said...

Hi there,
Saw your article in Romantic Homes a few days ago, and I'm now inspired to try and make my own Valentine's Day wreath. If it turns out, I'll post it on my blog soon. Thanks for the inspiration!

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