Dec 31, 2007

A Good Fling is Just the Thing We Need

Happy New Year!
Happy New Beginnings!
Happy New Memories!
Happy New Friends to be Made!
Happy New Places to Visit!
Happy New Clean Slate from which to Hope!

Yes, January 1st is always a day filled with anticipation for the next 364 days yet to come. It is a day to reflect on the last 365 days. So much can happen in just 365 days - it is amazing isn't it? In one year, we all may encounter anything and everything from new births, to burying a loved one, to buying a home, to losing a job, to getting a promotion, to finally taking that piano, French, or cooking class, or fighting an illness, to winning the lottery (okay, that is a stretch), to making a new friend, or losing a friend either to a death or to a death of the friendship in of itself.

We may encounter wonderful parties, picnics, a new love, a new hobby, or forgive someone that needs forgiving. We may encounter unfairness, heartache, emotional struggles, loneliness, or illness. We may have encountered moving to a new location, leaving friends behind, fearing a lab result, or taking care of a very sick parent or child. This is just the menu of life really. For some of us, I am sure, wish for a different menu at times, but basically, we humans all order from the same one. And sometimes our orders don't come as expected.

Yet, despite all the hardships the last 365 days may have brought to us, we humans are forever hopeful and even the most pessimists among us even feel somewhat optimistic on that first magical day of January. What a wonderful thing to experience, even if only for a day - hope.

I love this piece of stamp art (above photo) that is located in my friend's art gallery here in St. Louis. Henry's (my friend) gallery and day spa, Eve's Garden, has a collection of wonderful pieces from various artists. This stamp piece of a woman is my favorite. To me, she is leaning into the wind, without fear, her hair blowing freely and full of hope. Yet, she is made of paper - a fragile substance that can soften if rained upon with tears; can burn if caught in the crossfires, and fall apart at the seams if pulled in too many directions at the same time. I love that she is "well traveled" via her postage stamps. She is well traveled in emotions, experiences, heartache, joy, and she is stamped in the glory of it all. I especially like how she is leaning out, flinging herself out actually, into the wind of all what life has to offer - both good and not so good. But mostly in hope.

And that is what the first day of January is to me - a day to "fling myself" out into the new year with hope. To embrace fully all that awaits and to continue to "stamp" myself with new challenges, new awakenings, and new experiences. It is my wish, that if I get to be 90 years old, that I am so "stamped" up with life's experiences that any stamp collector would find me priceless - or at least worth a second look. And with that second look, one would find a multitude of "flinging" that I did in my day. And how my days continued to be filled with hope.

Happy New Year! And may your fling just be the thing that makes 2008 a year of beautiful new stamps on your hopeful soul.

From my house to your house

Note to all my cyber friends: I
am doing better since my car wreck that took place on Dec 11th. My head still hurts but my heart is filled with joy to be here with you all. I realized after I wrote this post that I promised you a sneak peek of my photo shoot in my next post - well, I guess I got hit pretty hard on the head, as I forgot that promise until now. I will next post a sneak preview of that shoot and then a post about my beloved Randy. God Bless!


Barber Husband said...

Well honey I told you that I read your blogs.It makes me feel good to know how much I am thought of by you.I also look forward to fling us out there over the next year you are always on my mind I love you.

cathypentonatelier said...

Well my dear, dear friend... Your words always inspire my heart to smile... Here in Australia it is already 2008 and we celebrated it quietly but watched my children enjoy the new year in with some friends... Life changes every day and I want to get back a little of my soul this year that seems to have been missing behind all the long hours of work and emotional things I have been going through...Thank you as always for showing me the light in the door way of life...Love ya heaps Cathy

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Wow Elizabeth, what a great post. You've said it all!! Happy New Year, Happy Beginnings and many many more blessings this next year, Theresa

Unknown said...

Hope is one of my most favorite words - especially this time of year! Thanks for sharing that lovely piece of stamp art with us and thank you for your sweet sweet comment on my blog! I was so honored to have you stop by!
Happy 2008! Here is to Hope Eternal!

Ms. said...

To our future daughter(in-law) we wish you nothing but happiness in the future years ahead. In each of your posts you give each and every one person a since of happiness and hope to fill their moments with your thoughts of what could be. Touching hearts near and far you are living your life with purpose and intention to all the possibilites of what this world had to offer you. You are doing what you love and you continue to smile in all the things you write. We leave our footprint on the hearts of others whose lives you touch and we are looking forward to the days ahead with you in our lives. We are counting the days until then. Love MS.

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Well thank you all for the warm wishes - what a nice way to start 2008. My "Ms." is my future mom-in-law - who may be my future mom-in-law but is also currently my good friend that I love dearly. I am honored to be a part of your life and honored to have your son the way he loves me so dearly.

And thank you Cathy, for seeing in the New Year first for all of us way "Out Yonder"!


Cottage said...

Thank you for the lovely New Year blog, it is so very true! You have given me a visual connection to this whole crazy wonderful thing called 'life' in your comparison to a menu. It makes a lot of sense thinking of it that way.

Reading what your precious Man and his Mom wrote to you brought tears to my eyes. It is reassuring to see that Love is on your plate and they are delighted to have you in their lives.


Lana Manis said...

Happy New Year Elizabeth!

God Bless,

Dorothy Blum Cooper said...

Happy New Year to you, Elizabeth! I'm keeping you in my thoughts & prayers! May 2008 be your best year yet! Hope you had a very Merry Christmas. I know you must feel quite blessed. Glad you're doing better.


For Love Of Home said...

Thank you for such inspiring words!

paris parfait said...

Esperance. Esperanza. Hope. Wishing you a wonderful year of hope, opportunity and joy! Hope you continue to feel better with each day that passes. I'm looking forward to seeing your creativite endeavours in 2008!

blessings said...

So, so glad you're doing ok. And, that Randy is pretty sweet leaving you such nice comments =). Blessings... Polly (my favorite verse: For I know the plans that I have for you declares the Lord, plans for hope and a future.- Jeremiah 29:11)

Carol Bennett said...

Elizabeth, we are so glad you are back to blogging. We miss your wonderful posts!

Country French Antiques said...

I love your interpretation!
FYI I love your articles in Romantic Home. I've tried to email a letter to the editor (via the website)to compliment your work, but the emails keep bouncing back to me.
Is there a different email address?
I look forward to your next one!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Thank you for wanting to write to the editor of RH! I believe their website has a contact listing. Please try there. And thank you for the kind words - they are very appreciated.


susanna said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling better. I imagine that your sweetie must be hugging you tight every day now!

And that stamp doll/sculpture is beautiful. What I like about it is that she seems hopeful and is looking ahead to where she wants to go. Oh to travel....!

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