Dec 30, 2012

Awesome New Year!

Happy New Year - It's gonna be awesome!

While in the Smokey Mountains, I found it just awesome to be walking alone and hearing only the sound of the rushing water below. Such a special treat for my ears.

Hello my friends,

I am hoping that as I close out my year, that you are closing out your year out in a very peaceful and happy way. I am still very much on crutches, and still very much not walking.

However, that has left me time to indulge in one of my greatest addictions that I am going to pass along to you. But before I get to that, I want to share with you my word for the new year.

Every year I like to focus on a word or theme, if you will. And for 2013, my word is "wisdom," as I can never have enough, and many times, I think, I just lack it all together. Proverbs is filled with scripture on wisdom and it isn't hard to find guidance from the best teacher in that area. Matthew 7:7-8 says: "Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened."

And that leads to me to my addiction, which has led me to much wisdom that I would like to pass on to you...

There is a website that I go to almost daily, usually every morning and once at night, called TED Ideas Worth Spreading. 

Click HERE to go to website

On TED's "about page" here is partially what it says:

TED is a nonprofit devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading. It started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. Since then its scope has become ever broader. Along with two annual conferences -- the TED Conference in Long Beach and Palm Springs each spring, and the TEDGlobal conference in Edinburgh UK each summer -- TED includes the award-winning TED Talks video site, the Open Translation Project and TED Conversations, the inspiring TED Fellows and TEDx programs, and the annual TED Prize.

In short, in my uneducated lingo, it's a lot of very neat stuff said by tons of very neat people, in very small formats, that after watching even just one talk, you walk away feeing a bit wiser.

When you click on the site, (which can be read by IPhone too!) this is how I navigate every single time, but of course, you do what you want. I ALWAYS just click on the top of the page, the left, that says "Talks" and a whole new world opens up to you. Then when the next page opens I always go to the left of the page and I always check "all events" and "all lengths" and then below, my favorite category is "inspiring" and "courageous," however, all the categories are spectacular. Not a single talk is over 18 minutes, and some as short as 3 minutes!

I wanted to give you a treat for the New Year. I have so many, many favorite TED talks, it was so very hard to choose for you. But below is something I think you will enjoy very much. Click on the first talk below and then read what I say about it after it:

Click HERE for the first talk

I came across this talk recently and thought it was something so cool to think about for 2013. I mean, seriously, we have all been there. And when a better time to think of something new, then  the beginning of a new year? So, if you are having a bit of trouble deciding on what new thing you want to do for 30 days, may I suggest this next talk as something new to try? Please watch - it is AWESOME!

Click HERE for the second talk

I found this talk so moving on so many levels, especially now, as I have been pretty much on my back for eight weeks, lots of pain and have lost almost 15 pounds due to meds, no appetite, and very upset stomach - hard to keep food down in the beginning. But then, after watching this talk, I decided to turn it around and think....hey! That's awesome! Fifteen friggin pounds gone! I mean, while I have absolutely no muscle tone whatsoever, and it isn't a "food plan" I would want to go on again, but it is 15 pounds off this fat butt of mine...awesome! :-) Well, I may be stretching the "awesome" part a bit, but you get my drift. 

The point is, there really is something in our daily lives, no matter how wrong our day (or life) may be going at the moment, that we can truly seek to find that awesome moment. Right after I watched this talk, I emailed my good friend, Debbie Dusenberry (of Curious Sofa - check our her fab site) who emailed me the image below. My reply to her was: You're awesome! She had no idea I just watched this video, but at the time, she was offering me some support for an issue I was having and I thought how awesome to have a friend like her in my life.

But back to having an Awesome New Year! I did start to think about some of the really small stuff that really is sorta awesome when you stop and think about it for a are just a few of my personal daily "awesomes" lately. I didn't realize that in my head, I was really kinda nodding my head up and down and saying "awesome" to myself when:

*Finally being able to sleep on my side for at least 5 minutes

*Taking off an old bandage and not taking any scab off with it so I can put on a fresh bandage (really is a cool thing)

*Taking a hot bath (or any bath really)

*Getting poked only once in the arm for a blood sample (rarely happens)

*Put on my own sock for the first time

*Discovering there IS an Andy Griffith show I haven't seen before (that was truly awesome)

*On a very windy day, and so sick of TV, I just listened to the wind storm all day, wondering what the heck was blowing around in our yard, but not worried - it was awesome to listen to the wind all day long and snooze off and on

So there you have some of my awesome moments lately. Nothing too exciting over here, but if I can find some awesome moments in my currently small world, I have no doubt, that for the next 30 days, in your world too, you can make the choice to find at least one awesome thing a day. 

I hadn't found my awesome moment today yet, as it hasn't been a good day for me - that is until just a moment ago. There is some noise outside, some beating of loud bass, in the far distance that is jusssttt barely enough of a strong beat to drive me nuts and I can't concentrate at all - or sleep. So just now,  my barber husband brings me one of the best gifts he ever gave me some time ago: Bose noise blocking earphones! They are perfect for airplanes, or in the case, some bass playing outside. And as I put them on and clicked the "noise blocking" button, and pure silence, I breathed an "awesome" sigh of relief! 

Now, if you have just FOUR minutes to spare, I PROMISE you, that this TED Talk will not disappoint, and it will be a talk that you will remember, pass on, and use as lesson even to your little ones...I have watched this one over and over again...please watch it...I just had to share it...

Click HERE to see fabulous talk

Now is this a guy you would want as a friend or what? He has it all...a giving heart, humble, brave, and willing to pass his wisdom on to those of us who wish to be more like him - and the best part of it is? He has no idea that we want to be like him...he thinks he is "just sharing" what he learned.

And I think that is where we find wisdom most of the time. We have to seek it, and as our heavenly Father promises, we will find it. And once we gain some wisdom, we have a responsibility to share what we learn. And the only wise thing I can really share with you at the end of this year is that there are so many wise and experienced people out there from which we may learn. And how awesome is it that TED Talks makes it only a click of a button to have access to all that wisdom and insight?

May 2013 be awesome for you and may you find wisdom from wherever you seek to find it.

From my house to your house,



summersundays-jw said...

Thanks so much for sharing! What a great is yours! Happy new year! Jan

Margo@Legacy of a Single Girl said...

I watched it. It's good! I'll have to come back and watch more...but I like the idea. Of doing anything, not just the yukky stuff like exercise or diet for 30 days. I actually like...and you'll understand this...taking a picture every day! I'm going to try---I mean---DO it!

Big hugs to you!!

KarenB said...

Very cool resource. I'll definitely check it out. I'm so glad that you are able to find some positives in the midst of your pain. I pray that the New Year will bring you complete recovery and riches from this experience.
Hugs, Karen

Cindy said...

I am catching up on your blog and I am so sorry for all the misery you have been through! My goodness! I am hoping you are on the mend! I can't imagine what you have gone through!

I will check out the website you suggested. I am always on the lookout for great, inspirational sites. Thank you!

I noticed your picture of the smokey mountains. My family is from Asheville, it is such a lovely part of the country. I always get inspired when I return.

I wish you much better health in the coming year!

I look forward to reading your new posts!
Happy New Year!

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi lady "E"
Okayyy! I took your advice wanting to add something to my first day of 2013. I went to Ted and viewed Israel & Iran
And can see what a little graphic designing did for sharing love.
It's much like how I feel with brave girl reaching out to share some inspiration, love, and impowerment. Of course God is never far from placing his hands on those who act in kindness.
Elizabeth, I remember your last years 2012 post that led me down the line to send you a gift of insight, that you so beautifully hung by your door. This was an act of kindness just like TED!
You could have shoved it in a box, a nitch in a corner office or in an out of sight place, but no! You displayed it because it had a message of thought and love to you. My message was to only send it to you as a built, and artistically designed greeting card of sorts to let you know that you are loved :)

Thank you my sweetest friend, you really have me hooked, and I have pasted it on to none bloggers. My daughter will be posting some on face book with this kind of strong message of love.

It has me thinking on the lines of brave girl going out perhaps to a market place with inspirational inspiring messages in flash notes and pass them out to those who look as if they need some cheer, and love, and told that they are someone to love, or beautiful, or worth something.

This is heavy my friend.
And you are a women to love....thank you for all the love, and encouragement, and inspiration you share. For your beauty is in the hands of what you create, and your outward beauty amazes us.

Elizabeth I love that you can expose your raw self, and it makes that truly beautiful face of yours even that much more beautiful.

See you soon, in hopes that someday we will meet face to face.
Blessings to you my friend, I am praying for a complete recovery today that not one more day will be wasted for you, that you can get back to walking into life as you knew it. Thank you Lord Amen.

house things said...

Oh Elizabeth you are so Awesome!!! I needed this SO badly today. My outlook on 2013 isn't very positive. This has opened the door a crack to a refreshed feeling, a different way of looking at things. How can I thank you for this...sending you all my love from Iowa!
Happy New Year

Curtains in My Tree said...

Darn I am sorry you are still not walking on your own 2 feet, instead of crutches. well anyway your here to blog for us.
I have had a couple middle aged women episodes in 2012 and hope It levels out this year, since I am on top of the hill, meaning on my way down the hill LOL

I will check out TED I need a new man in my life LOL (not really)

and I have wanted some of those head phones myself especially when flying and Oh because I think I'm loosing my hearing LOL

Hun I really hope your up and getting around real soon

Tina said...

Hugs to you Elizabeth---- and prayers for a speedy recovery and fabulous New Year!!!

Monica said...

Love TED talks, they're always very inspiring- will surely check these out. Thanks for recommending them.
And you have surely chosen a gorgeous word (or has it chosen you?). Mine is "Move", and it definitely chose me- I've blogged about that, should you fancy to have a look.
Hope you'll do better and better each day, and will be free to walk again soon.
Hugs from across the pond,
Monica x

PCovi said...

What I wouldn't give to be a helper to you!! It is just nothing short of crazy what all you've been through and I'm sorry!
I love the Smoky Mtn. photo...the sounds of water flowing there has made me happy many times since I was a baby. I have yet to be there when those plentiful wild rhododendrons are in bloom. Bucket list item, I'd say :)
Bless you real good. I'll be praying for your healing.

Victoria said...

I was aware of the TED site but
am grateful for the nudge to visit
again. It is truly a positive force
in this world. Thanks Elizabeth!
I watched all three videos truly
excellent messages. I find, I too, get so busy with the to-do's of my every day life that I tend to miss the significance in the small wonders that lay before me day. For
me it is when illness strike that I
am "forced" to stop and thereby am
able to ingest it. Your sister in

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