Feb 12, 2008


I thought this dash of color would catch your attention...in keeping with the colors of Valentine's Day, I thought I would post a little pink, coral, and chocolate colors of a project that I worked on a while ago.

I had wanted to post the "after" photos of a entire room that I worked on and designed in conjunction with David Suttle, designer and architect. However, as I started to load the photos, there were so many projects for this one bedroom, that it will have to be a series of postings. I had forgotten how much custom work I actually did on this one project!

I can only show you sections of the room I designed and produced and not the entire room, as I am told it may appear in a design magazine. But for today, I am starting out with the largest of all the projects - the custom bed and bedding!

This bedding was designed for a lovely teenage girl who is very appreciative of all that her parents provide for her. She is classy, hip, and loves pink and chocolate brown. Not done in my signature Elizabeth House colors of creams, whites, tans, browns and black, this room is still very elegant, but youthful.

Everything you see was custom designed and built - even the bed itself!

These photos do not do it justice, as they were snapped on the fly and not styled. It was getting late and I happened to bring my camera along and snapped away. I hope to go back, style the shots and do it right. But for now, these will do.

Before we get to the photos, I would like to take a moment to say that while many of us aren't fortunate enough to afford such luxuries (a lot of what you see is silk), it does my heart good to see a young teeneager appreciate my work as well as everything she is given. She is the most polite, sincere young lady and she has a very good understanding that most people don't get custom-designed beds and bedding. And having said that, while the rest of us may not have a custom bedding set, we are still able to customize our own haven with our own personal touches.

Whether it is throw pillow that your aunt made, or a pair of heirloom pillow cases, or an antique jeweled brooch that is pinned on a new pillow, it is these little personal touches that make a house a home and a room warm.

Thank you for warming my heart and always remember it is your personal touch that gives your home its soul.

From my house to your house,


This area was designed for the headboard of the bed to fit perfectly inside. Wall sconces are added later. The color of the wall is a pale pink.

The silk, chocolate crown is mounted to the ceiling. A chain cover is made of the same material. The bed is covered in a dusty rosy-brown chenille fabric.

Chris, a wonderful carpetner, is installing the dowls that he made, and I painted, to hold the drapes of the canopy. The measuring and re-measuring of this project was numerous!

Chocolate, silk rosettes are at the base of the dowls to finish off the drape.

The canopy is lined with a silk check, which goes with the dust ruffle below.

A punch of grape silk and green monograhm gives this pillow a little edge for a teenager.

The complete bedding set used over 100 yards of fabric....I died and went to fabric heaven with this fun project!

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