Apr 28, 2011

"Artsy" Does Not Mean Crafty

So, I have had these jars of buttons for I don't know how long, not to mention bags and bags of other buttons, and I decided that I needed to do something with them besides just take  photos of them....

...And that is how only a part of the story begins. Do you have a story like that? You know...you have a bright idea, and no time for your bright idea, and not only do you have no time, but then you commit yourself to another bright idea, AND not only that, but you then announce your bright ideas to others, so now you can't even back out?

Well, if you are smart enough not to have gotten yourself in such a situation, then let me enlighten you, since I am just full of "bright ideas" lately....

But before I go on, here are some photos of my buttons to redeem myself - sort of. And the following photos are hints of my next bright idea dealing with paper...

Now, I am the first to admit, that I can be "artsy" and yes, very creative under the gun when needing to come up with something and needing to make "do" with nothing. But when it comes to "crafts-crafts," people are really shocked to learn that I really don't do crafts. Instead, I do "make-believe" crafts. Meaning, in photo shoots, or store window vignettes, or at shows when setting up, I can use wire, cheese cloth, bungee cords, tape, paper, and hot glue like nobody's business and probably outdo just about anyone standing in my way and run them over when under a time limit and I can hear Debbie Dusenberry of Curious Sofa yelling out, "Ten minutes until the doors open!!" But what I do in those circumstances isn't the true art of crafting that I admire so much in my readers' REAL crafting. However, it doesn't mean that I don't sit down once in a while and attempt to create something. And whomever the victim....ahem...receiver of said craft is....knows it is made from my heart, because God knows it is not from my talent.  :-)

So, in just a matter of days of each other, I had three or four projects all happen at once - all interesting projects, and on top of that, a good friend of mine, Debbie McReynolds, was flying home WEEKS early from NYC from her work...only days after her birthday, in which I had planned a belated party for her weeks down the road, and suddenly now her birthday celebration is going to be a week away on top of the other things I have going on....thus the sudden craft crash course.

I have decided to make Debbie and her twin sister a personalized gift as well as her grown daughter, Caitlin, who is hosting the party. Which by the way, I should confess that I have a quirk (calling it a "quirk" makes it sound less rude) that when under the gun, and stressed, I tend to "host" parties at other people's homes. So, I call up Caitlin, and tell her I want to throw her mother a surprise party, to which Caitlin is all thrilled, and then I suggest we have it at her home. Caitlin is still happy because her home is fairly new and we girls will help her get it all together and this is where I come up with my second bright idea of making the cake and then my third bright idea of announcing it to the girls. I should be glowing like a friggin beacon with all this "brightness" I have going on within me lately.

Okay, so never mind that my basement is STILL not organized or my studio and my stuff is all over the place, so I drag my goodies all upstairs to our tiny table to do my "crafting." And never mind that it has been about 20 years since I decorated any type of cake other than to stick birthday candles on it, and never mind that I don't even own cake pans....and never mind that I am leaving for the lake in three days for vacation. Now, will someone out there please tell me that I am not the only that has time management problems and feels that somehow I am exempt from have only 24 hours in a day?

Well, my project was to make the girls corsages for the party out of French collars. And I will show you the results and steps in the next posting. And I did make the cake...which looked pretty good, but it was dry as hell and tasted worse. (Note to self...bring back up cheesecake to party to EAT and bring "pretty cake" for looks only.)

But below, I thought it would be fun for you to see the "behind the scenes" shots of what it took for this very uncrafty (but artsy!) gal to make three friggin corsages and one cake....so sad....

My barber husband has this photo credit: He was on his way out to the garage and I handed him the camera and he beamed when he saw the photo and handed it back to me and started to walk out and then as I said to myself, "I think I can work with this...." then he stopped short, and said, "Hey! What does that mean?" And I, being so used to being so critical of my own work, I quickly said, "I mean my hair, honey..." So, I cropped it out. He is so sensitive for such a big, ole fishing guy. (I lovingly call him "my little Rose Petal" when he gets a little sensitive...but don't say anything to him....) But, to be fair, when I get frustrated over something stupid, he will say, "Your head is going to pop like a daisy!" And I will admit, I don't think I have ever seen a daisy pop before....but oh well, it makes me laugh.

 Okay, that is it for now. I know I always like looking at "behind the scenes" on TV, magazines, blogs...it sort of makes me feel more human because I can see that the people behind the scenes are human. I mean, I know they are of course, but it is sort of morbid of me in a way. Like me standing in line at the grocery store and I can't help but glance at the gossip rags that have the issues of the stars without make-up. 

I don't get "glee" that they aren't great looking without it, but rather, I get a sigh of relief that they are more normal than I make them out to be, and frankly, makes me like them a little more...okay...except for the ones that really do look fantastic without a stitch of make-up on...damn them. But then I convince myself they have the best chefs, trainers, imported water, spa days, and plastic surgeons and whatever else. And then I have to wonder, who is has the real issue here? Them or me for giving it so much thought?

I ponder this only for a moment as I push my cart out of the store and open up my little skittles bag.  I pop a handful of tart little candies in my mouth and decide it really isn't worth the energy to think about it.

Until next time, I am sure I will ponder much more important life's issues and I will show you the results of my mess. By showing you the mess....you can't expect much...all the better for me!

Have a wonderful and creative weekend!

From my house to your house,

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