May 25, 2013

It was a Crime of Passion

I should have just made another round of cheese. I realize that too late.

Have you ever gotten yourself into a project that just seemed to grow and grow and before you know it, you somehow feel like while it was a good idea, maybe the timing wasn't so good?

It all started out so innocently, and so excitedly too, darn it.

And it has nothing to do with cheese.
Yes, I really did make a round of cheese by scratch! In fact, I made two rounds, and that will be a future post. So, this cheese photo is a preview, that that project went well.

Just two days ago I was working on some pics for a friend and my computer was acting up, and so I decided to do a non-computer project that I won't tell you what it is, because at the moment, I am not sure how it will turn out. But I decided to close up my computer and start this "exciting project" late one afternoon, and thought to myself, "Wow, this is just what I need!" And boy did I ever get started!

I show the above picture only to show that I took this only days before my insane self took over and now our home looks as though someone broke in, and tried to find something, anything worth taking and decided to just leave it all behind instead!

I share my project mess with you out of the hopes that someone (and I know you are out there) will share that you too, have gotten yourself up to your eyeballs in a mess, I mean project, but somehow had to keep convincing your loved ones with whom you share your living quarters with, "I am almost done!" and yet, you have no clue what you are think you do, you really do, but as each hour passes, and the sun goes down, and the sofa is calling out to you to in its sofa's soporific voice: "Come...come...lie down a spell and we'll work this out together..." And before you know it, it is 5AM...and you (I really mean, me) stumble into bed, without even taking note of the "project" around me and off to a real snooze. 

And so, my barber husband, who cuts hair early Saturday morning, leans over and kisses my cheek good-bye at 6AM and asks if I got a lot done as he felt me come into bed only an hour ago, and I mumble, "Yes..." and he leaves the bedroom only to be greeted by the crime scene that follows:

Unsuspecting Barber husband enters from the hallway into the scene of the crime...project, I mean.

He looks to his right and sees an array of lights and pillows and wonders if this is some new-fangle sofa trend that his beloved is trying out....he's not sure if he will go along with bulbs and pillows. 

Beat up old grains sacks around the house was pretty daring for him already...

But then he turns to the left and finds cabinet doors wide open and even empty! The CD's! Gone! But then he remembers that most were Elizabeth's "unique" collection of Enya,  Medieval, Boy's Christmas Choir, and he even found Yanni one time! Not grieving this loss he decides...

But now he sees "powder" everywhere, as if someone was dusting for fingerprints...getting a little concern here...but he can't tell if we were ransacked or just sacked...

He notices a little pathway was left open towards the door, and decides that there was no robbery, because he is pretty sure that if he were robbing our place (and would leave empty-handed, he is sure), once in the door, he would have turned right around and gone next door to rob. 

As my barber husband leaves, he takes comfort in seeing a banana peel left on the table from the night before. He is glad that I got a little nourishment for all of my....what would you call it? Work? Fun? Re-doing? No, he is glad I got a little nourishment for my passionate adventure! That is all it is at the moment because adventures lead you somewhere, but you don't know where till you get there.

Now for a little game: can you guess how many pairs of eye glasses that can be found in the above photos? I couldn't believe how many I used last night and how many I have on hand...take a guess and then scroll down for fun....

(No, I do not sleep/snuggle with a grain sack! It is just tossed over the edge of the sofa...geesh! I love them, but not that much! :-)


Did you get all of them? As I went through the "crime scene" (and believe me, it is a crime that this stuff isn't put away yet....!) I couldn't believe how many glasses I have around in JUST this room! Have to laugh about it.

Well, after I finish this "adventure" and clean the "powder" off the furniture, (man, dust really shows up in sepia photos, doesn't it?), put the peels in the trash, and the lighting sources back in their places, I will share the pretty after photos. I think after this lot, anything I come up with will be an improvement. Hey... that could be a new gig, just show some really crappy, unfinished-what-in-the-hell-did-I-get-myself-into project photos first, then whatever you come up with will always be better and impressive than the first images! LOL. 

Okay, back to work. Actually, I am having fun rediscovering some lost and forgotten treasures that I am very happy to have found again. Just want to find a good place for them so I don't forget about them so I can use them!

Hope you enjoyed the visit and being a partner in my crime of passion.

May your passions always take you on adventures...

oh...btw....I do have way cool CD' Barber husband just gets a kick out of naming those few "unique" ones he found in my stash...that's okay...I have hair.

from my house to your house,


May 2, 2013

Paper Gal at Heart


Thank you for stopping by...with so many electronic media social groups to visit, I am always surprised when anyone takes a gander at my site. Seriously...Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Blogs, Websites, Podcasts, You Tube, Ezines, shopping Online, and more...there just isn't time for it all, you know?

Well, believe it or not, I continue to actually work (happily) with the old fashion medium of the printed word - books! There  is something about leaning against my headboard at night, with the glow of my side lamp (not LED light from a screen) and feeling the thick pages as I turn them, and then mark them up with notes, and hearing the slight flick of the page as I peruse over the words. It is just something I probably will never give up. I'm a paper gal at heart.

Having said that...I am very happy to announce that I did partake in another fabulous little project that has been out for a very short time in stores and on Amazon...a book by the fabulous fabric and quilt designer, Tula Pink: City Sampler, 100 Modern Quilt Blocks. 

It is a sampler book entirely about quilting blocks, less about stylish photography, more about her beautiful hand-drawn designs. A beautiful book because you must see this talented woman's drawings - yes, I said drawings! Like I said, she draws out her designs as one of her many steps in designing her fabrics. And I just found yesterday, via text by Miss Pink herself, that the book has made Amazon's one of the Best Books of the month in the Craft, Hobbies and Home section! Now doesn't that just make the hound dog howl at the moon? I am pretty happy about that for her!

This is a very urban-theme book, and shooting it was a challenge that I enjoyed very much. I shot each of the 100 blocks that are featured and drawn in beautiful detail, as well as a few urban location shots. Here are a couple of shots that did not make the book. Check out Tula's book, even if you are not a quilter, as these designs are so inspiring, they just may make you want to go out and give quilting a try...I promise you, Tula knows how to teach (and inspire) her craft!

Also, I am honored to have my feature, The Business of the Studio, out on the racks with the current issue of Where Women Create

The timing (which was not planned, but it sure did turn out great) of this issue's feature and the publication of the Tula's book is very serendipitous. This current feature, Passion to Pro I talk about taking your passion of photography to a professional level, and share  my personal experience and the path I have traveled in the hopes of helping those who are traveling that same path a few headaches. 


Well, I started out this post saying how I was a paper gal, but I will admit, I do like sharing my images on my blog with you readers...that would be pretty hard to do by paper...unless I made a lot of paper airplanes and had really good aim (and I don't).

Thank you for being so supportive of WWC and for Tula's book. Without women supporting women, so much of what we all enjoy about each other just wouldn't exist. You taking time to read these publications, taking time to comment to Jo Packham or writing to Tula Pink encourages these very hard working and talented women to continue to create and explore their imaginative minds that they so generously share with the rest of us.

from my house to your house,

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