May 25, 2013

It was a Crime of Passion

I should have just made another round of cheese. I realize that too late.

Have you ever gotten yourself into a project that just seemed to grow and grow and before you know it, you somehow feel like while it was a good idea, maybe the timing wasn't so good?

It all started out so innocently, and so excitedly too, darn it.

And it has nothing to do with cheese.
Yes, I really did make a round of cheese by scratch! In fact, I made two rounds, and that will be a future post. So, this cheese photo is a preview, that that project went well.

Just two days ago I was working on some pics for a friend and my computer was acting up, and so I decided to do a non-computer project that I won't tell you what it is, because at the moment, I am not sure how it will turn out. But I decided to close up my computer and start this "exciting project" late one afternoon, and thought to myself, "Wow, this is just what I need!" And boy did I ever get started!

I show the above picture only to show that I took this only days before my insane self took over and now our home looks as though someone broke in, and tried to find something, anything worth taking and decided to just leave it all behind instead!

I share my project mess with you out of the hopes that someone (and I know you are out there) will share that you too, have gotten yourself up to your eyeballs in a mess, I mean project, but somehow had to keep convincing your loved ones with whom you share your living quarters with, "I am almost done!" and yet, you have no clue what you are think you do, you really do, but as each hour passes, and the sun goes down, and the sofa is calling out to you to in its sofa's soporific voice: "Come...come...lie down a spell and we'll work this out together..." And before you know it, it is 5AM...and you (I really mean, me) stumble into bed, without even taking note of the "project" around me and off to a real snooze. 

And so, my barber husband, who cuts hair early Saturday morning, leans over and kisses my cheek good-bye at 6AM and asks if I got a lot done as he felt me come into bed only an hour ago, and I mumble, "Yes..." and he leaves the bedroom only to be greeted by the crime scene that follows:

Unsuspecting Barber husband enters from the hallway into the scene of the crime...project, I mean.

He looks to his right and sees an array of lights and pillows and wonders if this is some new-fangle sofa trend that his beloved is trying out....he's not sure if he will go along with bulbs and pillows. 

Beat up old grains sacks around the house was pretty daring for him already...

But then he turns to the left and finds cabinet doors wide open and even empty! The CD's! Gone! But then he remembers that most were Elizabeth's "unique" collection of Enya,  Medieval, Boy's Christmas Choir, and he even found Yanni one time! Not grieving this loss he decides...

But now he sees "powder" everywhere, as if someone was dusting for fingerprints...getting a little concern here...but he can't tell if we were ransacked or just sacked...

He notices a little pathway was left open towards the door, and decides that there was no robbery, because he is pretty sure that if he were robbing our place (and would leave empty-handed, he is sure), once in the door, he would have turned right around and gone next door to rob. 

As my barber husband leaves, he takes comfort in seeing a banana peel left on the table from the night before. He is glad that I got a little nourishment for all of my....what would you call it? Work? Fun? Re-doing? No, he is glad I got a little nourishment for my passionate adventure! That is all it is at the moment because adventures lead you somewhere, but you don't know where till you get there.

Now for a little game: can you guess how many pairs of eye glasses that can be found in the above photos? I couldn't believe how many I used last night and how many I have on hand...take a guess and then scroll down for fun....

(No, I do not sleep/snuggle with a grain sack! It is just tossed over the edge of the sofa...geesh! I love them, but not that much! :-)


Did you get all of them? As I went through the "crime scene" (and believe me, it is a crime that this stuff isn't put away yet....!) I couldn't believe how many glasses I have around in JUST this room! Have to laugh about it.

Well, after I finish this "adventure" and clean the "powder" off the furniture, (man, dust really shows up in sepia photos, doesn't it?), put the peels in the trash, and the lighting sources back in their places, I will share the pretty after photos. I think after this lot, anything I come up with will be an improvement. Hey... that could be a new gig, just show some really crappy, unfinished-what-in-the-hell-did-I-get-myself-into project photos first, then whatever you come up with will always be better and impressive than the first images! LOL. 

Okay, back to work. Actually, I am having fun rediscovering some lost and forgotten treasures that I am very happy to have found again. Just want to find a good place for them so I don't forget about them so I can use them!

Hope you enjoyed the visit and being a partner in my crime of passion.

May your passions always take you on adventures...

oh...btw....I do have way cool CD' Barber husband just gets a kick out of naming those few "unique" ones he found in my stash...that's okay...I have hair.

from my house to your house,



SuzyMcQ said...

I completely understand all of it, the glasses, the mess, the carnage and do most of your followers I would imagine! We do it for the sake of the creative process, thank goodness for understanding husbands, significant others, children and pets!!

Can't wait to see what you are up to.

Gail said...

Too funny! I feel ya, my house looks pretty much like that right now as well, minus a lot of the cool stuff...:).
However I'm not brave like you and can't make myself take photos of my "crime scene".
Someone who will remain unnamed might try to get the "hoarders" folks in to haul me away.......

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Suzy Hi Gail

Thanks for sharing...I had to laugh at the "carnage and destruction..." so true!

Hoping you both are having a creative and fun Sunday and thanks for checking in.

Big hugs

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

It's funny E, I was thinking of doing the very same thing myself...except since I live with two men (husband and son) they probably would think it were all trash and would grab a very large trash bag to help me out :) Ha, Happy Memorial Day friend. Remember no cleaning on this day.

Jacquelene L said...

Elizabeth, this looks like my living room and dining room and craft room right now. It's not just one project it's many, many, many all in process. Then there are the multiple new ideas everyday. I love creating, I can't live fully without my creative art making. I am a messy creative person, that's me and that's how I create.
I also have to dig through my stuff to find treasures I have forgotten, if I can't see it then I won't remember I have it.
Thanks for sharing your creative mess, I feel so much better now, I am not alone ha,ha!
Jacquelene L

Laraine Lord said...

Kindred spirits! I have projects all over the house too and sometimes it's soo bad I can't get my brain to work so have to clean up. Your photos are worth the mess!

Linda at French Hollow said...

I can't tell you how thrilled I am that I am not alone in my mess, I mean art, making projects...

Blessings, Linda

Bohemian said...

LMAO only because I can SOOOOO relate to this Crime Scene... and you're hysterical... and very brave, for Sharing it so Transparently and yet with such Grace and Humor! Right now my entire House looks somewhat like this and I'm not even sure I have a "Project" going on... I'm sure I started one... before I got sidetracked and derailed dozens of times and then everything just came to various halts... the "Process" continues almost perpetually it seems! *Le Sigh and a Shrug* At least you do have a Vision of having 'After' Photos to declare a Victory at some Future point in time... I wish I could say the same... but I find I'm often running Damage Control behind the Bohemian Valhalla Clan as well as my Numerous 'Projects', so I've just learned, for now at least, to be okay with Organized Chaos! You made my day tho'... I no longer feel like the Lone Ranger and Laughed until my sides hurt!

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

trash talk said...

I'm sure by this time, nothing you do surprises the Barber...nothing. He's probably just grateful you left him a fire trail to navigate outta the house with! the added graphics. So very Law and Order: CI!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Theresa!

I laughed about the garbage bag - your men thinking it was trash. Hahaha. Reminded me of a time years ago when I lived above my store in an apartment and held an open house for the Chamber of Commerce event for the public and two elderly women were walking through (and they had no idea I was walking past them nor that I was the owner) and one said to the other, as they passed under a chippy door header: "You'd think the owner would have painted for the open house!" I was laughing so hard inside because I had just scraped and "aged" that piece only days before the show!

Big hugs,

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Laraian and Linda,

I knew I had kindred spirits out there! Like you both, I am VERY messy with my projects - while creating them, that is, and what is hard is I am a "seer." I have to see the stuff or I will forget I have it - which makes my workspace even more of a mess even when I am NOT creating a thing! Must work out a system some day soon!

Thanks for sharing,

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Oh my gosh Dawn, you and I are so much alike...this is just one small area of my I am not brave at all...if only I would show the rest of the mess...projects everywhere!! Someday, my dream is to have REAL space to REALLY create! But for now, my home is tiny and I have to make do....but I loved your comment and so glad you wrote! Made me smile.

Big hugs

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Deb, as usual, your visits ALWAYS brighten my day. And you are so right...nothing surprises him by fact, my other Deb friend (Curious Sofa Deb) once was visiting me, and opened up my fridge and found spruce branches inside....and turned and just stared at me and I replied with a straight face: "Photo shoot coming up...hoping to keep these fresh..." and she nodded. And then later she found a pile of dried beans piled up on chair, looked at me, and I said, "Project." And she nodded. Then even later, she found little piles of tiny pinecones here and there, on window sills, the porch...and I offered, "drying them out..." And she finally turned to me and said with a straight face, "Your husband will have no idea when you finally cross over into dementia in your old age!" And we both just burst out laughing...mainly because she is probably right. We both decided it will be an easy transition for barber husband and won't be so traumatic for him. LOL

Thanks for visiting, and big hugs!

Parlor Room Ponderings said...

Hi there! I just "found" you hopping around in blogland. I love your "About Me" page. That's kinda how I see Jesus as well. So cool! Love your mess!! Now I don't feel so bad!! Your photography is beautiful. Your and your Partner do great work!!
Blessings, Diane

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Diane,

Thanks for visiting me after just finding me! Love new readers. And I love talking about my "partner." He is good, isn't He? And I am really serious when I say that without Him, my work is nothing, and actually, would lose so much meaning.

Christ is there for the asking, and is more than happy to partner up with anyone, and everyone who just asks. I think this world is hard enough without having someone looking out for me. I sort of think of myself as making my way through life sort of like a toddler trying to find her way through a really busy mall at Christmas time...remember when you were very little and your hand accidentally slipped out of your father's hand and had that moment of panic? For a split second, you could only see knees and feet, and had no idea which way to turn, and just as you were about to let out a scream and a cry, your hand high in the air with panic, suddenly a hand reaches down to grabs yours, and suddenly all was well, because you looked up, and there was your father (or mother), leading you out of that mess of congestion and confusion. And as a toddler, we trusted our parent to lead us in the right direction. We didn't question our safety, the direction, or how fast, or how slow the parent was taking, we just held on tightly, and followed with trust, because we were loved. That is how Christ is, our loving Father, with His hand reaching down, to grab a hold of ours..but we have to reach up to His hand, He won't take ours unless we offer it to Him. And that is how I try (but fail so many times) to work with my "partner." To follow Him, to trust, and to quit trying to run the show. I find that when I run the show, it doesn't go so well, but when I back off and let Him run the show, it is so much easier and better. I am a work in progress. But that is what makes Christ such an awesome partner, He never gives up on us, and hangs in there, trying to show us the way, even when we are ready to toss in the towel.

Thank you, Diane, for noticing the message, and I am glad you relate to it. Out of all that I do/write/post/create on this blog, that is the part that means the most to me.

Please visit again, when you have a moment!
Big hugs

Rene Foust said...

That is funny! But I can relate I have done this many times and every time I swear I will never ever do it again. I am sure the end result will be well worth it!

Curtains in My Tree said...

well i'm so glad to see your mess, I mean your treasures you refound LOL

I feel so guilty sometimes because I have such piles of treasures all over my house and don't know what to do with them, all cabinets and boxes under the beds are full(yard sale coming up)that is why boxes everywhere

Are you able to get out of the house and travel around to adventure spots? I haven't read any trips you have made recently or did I miss them?

I only have 3 pairs of glasses so you have me beat there, I bet your glasses are reading glasses where mine are glasses to see to walk through the house and God save everybody if I try to drive without one of my pairs of glasses on.

I was in St Louis last Saturday that's where you are right?
One daughter and 2 girlfriends are upset I took off with out them, but I couldn't wait till they got their children and husbands occupied with a days of activities, when I wanna go I get in the car and go you know what I mean?
we will meet for coffee sometimes, if you visit with senior aged ladies LOL (inside i'm 40 )

glad barber husband is still cutting hairs

Anonymous said...

This is my first visit, and you are very funny. I will be back :)

I think I have to get my Mr. to read this too.....

Can't wait to see the finished project.


Anonymous said...

Elizabeth this post is so funny I truly did laugh out loud. I think you are moving items from one storage unit to another, just a hunch as these storage ideas grow much worse until they get better. Your husband knows you so well, he probably just stumbled through win a grin. My husband used to tell me I needed to go to rearrangers anonymous. He said if we took off all the different paint layers from our walls (lived in home 30 years) that we would have 500 more square feet.

Always love your posts!
Tracy from Houston

Claudia said...

I took a photo of all of Don's eyeglasses once. It was amazing! I get in a big mess frequently, my friend.

I got a new camera for Christmas, Elizabeth, and I've been enjoying it so much! Photos of my garden are such fun! I think I'm getting pretty good (in all modesty.)

Love to you,

girl on a bicycle said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I laughed out loud! Very, very funny...especially the couch 'til 5 am...then to bed at 6 am! I have done this too many times! My studio can get so piled,stacked, and swamped that only my kids understand it's just part of the creative process for their mom.After 30 years in business-I just laugh at myself and the horible mess I make.

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Why the mess girl, is this à move of sorts? You know moving things around to freshen up things.
You started out with cheese and ended up in nowhere land :) yet when I see your beautiful photos of mess I rather like it and find it inspiring that mine is in order. I also love the photos, for some reason I feel like I wish I were there to rummage in this great rummage shop! .....Ooooop's I mean your home lol!

Elizabeth even in a mess it looks beautiful and I am not stroking your messey ego, I am liking how it feels like a old out of the way shop where some old, I mean really old lady runs it and she never sets up shop and we the shoppers want to go through it to help her find the treasures :)
Elizabeth I was up until 5 AM and still going, my mind is ticking with the same desire to weed out and arrange the pieces I have. When I am up this late and crawl into bed I really cannot fall asleep no matter how tired I am....I am just sooooo! wound-up! and my mind is ticking with what the hell did I getmyself into lol!

I love your mess beautiful, I know it's going to be a gem of a place when you are done with it.

Keep inspiring us, no matter what you do or touch we are enamored with all you do.

Lots of sisterly love.


Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Rene,

I know you swear you will never do this again, but you and I both know that you will! :-)

It is addicting... :-)

Big hugs

Elizabeth Maxson said...


You and I missed each other by only minutes a couple of weeks ago! I went to visit Richard and to check on him, and he said you were just at his house and you had gone up to the cottage up the street. I couldn't walk up there, so I drove and finally found it (it was marked very clearly) and got there, but didn't see you. But I was glad to see that Richard was fine, but he looked tired (understandably). That was my outing...nice to get out. I did find some goodies at the mall though. Maybe next time we will actually meet!

So glad you stopped by - always nice to hear from you. So glad you take such good care of Richard, he speaks so highly of you. It is nice to have blogger friends that take care of each other during trying time.

Big hugs to you

Elizabeth Maxson said...


Always smile when I see you. I MUST visit you and see your pics with your new camera...always love that - especially garden photos.

Glad to see you are doing well and as you know, you have a special place in my heart - and I know we will meet again someday - I think you may have been one of the very first bloggers I ever met in person...?! :-)

Love and lots of hugs to you

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Bicycle girlie,

I am sooo happy to know that I am not the only one who does this....I have been a night owl since I was a baby and when a project hits home with me...just can't stop!

Thanks for sharing and always nice to see you visit...
Lots of hugs to you

Elizabeth Maxson said...


I swear you are a creative woman after my own heart! I am just tickled to death to know that you were up till 5AM this morning and still going - now I know I am not the only freak...I mean...creative nut that will go and go and go when the juices are flowing (or not) to get it done (or not)! I can't tell you how many all-nighters (and I do mean ALL night into day) I spent in my store totally tearing it up and putting it all back together again, only to sneak out about 9AM before my employee came in to open up and I would leave a note for her NOT to call me...she knew I was up all night long doing "my magic" as she would call it.

I was like that as a kid - a real night owl and even when I played, I was one of those kids that REALLY hated to stop playing just to go inside and pee....I would just hold it and hold it because I just wanted to keep playing with my barbies....and to this day, I find myself still doing that (I know, I know TMI)...and not good for the kidneys...but I am getting better now.

You crack me DOES look like a rummage sale in here...I even found tags on some stuff still! Stuff I bought and stashed away for that "someday this will be great to have" project....

Well, better get busy, believe it or not, the room is still under construction - got interrupted with a different project - so this is on hold for a few days! The story of my life...oh well, never boring, that is for sure :-)

I can't wait for the day that I can wrap my arms around you and give my soul sister a big big hug,

Love you

Burlap Luxe said...

Elizabeth, i Will be playing the athem song (hey sista soul sista) upon our meeting loud and clear :)
And that whole Couffin thing now girlfriend this is tooo funny! I have joked about this very thing with another friend that I had better get busy not only painting it but building it out of wood salvage, adding that right kind of rightness to it as you spoke of, we are too funny for ourselves. Lol!

And could you imagine if we were any where near each other or I were I a neighbor,I would sneak over stay up help you all night to then get even crazier and hit the shop for a big inspiring wall treatment and window display that would wow the visiting buyers, of course we would hate it if anything sold because it would ruin our beautiful display and vignettes.

Talk about barbies, I would make clothes for them and furniture for them out of hairspray can lids and oat mill boxes and boxes building my own Barbie house :)
I was destented to to do just what I am doing.
Elizabeth I often think to myself there is just not enough time to do all that I want to do in a day so I take advantage of the night as well, funny you say you were a night owl? That exactly what everyone call me from childhood on.
I was the only child in our family that at a very young age that would stay up watching Johnny Carson and Dick Cavet shows with my grand mother on our visits, YIKES! Showing my age here :)

Well, my friend I am off to tear a bit more through my home and I will be whistling our tune, until we can hug each other and cry with joy and find some sort of trouble to get into here a a big messy kiss and cyber hug to my soul sista and sister through him.



Anonymous said...

Too funny Elizabeth!! And my husband is the same way with his glasses, they are everywhere but he can never find them!
Hope you have a lovely night.

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Melinda,

Sorry for the late response, I've been out of town! But I had to laugh at your comment, as I am beginning to think that as I age (and my friends too) that reading glasses are the "new" home decor accessory!

Hope your summer is going happily
Big hugs

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