May 2, 2013

Paper Gal at Heart


Thank you for stopping by...with so many electronic media social groups to visit, I am always surprised when anyone takes a gander at my site. Seriously...Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Blogs, Websites, Podcasts, You Tube, Ezines, shopping Online, and more...there just isn't time for it all, you know?

Well, believe it or not, I continue to actually work (happily) with the old fashion medium of the printed word - books! There  is something about leaning against my headboard at night, with the glow of my side lamp (not LED light from a screen) and feeling the thick pages as I turn them, and then mark them up with notes, and hearing the slight flick of the page as I peruse over the words. It is just something I probably will never give up. I'm a paper gal at heart.

Having said that...I am very happy to announce that I did partake in another fabulous little project that has been out for a very short time in stores and on Amazon...a book by the fabulous fabric and quilt designer, Tula Pink: City Sampler, 100 Modern Quilt Blocks. 

It is a sampler book entirely about quilting blocks, less about stylish photography, more about her beautiful hand-drawn designs. A beautiful book because you must see this talented woman's drawings - yes, I said drawings! Like I said, she draws out her designs as one of her many steps in designing her fabrics. And I just found yesterday, via text by Miss Pink herself, that the book has made Amazon's one of the Best Books of the month in the Craft, Hobbies and Home section! Now doesn't that just make the hound dog howl at the moon? I am pretty happy about that for her!

This is a very urban-theme book, and shooting it was a challenge that I enjoyed very much. I shot each of the 100 blocks that are featured and drawn in beautiful detail, as well as a few urban location shots. Here are a couple of shots that did not make the book. Check out Tula's book, even if you are not a quilter, as these designs are so inspiring, they just may make you want to go out and give quilting a try...I promise you, Tula knows how to teach (and inspire) her craft!

Also, I am honored to have my feature, The Business of the Studio, out on the racks with the current issue of Where Women Create

The timing (which was not planned, but it sure did turn out great) of this issue's feature and the publication of the Tula's book is very serendipitous. This current feature, Passion to Pro I talk about taking your passion of photography to a professional level, and share  my personal experience and the path I have traveled in the hopes of helping those who are traveling that same path a few headaches. 


Well, I started out this post saying how I was a paper gal, but I will admit, I do like sharing my images on my blog with you readers...that would be pretty hard to do by paper...unless I made a lot of paper airplanes and had really good aim (and I don't).

Thank you for being so supportive of WWC and for Tula's book. Without women supporting women, so much of what we all enjoy about each other just wouldn't exist. You taking time to read these publications, taking time to comment to Jo Packham or writing to Tula Pink encourages these very hard working and talented women to continue to create and explore their imaginative minds that they so generously share with the rest of us.

from my house to your house,



Curtains in My Tree said...

I remember your post of talking about the quilts and you taking pictures of them, of course they turned out wonderful

the subject of the fabulous quilts and the great photographer made a fabulous book.

I will have to get the book and do a paper read of it LOL

I liked that old chair you laid the quilts on also

I use to attend the national quilt show in Paducah Kentucky to just see the art of the quilts. One year a gal had painted a quilt black, then painted a huge yellow bird on the black quilt I loved it, of course the old time quilters were aghast at painting fabric, I said it's ART ( and I am an old timer LOL)

I have WWC magazine where you are featured in your office

Always like to read your writings

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Janice,

Thank you for stopping by. You always manage to swing on over and I appreciate it. I can only imagine what the old quilters must have said about the pain on the fabric! I think Tula would be up for anything artsy, as she is so creative.

I hope you have a great weekend (dry?) so tired of the rain!
Big hugs

Anne Lorys said...

Girl, you surely did Tula proud!!! Those images are even more stunning than I remember when you shared them with me. I love everything about them, and the urban setting was just genius.

I also read your WWC column, and boy did it speak to me on so many levels.

In other news, I'm trying to talk James into a MO vacation again this year!


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Those photographs are phenomenal and Tula's book looks to be the perfect Mother's Day gift for my mother in law who is still quilting at 91.
I love seeing the images and reading your blog...but you are right, it seems that there is just not enough time to follow along with all the avenues of social media and sources of inspiration. Thank you for stopping by and leaving comments when you means a lot to me. I will be sure to pick up the WWC issue and look forward to seeing your feature.
Take care, Laura

Jillayne said...

This is beautiful Elizabeth... I love what you have done, what you are doing.
I am a quilter, among other things creative, but not a famous one... if I were I cannot think of anyone other than you that could photograph my work - your pictures not only show the quilt, they illustrate it's soul; Tula is lucky in you.
I am working on something now, something so special to me.... it's the first time ever I have let my life into my work - weird huh? But there it is, feelings and emotions and experiences all clawing their way into my fabric and thread, and the best picture I ever took is of a part of that. And in that moment, it all made sense to me.... creating and sharing go together, and so it went on my blog, out there for anyone to see and to know. Social media is a blessing, in so many ways but....
As for paper, you had me at hello - my books are my most precious possessions. Sometimes I think it's the feel of it in our hands that makes that first all-important connection; you can cradle a book, hold it tight to your chest... I have very few books really, but I know them inside out - they are my oldest friends. My husband has absolute hissy fits if I don't use a bookmark and fold a corner down instead... his books are perfection, pristine... mine show that some one held them, loved them, and read them, and not all in one sitting!

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi girl!
Loved the WWC feature you did, I have it on my night stand and have gone over it more then once. The Tula book that you shared awhile back was amazing but these photos are more then amazing. Love the Urban Country in the City feel to each quilt photo.
Would love to have been there watching you create on the side lines, or toting your camera gear :)

You amaze us all with the grace and beauty you add to our lives and our dreams when we wish it were our home, or craft you were shooting.
A very beautiful weekend to you.
See you soon
Lots of love,


Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Anne,

I think you and James coming to MO for a vacation is just what the doctor ordered! :-)) Miss you and hope to see you both soon.

Big hugs and lots of love

Elizabeth Maxson said...


Your mother is 91 and still quilting?? I am very impressed with that! How neat it must be to have such a creative influence in your life - I bet she has some very good stories to share...I just love older women...they are filled with wisdom, character and can laugh at themselves and with the world - a real hoot.

You take care too, girlie,
Big hugs

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Jillie (that's my pet name for you :-)

I love what you said about too...will never give them up. Someday, I am going to have a room just for books - I think some call it a library, but that is too formal...just will call it a "readin' room" ...

And for those of you readin' this comment - you MUST go over to Jillie's blog and see what she made - and read it too - just beautiful, beautiful!

Thanks for stopping on by,
Big hugs

Elizabeth Maxson said...


Thank you for the lovely words of encouragement. You always say those words that warm my heart. Actually, I was just talking about you to my barber husband just the other one of my most talented friends I have :-)

Wishing you all the happiness and peace there is to offer,
Big hugs and lots of love

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Hello Elizabeth...the book looks just wonderful...your backdrops truly frame these beautiful works of art!

I'm a paper gal at heart too!

Anonymous said...

Stunning! Love the quilts and the photography!


Laraine Lord said...

As always your photos are wonderful and the quilts look great. I'm also a paper person and couldn't do without my books! There's nothing like a book with beautiful photos to transport you to another place.

LaLa said...

So Sorry Elizabeth!! I shared one of your beautiful images on facebook without permission. I wasn't thinking when I did it. I had seen it on Pinterest in Curious Sofa, and it just grabbed me. Sounds funny because it was a picture of mostly bowls, but I have such a thing for them & the image just displayed why I love them more than more words could. I know it sounds silly. Your biz name is on the image & I did tell everyone that it was your photo taken in her home. I hope that I haven't offended you. If you would like me to take it down I will do so...this is the url:

Sincerely, Lori of
Chasing Claire de Lune

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Lori!

Sorry to take so long to respond - I thought I had already! Yes it is fine that you did and I am pleased that you found my photo so intriguing. Having a link or credit to the photo is just fine.

Thank you for asking!
Big hugs to you

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