Apr 25, 2013

Happy Earth Day!

How is everyone doing out there in blog land?  I hope fine and dandy.  As some of you might know, Earth Day was actually a couple of days ago, and I tried to get this post out, but Blogger kept kicking me off. So here I am today anyway. While I didn't do anything special to celebrate it, I thought I would dig around my image files to see if I could find anything "earthy" to share with you and my thoughts of "Earth Day.".  

I came across these images that I took about a year ago, while visiting a friend's property, and what a day, to find this hidden gem, tucked away, sort of snug as a bug in a rug, in a blanket of twigs, branches, leaves and more. I didn't touch a thing, as I came across it and just had to snap up some pics. I loved the moss that covered the glass and the rust that only time can really form just so perfectly. I love when I come across something so "perfectly" worn and old that I don't even have to style it, rust it down, or chip away any paint. This was the perfect set, but boy it was a hot day, and being in the shade felt good. I wish these images had sound, you would hear the buzzing of bugs, mosquitos, and the occasional squawking of some crazy bird that made me feel like I was in the rain forest. 

Earth Day 2013 is promoting the global climate changes and all that goes with it. I (like most) have my own opinion on it, as well as the scientists, but when it comes down to it, I would say that when I see something like this, Mother Nature, will always come out victorious. We have an obligation to take care of her, mind you, but our modern ways, as invasive as they may be at times, are no match for Mother Nature in the end, in my opinion. The slightest tremor of an earthquake, and our sleek structures will start to crumble. Our strongest bridges break with the hurricane forces. Floods will always take over our man-made roads. Snow storms will knock out power lines every time. And even the blazing sun, week after week, can out-smart even the most modern irrigation tools we have and farms suffer severe droughts. Modern technology still can't accurately predict a locust invasion, but only explain its aftermath.

And while car manufacturers brag about air bags, and steel wall tires...left unattended...even Mother Nature's delicate leaves and fragile sticks will eventually overtake the toughest transportation along with Father Time.

Pretty impressive if you ask me.

As I have said it before...I am an admirer of the created, but worshipper of The Creator. I am truly amazed by all that we have created, crafted, and designed. I am a lover of photographing these things. Truly in love with the art form of the created.  

But lately....The Creator has shown me some really amazing things that I haven't really seen before. I am very captivated by pieces of our planet. I say "pieces," because that is all I am seeing at the moment, and I find it absolutely beautiful how our planet takes care of itself. Lessons, I think, we humans could learn.

It is very altruistic of humans to want to do the right thing and take care of the planet, but also done in vain, I believe. 

We humble humans trying to take care of the planet is like the caged mink trying to help the fur breeder unlock its own cage. The job will get done whether we reach out or not.

I am definitely for Earth Day, and promoting its caring for our wonderful planet, trust me. But, I also find it (in a strange way) very egotistical of us to think that we are actually big enough, strong enough, and smart enough to actually "take care" of something that cares for us 24/7, since the beginning of time.

Glad the world is big enough for all of us big-headed humans.

(sigh)gotta love us for trying....

from my house to your house



pam said...

really enjoy your blog, especially how you convey your faith, strong and true and undiluted, thanks!!! :)

Rene Foust said...

Beautiful!!! And much agreed!

Curtains in My Tree said...

Can I say I am guilty of not realizing it was Earth Day? however I take care of our earth as much as I can every day , like recycling etc

When I was a kid , back in the day, LOL I use to run across old cars and tractors in the woods where I would cut across a field and ditch and creek to get to a friends house. Sometimes I would wait to long to head home and I was scared walking through the fields, at dusk with the long hanging vines, I was always scared there was snakes in the trees.
No one was scared but me, my grandparents didn't even know I cut across the fields to go visit Judy

That was really back in the day, I didn't even know what a camera was when I was 7 years old?

Burlap Luxe said...

Happy late Earth Day to you my friend.
The images are soulful and as for sound I was already hearing it before you even mentioned sound.
Funny how some may find this disrupting the earth with junk. Yet you, like me find this to add beauty to the earth, if windows are rolled down then creatures of the wooded areas could find shelter in it :)

I was going to plant a tree in my yard for earth day the start of getting my yard with growth, then I had no access to a truck but now that I do I will plant late still respecting the beauty all around us. The beauty in such that goes un-noticed as to being pieces of eye sore, letting it become the back drop to what I am looking at.

You see such beauty in your work and your backdrops are soulful. Thank you my friend for sharing your earth.


PCovi said...

God isn't surprised that we are trashing His precious gift of Earth.
Were you surprised like me that the tons of oil spilled into the Gulf didn't remain? It is so hard to grasp how enormous the seas are.
Love the pics and sentiments :) Hope you are well.

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