Sep 15, 2012

If My Life was a Pie...


I hope you are all well, happy, and getting ready for the fall! First, I want to thank my precious guest blogger, my little Lulu, the faux Brit pug, who wrote my last post, as I have been here, there, and everywhere and still have to download photos! Thank you Lulu for doing a wonderful job. Lulu asks me to tell you she loved all your comments, but she didn't know how to reply, but she loved them!  :-)

I have lots to share, but it may be a bit before I can get to my adventure photos as I am on a deadline for a fun project, so in the meantime, I wanted to share with you a wonderful project that is about to come out very soon!

A new book is about to come out that Jo Packham, editor-in-chief of Where Women Cook, called Pieography. Where Pie Meets Biography. 


This book can be pre-ordered now on Amazon, just click on the title above for the link. This is a fabulous book that I am honored to be a small part of. Jo asked many creative women (not sure how many, over 30) what kind of pie captures the essence of their life? We were to write a short essay on what kind of pie would capture us best, and then give out our recipe and in some cases, we could photograph our pie. And yes, I photographed my pie.  Jo Packham is a creative author, publisher, editor, artist, writer and much more and you may also know her as the originator of Where Women Create.

I can't tell you what an honor it was to be asked to participate in such a beautiful book. I have no idea of who else in it and I have only seen a couple of photos, but by the cover and the little I have seen, I am very humbled. 

I am going to share with you what kind of pie I felt best captured the essence of my life, but not my recipe! Not for a while....yes, of course...I want you to support Jo's efforts and these women in the book, so hopefully by sharing some photos that weren't used in the book, that will inspire you to pre-order, or at least think about giving it as a gift to that special baker in your life. Honestly, I am not just saying this, but this would be a book that I would love to get as a gift...and think about could bookmark the recipe that you "would just love to try" and the baker in your life would just have to make it for you! 

It would be the gift that keeps on giving....hahaha.

The assignment isn't as easy as it sounds...we got only 300 words, if I remember correctly. What kind of pie? What kind of pie, I wondered. A fruit pie? I am a little fruity? A pecan pie? That is pretty Texan, if you ask me. Or how about at cream pie? I don't think so...I'm not that diplomatic lately...hmmmm. 

After much thought, I realized my life couldn't be expressed in just one pie....nope. I have had way too many adventures, walked (ran actually) on way too many paths, and plan to do so many more things, that my life just couldn't be contained in one big ole pie dish. In fact, I realized, my life couldn't be contained at all...phooey on the baking dish....

So, I decided, that Little Fried Pies...those best captured the essence of my life. They are from the South, as I am. You get a whole pie to yourself, as I throw my whole self into work, fun, friendships and adventures. They are plate, or fork needed...perfect for on the go, just like my adventures...on the go, go, go. And mostly? The fillings are all just never know what you are going to get...sorta like an adventure with every pie...

Well, after the book comes out, I will share with you my essay. And those of you who know me, or have been reading for me years, you can decide from what you know about me, if Little Fried Pies seem to capture what you know about me or not.

But what about you? What kind of pie do you think would capture the essence of your life? It is kind of fun to think about. What kind of pie would capture a moment, circumstance or situation your experienced in your life? 

I grew up with these little fried pies. My father favored the pecan pies and my mother loved the coconut cream filled. We always had a freezer full of the day-old 10 cent Mrs. Baird's fried pies. Actually, I love frozen fried pies. I love to eat a lot of stuff frozen, actually. I know, weird. But my gal pal, Gretchen, is my frozen buddy...she loves to eat frozen food too!

Something fun to do? Get with a gal pal and decide on what kind of pie you think you would be and why and decide what kind of pie you think your buddy would be and why and then guess what each other's type of pie you chose for yourselves and for each other and why. It is fun!

In the book I give a fab recipe on how to make the dough and give all sorts of ideas for the fillings.

On my next post, I will show you how I boxed them up last Christmas as gifts and show you how I made them as well! Just in time for you to make them maybe this year for your holidays, if you like giving aways treats as gifts.

By then, I should be off my deadline for my current project and have my photos downloaded to share with you my wonderful adventures. Hopefully this post will inspire you to start thinking about some homemade ways to give gifts this year, as money always seems tight, but for some reason, giving homemade goodies is always appreciated. 

I adore homemade gifts, and while you, my readers, are the Queens (and Kings!) of crafting, cooking, and creating...think of all those shoppers in the malls next month or so, rushing around, buying whatever their credit limit will allow...fighting the weather, the crowds, and noise. 

And if you choose to make goodies, you can be warm in your own kitchen, listening to your own music, around your own family, saving money, and creating memories without racking up the credit cards. Just something to consider.

Until then, enjoy the fall weather and know that no matter the gift and no matter its cost; it's the created memories that never wear out.

From my house to your house,


Sep 8, 2012

Loving the Lulu Blogger

Guest Post by


Hello Mates! (I am speaking with a cockney accent)

My name is Lulu. Me mum asked me if I could do a guest post, as she is busy doing whatever it is she does...I really am not sure as of yet, but I hear it is dashing....

I'm not British, but the accent suits me and I fancy it. When me mum and pop went their ways, me and my older brother went to live with pop, as mum felt it best we had a regular schedule (now that is pronounced "shzedule" as my Brit mates say...)

Monty - my older brother

Monty was supposed to be the guest blogger, but as you can see, his priorities are a bit out of order. So me mum asked me to write for her when she came for a visit. We live far, far away, and we were so happy to see her. I am not sure what she did while she was away...she will have to explain how she went from this...

To a snout....

Ewww!  Stinky snout....

Or what in the world? How did she go from this abandoned building to a chicken in a garden??? Mummy is funny....

What are the chances that mummy climbed up that old ladder to have a go at the view??? Where in the devil is she now??

I think these people saw mummy coming....

Is that the ocean? Is mummy going to visit my British relatives? Oh mummy! That would be wonderful! Oh mummy! I am so very happy to have them come over "the pond" and have tea....(mummy just called me and reminded me I am not British, nor do I have any British relatives...I got carried away...)

Now what is she up to? And here I thought that me and my brother were the reason of her visit....

I haven't heard from mummy in days...very worried....

Oh mummy! Did the big bad wolf get you in the forest? Please come home....oh wait...step barber poppy called to tell me that mummy is so far away that she has zero cell service for almost three days now, but she is fine...  I love my step barber poppy...

Yuck..who is that beast? And why is mummy taking a photo of it?

Well Mates, that is all I have...mummy said she will be back as soon as she can and explain her adventures. I am sure she has lots to tell. 

Hope you enjoyed my first post. I hope you aren't too disappointed.

(oops, Monty said I was supposed to say "Chow" not "Cheerios" he said that was a cereal. I'm not a regular blogger, so I don't know how to sign off...and besides, he older.)

....but I don't favor "chow doggies" and I'm not too keen on signing off by honoring chows, so I think I will just sign off like me mum said to...

from me dog house to your dog house

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