Jun 20, 2013

Thinkin' is Another Type of Lovin'

Hello my friends,

I just wanted to stop by and say that I have been thinking of you all. I am feeling gabby, but no time at the moment, but wanted to share a few little pics of what I am hoping will be a finished project someday. It is obvious that I am still trying to learn to use my new sewing machine...hence the operative word, "trying."  I am enjoying myself, and when I get a moment, I would love to share some thoughts with you, as I am learning that while trying to pin, measure, and cut fabric, my mind sure does think about a lot of things...but good things! Things I keep telling myself, "I should write this down..." but never do, because I get caught up in my project. Will share  more about what I am doing (and thinking) very soon!

Just wanted you to know that I miss you and do really think of you more than you probably realize. Which actually makes me feel good because somewhere recently, I read (I think either on Pinterest or on one of your blogs) that someone said that if only people knew how many other people really thought about them. Because if we really stopped for a moment and thought about all the people we think about in a week, and yet those people have no idea that we were even giving them a second thought, how they would be so amazed. And if we have so many others in our thoughts, then it only stands to reason that we must be in others' thoughts as well.

That is pretty cool, don't you think?

Okay, back to pinning, cutting, and thinkn'!  

Lots of love and lots of good thoughts always.

from my house to your house,



pballard said...

Love Love Love your new header!

Burlap Luxe said...

Thank you beautiful lady for thinkin. I often think of your and talk to strangers away from the world of blogging but, that's a whole good story in itself when I make mention of you and what your add to a creative life.

The other day my aunt a non-blogger who loves to look at a few blogs yours included will bring up you my dear and how cute you are and how she loved the photo of you sitting in the claw legged bath tub and how she wish she had your hair cut, and your artistic cuteness :)
See my dear there is a whole lot of thinking going on out here. My thoughts are with you on this beautiful post, cannot wait to see what creative thing you are making.

Will leave you now thinkin of you :)


PS......Lové your new header, I need some of your beauty so I can create a new header for my page :)

Lots of love to you my sweet friend, oh and I am just going to assum I am one of those ladies you are thinking of. :)

Curtains in My Tree said...

I think about you very often ,like every time I pull my blog up and see your name on my side bar of blogs I follow
I want some of that Elizabeth House braid or ribbon in your post

OMgosh what a machine!! are you designing your own line of fabric with that fancy machine?

I am always so glad to hear whats going on over your way with you and the barber husband

Over here in Columbia its just work and eat and yell at my lawn man for cutting down my hydrangeas LOL

I am thinking about bleaching out my grey hairs LOL

anyway back to you , post more Elizabeth it's always so fun to hear from ya


Elizabeth Maxson said...

Thank you Pam for the nice comment...I just like to change it up a bit...I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Your blog is so very nice - so glad you stopped by!

Big hugs

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Janice,

It is neat how we think of others so often...for the longest time, for some reason, I thought you were located in St. Louis and had a little booth in a mall not far from me...I think I saw your business card in it or something...and I always liked the idea that when I went into that mall and passed by "your booth" that I felt close to you! LOL

Then Richard straightened out my geography...and the other day I was in that mall, and went by that booth and in my head, I decided it was still "Janice's booth" and wondered how you were doing....funny how we attach ourselves to others with little things like that and the other person doesn't even know it.

I think it would be cool if other readers had something like that they would want to share, I bet I am not the only one who ties something close to them with someone they haven't even "met" before, but still are friends with. :-)

Thanks for visiting and thinking of me ;-)

Big hugs

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Dore!

That is so neat about your aunt and you talking about me...see what I mean? People think of others and the other person has no idea....just like a few days ago, I was talking about you with my barber husband...

I was trying to explain what Etsy was, and so I got out my laptop and started telling him about "my friend who has a 'real store' and she also has an online store that is hosted by Etsy" and I clicked onto your store and I was so happy that when he saw your header, he said, "Is that your California friend?" And I pointed to the glasses you made me and said, "Yup, that's the one who made those for me..." and he made the connection (not sure if he understands Etsy though) lol.

Isn't that cool? I also liked how he referred to you as my "California friend" which made me happy.

Thanks again for doing what you are doing - I really don't think you have any idea how much you really inspire me - and others too!

Big hugs to you (and your aunt!)

must love junk said...

Elizabeth, what a lovely post! I never even thought of things this way-that others may be thinking of me! Now I'll remember this and feel special when I need a little 'pick-me-up!' :)
Have a wonderful weekend,

cathypentonatelier said...

Well darlin one the feeling is very mutual... Can't wait to hear of all your adventures ;) soon...Sending love from your down under friend xoxoxo

Jillayne said...

I think that is a wonderful way of looking at it. I often think of the people I have met through blogging, especially the creative souls - puttering away in their spaces, creating wonderful things expressive of who they are. Sometimes when I am out about, in antique stores especially, I will see something and think how much so and so would love that, or something will remind me of them, in the same manner I would think of other friends and family.
I do love that way of thinking; the kind where if this is this way, then it must follow that that would the same - it often helps put things in perspective that I wouldn't have always been able to articulate as well.
Another lovely post Elizabeth, and I am glad to hear you are puttering away at your sewing machine!

Unknown said...

You have such an artful eye! Absolutely gorgeous photos on your blog!!!!!!!!!


:) T

Bohemian said...

What an Uplifting Post! And can't wait to see your Reveal of what you have been Creating!?

Blessings and Thoughts coming your way too... Dawn... The Bohemian

Rene Foust said...

Your pictures are beautiful and your words are perfect! I think of you often as well, which explains why I look for your blog posts daily! I cant wait to see your finished sewing project; I am sure it will amaze me.

Elizabeth Maxson said...

You have been on my mind a lot lately. It seems as though anytime I see anything related to Australia on TV, my thoughts always go to you. Lots of love to the newlyweds and that little son of yours, is growing up and will be flying the nest before you know it!

Know that you are loved a lot!

Tina said...

Hugs to you Elizabeth! Now get back to that sewin' machine and go to town. My favorite medium to be sure.....

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