Jun 28, 2006

Girlfriends are God's gift to women

I Thank God for girlfriends....really I do. We so need each other. If we are very blessed, we have an abundance of them...but if we even have one special girlfriend, then we are ahead of the game. Girlfriends are there for you through it all....they cry with you, laugh with you, and are ready to turn their life upside down in order to help out. But to have wonderful girlfriends in your life, you have to be one.

I know I could be a better girlfriend...I am always working and many times have to "take a raincheck" due to my schedule. But for some reason, my girlfriends don't give up on me. They love me - and I love them. I never take them for granted.

During my very painful divorce, I will never forget the time that my friend, Christie, had me over for cocktails and we just cried, laughed, cursed and drank away my woes. She basically initated me into the single world - a world of which I had no part for 26 years.

My sister, Louisa, is a great girlfriend...she didn't let a single day for 365 days straight go by without calling me during my divorce - she loved me no matter how much I vented, cried, swore, or repeated my woes. Since that dark time in my life, my sis and I have gotten tiny tattoos on our lower back (okay, I strong-armed her into getting one). They are Mandrin Chinese symbols and mine is "courage" and her's is "victorious." I also have talked her into piercing her upper ear with me - she and my boyfriend are not liking this "trend" they say. I say I like to keep life interesting.

Sharon, my very good friend and employee has seen and heard it all. She could write a book on the "adventures of Elizabeth." Without her, I would be much less of a person. She "completes me" as the saying goes!

I am so blessed to have so many wonderful friends in my life - but my girlfriends, well, they have a very special place in my heart that no others could replace. If you have a special girlfriend in your life - call or email her today and tell her how special she is - then send her this blog and have her read it. I am sure my thoughts about girlfriends are universal.

from my house to your house,

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