Jul 9, 2006

"little bit" of Love

Recently, I attended a wonderful baby shower that was hosted by a dear friend at her lake house. It was a wonderful event, with great weather, perfect water, no bugs, and couples with their children all around. The parents enjoyed a day in which they could relax and let the kids run around, and we child-free adults enjoyed watching the children swim and play. I especially enjoyed playing with the children and taking photos of them.

The parents-to-be are about as nice as they come and their unborn child (a little boy) is the luckiest little boy to have such wonderful parents waiting to bring him into the world.

What an honor to find out that the mom-to-be coveted a custom crib set I had designed and was for sale in the store. It all that she wanted: sophistication and still the sweetness of a baby. Now this particular design (shown in the photo above in a nursery I designed) had been in my store for about a year now, to show customers an example of designs. And yes, it was for sale, but really, it was just example of my work.

Well, wouldn't you know it that no more than we (the expectant mother's friends) decided to go in together and buy it for her, a customer, a young mother of a three-month old came and and just fell in love with it and just had to have it. Actually, that was good thing because some of the fabrics in that design were no longer available, and I was sure that my expecting friend would want some coordinating drapes and other accessories for the nursery - which would be difficult to accomplish with some fabrics no longer available.

So, I go about and design a whole brand new set for the expectant mother. No one (not even the father) saw the crib set. Again, I have to say what an honor it is to be trusted completely with my choices of fabrics, design and details of such a special room. I decided to add more chocolate and a little more slate blue since we now know they are having a baby boy.

After a wonderful dinner of grilled meat and vegetables, rice and salad it came time to open presents. The expectant mother had no idea what was in the huge bag and when she pulled it out, she was a little confused at first since the bedding was all folded and in pieces so to speak. When told that it was her custom crib bedding, the look on her face was priceless.

It was dark outside on the patio (where we opened presents) and so of course all the ladies had to take the bedding inside and place it on the sofa for all to examine the details. My heart just filled with love at seeing the expectant mother just pouring over the details commenting on the "perfect colors and perfect fabric choices." She was so very happy. And so was I.

Later, my boyfriend asked me a question that I never gave a lot of thought to. He wondered how I was affected being around the children, playing with them, being around the expectant mother and designing crib bedding for her, with my not having children of my own. Hmmm. Good question.

Actually, I get great joy out of my little bit, Elizabeth House baby line. I have accepted I will never produce children of my own, but I can produce items that can give great joy and comfort to more children than I could ever have had on my own. My line is everthing from baby soap, organic sweaters, custom bedding to soothing balm. And to know that there are babies out there sleeping in nurseries that I designed, well - that in itself is my way of helping the future generation off to a comforting (if not stylish) start in life...and that is a a pretty nice feeling. And I am happy to share that feeling with you.

from my house to your house,



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