Aug 20, 2006

More photos of my Chicago space!

I wish I could figure out how to move these photos into my copy for my postings. My friend, Debbie has emailed me how to do it, but my blogger home page is definitely different from hers and I have no idea why. My home page doesn't even allow me to post titles of my articles. It use to, but that option is no longer available on my page for some weird reason. If anyone out there can tell me how in the world to get my photos into my articles I would love it. I am computer literate believe it or not!
Anyway, these photos show you the gist of my space. The antique French bed is a queen. New side rails have been made to make it a queen. The original rails are still available though. The bedding is made of linen, chenille and taffeta. Those are windows/shutters from a home in France. There is a pair of them. They are both the same, I just flipped one around so customers could see both sides. That is a little French chair that I painted and covered in silk. There are four of those. In my next posting, I will put detail shots.
Thank you for looking!

from my house to your house,

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Retroboutiques said...

Oh, I just discovered your blog tonight and all I can say is it is wonderful! Now I must bookmark it and read all the way back from the beginning!

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