Oct 1, 2006

I am always amazed, but flattered when someone will email me or a customer will ask me: "What is a typical day for you?" First, I am amazed that anyone would even care. But I am flattered because apparently I give off the appearance of having a day that some of my customers would find interesting. So, I decided I would try to describe a day in the life of Elizabeth. There is no such thing, and I really mean, no such thing as a "typical day." The photos in this posting shows the "real me." Not that I am never "not real" but sometimes people think I live an elegant life filled with shopping, hopping around Europe and posing for the next photo shoot for the next magazine I am fortunate enough to be in. Not that those things don't happen, but they make up about 2% of my normal activities.

I live above my store and I try not to bring work up there, but as you can see by the photo of me sketching out bedding, I am in my apartment. Oh, by the way, that photo was taken about 2AM. But basically a day in my life could easily go this way:

Wake up after about four hours of sleep and go for a run - maybe 6 miles if I have time.

I then jump in the shower and plan my day in my head.

The phone rings while in the shower, I do not answer it

I usually eat eggs and bacon for breakfast while I answer email and listen to my messages.

I run down to the store, before it opens and write out notes for my employee and things for her to take care of.

I am off to my first appointment of the day - 9:00 AM for a paint consult for a commercial building lobby.

I get three more phone calls on the way to my appointment from clients, seamstress, upholster.

After my consult, I run over to the fabric store and pick up sample and shop.

I then get a call from a magazine editor wanting to know if I have any photos of chairs she can use "of course!" I fire back, not knowing if I have what she needs.

I then call my employee and ask her to hunt for said photo. While on the phone with her she tells me that Client A needs to reschedule and so must juggle my appointments.

I get gas, my drycleaning, go to the bank, and Office Depot - it is now only noon.

I call my employee on the way back to the store and ask her to mapquest directions to my hotel in Chicago, since I will be leaving the next day, it would be nice to know how to get there.

I get back, jump into my paint clothes, paint some samples and while the first coat dries, I answer phone calls, type up a bid for slip covers, and call the vendor to find out where are my candles.

I start to paint the second coat, but my employee calls me and reminds me that the newspaper ad is due today and what doI want to adverstise?

I stop what I am doing and go upstairs to the store and help her work on the ad. Answer two more calls on the way.

Two clients come in the store and "catch " me there. We chat and visit and go over some design issues and then I schedule an appointment with them.

It is now 4PM and I must change into clean clothes, pack up my car with props because I am to speak at the St. Louis Culinary Arts Society on table top design.

As I rush out of the store, my employee stops me and says she can't find a chair photo for the editor. I stop what I am doing and go to the computer and hunt down a couple of photos and ask my employee to download them , email them to the editor for me.

On the way to my table top design presentation I answer three more calls.

I unload my car, set up the tables and hand out flyers with tips on table top design. I demonstrate my paper theme and speak for an hour, answer questions, network, and then find out that someone was there to do a story on my designs for the paper. Very flattering!

It is now 9PM and I am loading up the car and heading back to the store.

I unload the car, grab my briefcase and head up to the apartment to work on bids and to design more bedding.

I get a call from my sweetie at 11 PM and we talk for an hour - I am happy for the break.

I go back to work, working with fabrics, designing and make a list of all the things I didn't do that day that I need to get done tomorrow.

I go to bed about 3AM and a new day waits for me only 5 hours away! This time in Chicago.

And yes, I do sleep. Really.

Thank you for taking interest in my daily activities. I have no doubt that you business owners fill up your days and nights just as well. It is part of being a business owner. Not easy, but I love it.

from my house to your house,



Anonymous said...

I would like to get my grubby little hands on those alderman/mayor types who don't know what hard work is! I hope great things happen for you and EH prospers. Tourists coming to St. Louis or any other town, want shops like yours to peruse...not Wal-Mart. Thats all. Thanks!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Thank you for the support. I appreciate the well wishes for EH and I am trusting myself to "figure it all out" as I like to say when feeling stumped.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have a terrific life!

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