Dec 10, 2006

Open House Photos - EH Product Line

These are the first of my Elizabeth House product line. I am very proud of them and look forward to increasing the line. I will have body, abode, and baby products. All are made with pure oils, salts, herbs, and packaged in very humble, but elegant craft boxes, bags, or in linen or burlap bags. All items are made locally by a skilled and dedicated artisian. I designed the packaging, which is simple, but elegant. Shown in the photos:

Bath Infusion: This is something I and artist developed together. In the package are two giant tea bags that are filled with bath salts, herbs and essential oils. Each package contains two bags of the same scent. Spearmint and Euculyptist, Lemon and Verbina, and Lemon and Lavender. Just place a bag in a nice hot bath, "steep," sigh, and sooth. Makes a wonderful stocking stuffer. $8 per package.

Body Butter: Is a wonderfully thick and silky body cream that is scented with lavender. Future scents are in the making. This body butter is none like you have tried before. $22

Calm Down: This linen incased herbal warming and cooling pack is a must have for anyone who strains muscles, the weekend sports warrior, if you get headaches, "ladies day" cramps, and so on. These wonderful packs are filled with all sorts of herbs to help all sorts ailments. They may heated in the microwave or oven. Or chilled in the freezer. The linen cover is so very chic - if there is a way to look chic while sporting an herbal pack, I will find a way! $42

Elizabeth House Soap: For now I have two scents for this handmade soap: Oatmeal and Honey and Lavender. This big block not only smells great, looks great, but it also feels great. It comes in a wonderful little burlapy bag that may be hung in the shower to house your soap, or used as a scrubby to exfoliate the skin. $12

Oil Diffusers: This room diffuser is like no other. It is made from 100% oil - meaning no alcohol at all. What does mean? It means that since there is no alcohol to evaporate, it will last much longer than other diffusers. Up to five months. There are two scents: Brown sugar and Honey (I have to tell you - it smells like a friggin cookie!) and Lavender. Another bonus - much less expensive than other fine diffusers as well. Only $26

Thank you for letting me show you the start of my line. I can't wait to add to it. More photos on next posting.


Curious Sofa said...

BRAVO!!!! Another fabulous, EH inspired masterpiece. I could smell the cinnamon bun candles as I was reading your blog- I'm not kidding!! I am jealous to death of your bath line. It is perfectly done and if I was in St. Louis right now, I would ice pick my way through the city to buy them for every friend this season. Oh wait, you ship don't you? Thank you for showing us the store and ideas (I'm stealing the paper wall thing by the way). This is what I have needed; to see someone else work themselves to death to express their vision!!! It is a willowy snowglobe Elizabeth wonderland. THIS is what you do..... Cheers my friend.

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Thank you so much for the comment Deb. It actually made me tear up - coming from you. I respect and admire your style so much and to have you wanting to copy my paper wall is a huge compliment for me. So glad you like the product line as well. This is something I have been wanting to do for so long now. I like your description: willowy snowglobe Elizabeth wonderland.

Love you,

bethy said...

it is all so very beautiful. thank you for sharing the pictures.

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