Jan 3, 2007

Sneak Peek at Elizabeth's Valentine's Feature

In addition to running my store, design business and painting, I also am a contributor to the national magazine, Romantic Homes. If you haven't read this magazine in a while, then I urge you to take another look! The magazine has undergone some wonderful changes over the past several months which includes more photography and interesting features on boutiques, artists, and homes.

I now have a column in Romantic Homes, called Ta Da! I will write it 3 or 4 times a year. This February issue is my debute column - dedicated to Valentines Day and love.

I describe a new tradition that I hope Americans adopts. I call it a Valentines Tree and instead of just a day of celebration, we have a Valentines Season. The tree will be filled with little scrolls of love notes that are written by family members and tied to the branches. How wonderful would it be to share our love and gratitude for two weeks instead of just one day? I explain how this tree is used in a family situation and also how it is wonderful in a grown-up, chocolate buffet party.

I styled and photographed the feature as well. You will have to buy the magazine to see the 10-page feature full of photos, ideas, and "how to's." I am fortunate that the editor gave me great freedom with my concept, the styling, writing and my photography. They are truly a wonderful team with whom to work.

You should be able to find the Romantic Homes at better grocery stores and if you don't, then you need to find the store manager and request that they carry it! Borders and Barnes and Noble carry it as well - however, I am frustrated that I usually find it buried on the top shelf, behind other shelter magazines, and only a few copies at that. It is a fabulous magazine, worthy of front row attention in my opinion.

And finally - yes, I know I am doing a little self-promotion here - but should you find the feature inspiring or interesting, feel free to write to the editor and let her know you would like to see more of my work. I very much enjoy this type of work and hope to do a lot more of in the future.

With the new year off to a running start, I think it is great that in America, we get to start the year with love, gratitude, kindness and yes, chocolate! We have an actual day dedicated to love! I say, "just a day???" Why not a season? The first two weeks of February is a great time to celebrate.

May your heart be filled with love, your eyes filled with beauty, and your soul filled with chocolate...there is no such thing as too much love, beauty or chocolate! :-)

from my house to your house,




Anonymous said...


I always enjoy reading your blog & can't wait to see your feature in Romantic Homes, one of my very favorite magazines. I was a Victoria fan for years & was sad to see that magazine go but now we have Romantic Homes to drool over : )

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your magazine article! How very exciting. Can't wait to grab an issue. Wishing the best success!


Anonymous said...

Everyoune, please pick up this magazine!!! It is beautiful. Elizabeth's attention to detail, photography, layout and settings make for a stunning debut.
Congratulations, the magazine is lucky to have you.

The Plum Tree said...

I am so very excited for you! My business partner and I both love your taste and so look forward to your features. Our little antiques store has a listing in the back of Romantic Homes (what a great idea!!) and we love the turn the magazine is taking. I'm sure with your input it will just keep getting better! ~ Dawn & Cindy @ The Plum Tree Antiques & Gifts

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

When I saw you had written an article for Romantic Homes, I could wait to read it. What a cleaver idea to make a Valentine Tree. Your ideas are always inspiring!!

Theresa-Garden Antqs

ShabbyInTheCity said...

I bought the magazine days ago and saw your picture inside and said...'hey! I think thats Elizabeth!' And it was...and I saw you had done your own styling (no surprise there:) and your own photography...that was great!...you are so fortunate...but Romantic Homes and us...we are MORE fortunate. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with a little self-promotion! I used to subscribe to RH but stopped when I thought they were getting too cutesy and cluttered.

I'm very interested to see how it has been revamped. I'm sure if you are a contrib editor, it must be wonderful!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Thank you everyone for the encouraging comments. I am so glad you enjoyed the photos. It means so much to me that you take the time to write me!

from my house to your house,

Susie Q said...

I pocked up my Romantic Homes this week and was just delighted by your article. The photos were gorgeous. We have always decorated quite a bit for Valentine's Day and have a small tree with hearts and small sweet things. It is such a special season...I love your ideas.
Good luck with the writing. What fun!
LOVE your shop...we lived near St. Louis for 3 years and were just back last Fall for a visit.

Stay well...


Anonymous said...

Okay my second comment to you, but I just read your feature in Romantic Homes and enjoyed it very much. You gave lots of inspiring ideas and I really can't wait to use some of them. I just learned how to make charms by soldering and can't wait to make some with a more romantic flare. Looking forward to reading more of your columns.


Anonymous said...

I will pick this issue up tomorrow! Beautiful blog and inspiring ideas ~ congratulations on your work with Romantic Homes!

Anonymous said...


I have only been reading your blog a few weeks, but I'm enjoying it so much--and the pictures are lovely. Thanks for sharing your passions with us. My parents live in Chesterfield, so now when I visit I will come by your shop. Can't wait to see it in person. Penny

Pat Winter Gatherings said...

I just purchased Romantic Homes today, saw your tree and looked up your charms. I too make these only I make tiny hand stitched crazy quilts under glass. I was delighted to see you were a blogger too. I will look forward to your future articles in RH magazine. I love your look.Thank you
Pat Winter

blessings said...

I sell Romantic Homes in my shoppe and saw your article. It's wonderful and now that I've seen your blog, I'm hooked!! Your home is breathtakingly lovely. Can't wait to see more from you! -countingyourblessings.com

blessings said...

Stunningly Lovely!! Your photos and designs captured me. Can't wait to see more. And the feature in Romantic Homes... When I find a magazine article that I really enjoy, I kinda savor it... I'm taking my time with this one!! -Polly

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