Dec 7, 2007

Really Missing You...

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Oh, how I miss you all and thank you so much for the kind and concerned emails you sent me. First, please allow me to apologize for worrying you and for just falling off the radar for a bit. I have a list of reasons (or excuses as some may call them), but the main reason? I just pooped out. I had a lot of adjustments, challenges, and personal issues that came full force these last 5 months or so. And sometimes, even the most energetic, optimistic, always-seeing-the-silver-lining-kind-of-person can hit a dry spell. I was simply spent. In fact, for a while, not only "spent" but sometimes I felt a deficit as well.

In this Dec issue of Redbook magazine, Shania Twain gives an interview in which I can relate to a certain extent. I don't have the article right in front of me, but she states that while she doesn't want everyone to "know her dirt" she still wants to "remain real." I totally understand her feelings. While I always want to be "real" with you all, I don't necessarily want to share (or rather bore) you with all my "dirt."

But I will share at least some "dust" with you. Several months ago I found myself suddenly flying home to Texas after getting a call from my sister that my mother broke her back and was also diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease - which seemed to affect her fairly quickly. She had to move out of my brother's home and into a nursing home and will be confined to a wheelchair the rest of her life. It is also sad to "lose" your mother and yet she is still alive. While sitting with her at the hospital, there were times she didn't know who I was or why I was there. I know I am not the only daughter who ever dealt with this, but it is never easy to witness what is to only become worse with time.

My own health has been a challenge as well. I have been in chronic pain for about a year now and the last several months the pain has been sporadic at best, and extremely unbearable at worst. I am a disabled vet and part of my disability is sciatica or performis muscle syndrome (caused during training from running 16 weeks on cement in combat boots). This pain can make just sitting unbearable at times, sleeping can be impossible, and forget running - which I love to do. I have been in physical therapy several times a week for weeks now and I seem to spend more time at the doctors' than in my own home. I am not used to living in chronic pain, and those of you out there that do...God bless you...I am use to being "healthy and strong" and not having my body work in perfect order is not many of you probably know first hand.

These things, along with some additional personal challenges and other life disappointments eventually drain a person and soon sleep deprivation takes it toll. Then focus, concentration, and creativity are the first to be tested. And once focus and concentration are drained, then even the most joyous of activities (like writing this blog) seem overwhelming. So having said that, rest, recluse, and reassessing the situation are in order. And so that is what I have been doing these last months...resting, staying under the radar, and reassuring myself that I am only in a tired slump, and that like most things, it is only temporary.

I then begin to wonder if I should share this with you, or just blog a design and photo blog and pretend that I never "disappeared" for several months, and continue as before...or...should I remain real (as I always tried to be) and share with you some of my challenges I have been experiencing these last months. I decided on the latter simply because I like to share but mostly because I know there are many of you out there that enjoy reading my blog for inspiration (thank you so much) but maybe it will comfort you to know that even a creative and very energetic person such as myself has moments in which the creative flow doesn't flow so well, or the energy level can drop off, or that sometimes, life hands you situations that simply take priority.

So my dear friends, I hope I didn't lose too many of you and I want to share so many things with you in the near future! And I will share more with you in future blogs, but for now, please know that I have an article out in the Jan 08 issue of Romantic Homes magazine as well as the Feb 08 issue and the April 08 issue. Below are some photos from the Jan issue - only a few - you will have to buy the issue to see the rest! :-) I will show you a sneak preview for the April issue in the next blog. I also have plans to do another shop talk posting as well. I have other big news to share - but that will come later as well.

Thank you so much for your concern - your emails truly touched my heart. And my heart is feeling a little more rested, a little more hopeful, and a lot more happier now. I hope to come back "full force" in the new year with inspirational blogs, ideas, photos, and more.

The photos below are from my photo shoot for the Jan 08 Romantic Homes issue (on the stands now). The feature is how to have an intimate private party for two on New Year's Eve in a little corner of your home. The article called "A Moment in Time."
Please enjoy the photos!

from my house to your house,
P.S. Thank you my dear Sharon for strongly encouraging me to share my challenges...and to "dip back into the inkwell" again...


A Cottage Industry said...

have missed you so! Glad you're back. You may not remember me at all, but you wrote me back when I had just found myself "suddenly single" a year ago and it was like a ray of hope that life would come back. It did. Now it's my turn to say "It will for you too. Take time for yourself." Thanks for the words of encouragement.


Elizabeth Maxson said...

I do remember you! I remember the pain I felt for you after reading your email. I remember wishing that your pain would end soon - and I am glad you wrote. Your spirit is lovely and I appreciate you writing to me.

cathypentonatelier said...

Well you know you would never lose me no matter what my friend... Life is a roller coaster isn't it with its ups and downs and some times you just need to time... The photos of the January Romantic homes are gorgeous as always..... Love ya Cathy

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Cathy - I know you will always be here - and someday, I hope to be there in person to hug you!


Dorothy Blum Cooper said...

Bless you, Elizabeth. You & your blog are truly inspirational. Thank you for taking time to share your talent & work. Take care of yourself & the rest will come. An email will be forthcoming.



Dear Elizabeth: My mother had a similiar illness. I know what you are going through. Rest my dear. My you find some peace during this holiday season. God Bless you.

paris parfait said...

Thank goodness you're okay! I was beginning to wonder about you, although I figured you were busy with your new projects. Sorry to hear about your mother and your own health issues. Hope you are soon feeling much better and can begin the new year on a positive note! Please don't stay away so long! - Tara xo

Country French Antiques said...

I absolutely adore your blog and your work. I saw your article in Romantic Homes...Fabulous.
You are a very talented person.
Hope you stay well. I wish you and your Mother the very best.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hi Elizabeth: so good to see you're back in blog land, but sorry to hear you've been in pain. Also, sorry to hear about your mother; I'll keep you both in my prayers. I've read the RH article and just loved it. You are so talented and creative. I've missed reading about you, but I understand... Take care, Theresa-Garden Antqs

wanderlustandpixiedust said...

I bookmarked your blog some time ago and was wondering where you had gone! I have some idea of what you are going through as my husband and I have really had a very challenging year ourselves. Prayers and well wishes to you and your family...

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth~I truly understand what you are going through with your Mother. My own Mother has been in a Nursing Home for the last year~I struggle with many emotions, not spending enough time with her and feeling guilty if I am absorbed in doing my own creative endevors among other things. Sometimes when life situations throw us road blocks we just have to stand back and take a deep self healing breath. I was simply awe struck by your recent Romantic Homes article, the photography was stunning and your faded color palette is a favorite of mine.


ps Have you read the book, "Eat,Pray,Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert?

nor said...

I am from Argentina. I have always enjoyed your blogs. You are an inspiration for me. I have missed you so much. Welcome and God bless you.

For Love Of Home said...

Elizabeth, thank you for taking the time to leave your nice comment on my post. I am sorry for the difficulties you have gone through lately and pray you get through them. I believe women today are conditioned to be all we can and seldom do we stop to take time for ourselves or to show our own pain. You are an inspiration to me, I will always wait for your words to come, but in the mean time, take care of yourself!
For Love of Home

Anonymous said...


You have been so missed! Your blog is a tremendous artistic and personal inspiration to me.

Be well and know what joy you bring to your many cyber-friends.

Anonymous said...

Always there for me -- and I for you. Has it been over over 23 years already? So many changes for us both. My only regret -- and such a big regret -- is that I don't live close enough to share your daily pain -- to be part of your life. Bless you. Love, Mary

stadtgarten said...

I stopped by at your blog a lot of times in the last months and was always wondering what was the matter with you.
I am glad to see you back here, because I love and enjoy reading your blog and - most of all - I think it is a good sign for you personally that you found back to writing.
I am very sorry to hear about your constant pain and your mothers illness and I really hope that better times are coming for you soon.
Best wishes from Wiesbaden,

Missy said...

I am glad you shared and hope you are glad that you did.
You are an inspiration to me creatively, and I believe you will continue to be an inspiration in "hanging in there" too :)
I wish you peace during the holiday season and through the new year.

Anonymous said...

Dear Elizabeth,

It is so good to hear from you again. We have missed you.


Heavenly Chic Interiors said...

God works in mysterious ways...Your personal struggle and willingness to share has opened my eyes to my personal struggle. So thank you for letting us know. I am so desperately trying to get my business up and running and it takes a lot of energy to do so. I know I can do it, but I find it difficult at times. I am very energetic and a huge runner like yourself. I believe I am very talented and creative. At times I lack energy and motivation and don't know why. But now I know - it's the responsibility of providing for my Mother. My Father passed away in February of this year. My Mother has been in a depressed state ever since. She doesn't live close but I spend as much time with her as possible. When I don't, I feel so guilty. She doesn't live in a nice area of town, so I have located a fabulous place for her to live and she will be closer to me. That won't happen until next March. It is just nice to know we are all human and crumble even when we don't want to. Our set backs only make us stronger when we bounce back.

I am so glad you decided to share your story and I am so excited that you are back. I kept checking on you from time to time ;) You are truly an inspiration in so many ways. Don't forget to take time for yourself and remember your fans will always be here for you if they are true fans. So take your time getting back on your feet.

Warmly, Theresa

kari and kijsa said...

Those pictures are absolutely beautiful...we linked to you from cityfarmer and we are so blessed that we did.

Have a wonderful day,

smiles, kari and kijsa

sheshedecor said...

Elizabeth, I so understand. My father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's this year. My Mom lives with my husband and I and her health has gone way down hill too. I have had to cut my "day job" to half time due to Fibromyalgia, and I miss selling my pretty antiques and creations, as I know you must too. Sometimes all you can do is withdraw and rest, and sleep and let your heart heal. Not complaining, just want you to know you're not alone. I missed you, but I knew you'd be back when your soul was rested.


CIELO said...

Hi, I love your blog and come here often. Some of the pictures you are sharing today I've seen in a magazine, just last night at Barnes and Nobles (don't remember the name of the magazine, but I do remember the pics.) Are these pictures of your home? They are lovely. And I really enjoy seeing them.

I'm glad you're back

Enjoy the Season.


Anonymous said...

So glad you're back. I discovered your blog shortly before your store closing and move. I've been checking regularly for updates and have missed you. I understand your past and "dirt". I can so relate, military background, divorce and suddenly single, "losing" my mother to alzheimer's (she is in assisted living), etc. As already said, I've missed you but after this post I feel strangely very close to you. Thank you for being real and I hope your life smooths out and we get to hear more from you. Take care and I must say I love your natural grace in everything including this post.

Amy said...

I was so excited to read your article in the Jan issue of RH. You did a beautiful job - as always. Welcome back. I was sorry to read of your mother's struggles and your own with chronic pain. (I know for me, yoga has made a world of difference w/ sciatica pain). I wish you all the best - take care of yourself.


blessings said...

I'm probably fairly new to you but I actually started reading your blog a long time ago. I've been checking back just hoping that you'd returned. Now that I have had my own blog I see how draining it can be and I appreciate that you needed to take some time away from blogging. It's such a privlege to get to see your pictures and read words from your heart so I hope that we'll have the opportunity to see more. We've missed you. Take care of you. Blessings... Polly

Mary said...

My heart goes out to you regarding your Mother's health issues - it's so hard to deal with this. For you to be in such pain yourself, and to have your daily routine upset this way, is also very upsetting. Do take care Elizabeth - rest all you can and know we are still here checking up and being gaily rewarded when at last we see your post.

I loved the story in Romantic Homes and, as always, am astounded by your design skills - you are the best! Looking forward to the next spread - know you will surprise us with another wonderful atmospheric space.

Try to enjoy the holiday season and get really well soon.
Hugs - Mary (Across the Pond)

Zuzu said...

Your blog, Elizabeth, is my absolute favorite. I check often to see if you have written, and today I really lit up when I found you had posted.

You don't know me. I don't think I've ever commented here before and I don't blog - but know that I am sending love and healing thoughts to you. You are so very special to all of us.


Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth, I have been a fan of yours for along time....I found you thru Curious Sofa, ifact, your sight and Debbie's are the only 2 I log into daily along with my email. I was so concerned when I checked in your site and didnt see a new blog. I knew of your health problem from earlier posts...which I can very much relate to. In fact, when you posted a Lil Loo and showed the pic of your father who was born in 1914 I was taken aback. My father was born iin 1915 and for people of our age ( I'm 46) that is rare, people always thought of my Dad as my grandfather....I lost him april 10th, at the age of 92, My mom passed 10 years ago...I took care of both of them since my early thirites, so I TOTALLY understand your situation and I commend you for being so open with your life....Alot of people "hide" their true feelings and going on in their life but you didnt and for that you are truly a REAL person with a soul. Anyway, I wont take up more of your time, but just wanted you to know how much I missed your blogging and I wish your the very best....I will continue to be a fan of yours for years to come.
God Bless U

susanna said...

Ahhhh, Elizabeth, I so enjoy reading your posts and seeing your gorgeous displays and photographs.

I'm sorry that you've had so much thrown at you at once...alzheimer's is a cruel illness for both the patient and for his or her family and friends. And your pain...I hope you feel better soon.

I've been in a blogging slump these last couple of months, too. Lots of stuff happening on the homefront that hasn't had me feeling inspired to write. And I've shared your concern over what to include in a blog - personal posts or pretty, uplifting images. I think in the end, we should just share what we want to share and not worry what others think. And there will be readers who will connect to your personal posts. That's one of the positive aspects of blogging, isn't it? It's nice to know that there are people out there, some who we may never meet, who wish us well and pray for us during the difficult times. I'm not a religious person but these small gestures brighten up my day.

Anyway, I'll keep my eye out for your magazine articles. Hmmm...maybe I'll pop by the bookstore this afternoon... Hope you are having a good weekend!

carolyn peeler said...

Welcome back to your blog Elizabeth. I've missed your posts.
I firmly believe that creative souls are souls who often have to battle darkness and difficult times. My wish for you is that your dark times will ease and that the blog will become a joy again rather than another bothersome thing on your to-do list.
I hope you have a happy holiday season.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back.
The New Year will bring nothing but good things for you--I believe that.
This past year my precious Grandson (after a large series os shots) is now classed with Autism, my job for a cabinet design shop gone do to the slow down in building and no job in sight after 4 months and living with my 82 year Mother who is quickly reaching the same level of your Mother.
I have lost all my creative ideas and sometimes feel like I'm lost. I just stop and listen and there's so much worse--I thank God daily for the blessings I have.
Keep the faith and I am sure the New Year will bring better days ahead.
My prayers are with you.

Unknown said...

I hope you have made it through the holidays safely after all 2007 has brought! I hope 2008 is full of happy surprises and much comfort and peace for you both physically and emotionally! Thanks for your great inspiration - I transformed my little mantle, inspired by the one you did here, but with my own little twist! Thanks again - I can't wait to see the next articles you do!

Lana Manis said...

Dear Elizabeth, Welcome back. I was saddened to read all that you have been through, but I know it will make you stronger ~ you just seem to be that type of person. I am looking forward to seeing your beautiful, inspiring work in Romantic Homes.

Take Care & God Bless,

Suzanne said...

It's so important to stay real. I was reading a blog the other day (sorry, forgot whose) and the person was saying how great it was to escape to the "beautiful blogs" where all is sweetness and light and nothing seems to penetrate the magical world. It's true, we need that, and beautiful magazines that take us away. But just out of the camera's field of view, perhaps things are so perfect. We must be careful to realize that life is going to throw some pretty ugly stuff our way. We can escape for a bit but then we need to get real. Thanks for sharing. It will undoubtedly help someone who is struggling with the same challenges.

Unknown said...

Dear Elizabeth,
I found your blog by the hgtv website.
I find you designs to be very unique. They are exactly what I like. I always knew I had an eye for "french country" design in my own choices for decorating but I like to be different like you have done in the nursery shown and your kitchen. I was dissapointed to see that you are located in Missouri I was wondering if you do interior design? Please let me know via email. Thank you. p.s. Your wedding pictures were beautiful

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Bridgette,

Thank you for the lovely comment - I appreciate you writing me! I tried to email you, but the link to your name is not enabled so I could not email you. I hope you read the comment section so you can see that I tried to answer you. Yes, I do interior design, but I have slowed down since the car accident. I am still in St. Louis, but I would to travel to some wonderful tropical island to re-do a vacation mansion or day spa if someone REALLY needed me to! :-)

Take care,

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