Jan 17, 2008

Happy Chocolate Day Part Two

"More photos! More photos!" seems to be the topic of many emails I recently received since the Feb issue of Romantic Homes arrived on the shelves of stores around the country.
So, unlike the past, there will be more photos and less text in this posting....hmmmm.....not sure if I can keep my fingers from typing my thoughts though!

Below are photos that were not a part of the article and I hope you enjoy them. By the way, the photo of the lollipop wreath is shown without plastic over the candy...that was for shooting purposes only. Please keep them covered when you make the wreath. They get sticky and you'd be surprised how I had flick off little dabs of "floaties" that landed on the candy right before I took the photographs!

Oh - I also had a lot of questions about my coat. No that is not a ruffled scarf or glove - the coat has a fabulous collar and cuffs and even the bottom of the coat has about 8" of the same ruffle effect. I bought this coat last year at a tiny boutique - only after I had customer after customer come in and tell me that they saw a coat that was just made for me. After about a week of hearing this, I had to see what the fuss was all about and yes, as soon as I saw it I knew I would be pulling out my checkbook. The little boutique, The Time, was located down the street from my store, but it is now located downtown St. Louis. I can't say if that coat is available anymore or not - but it came in white, brown and black. And it is VERY warm and I just wish it would be cold enough for me to wear a lot more than I have yet so far.
Oh, and one more thing - I had a lot of people ask several questions me about the photo shoot itself. And so, I will answer some of them and I hope I don't burst your fantasy bubble...okay...that is fake snow! The shoot was done in Aug/Sept and yes, I am sweating in that coat! Because of the timing of publishing a national magazine, many articles are done months in advance. The candy is real, and yes, I made all of the crafts myself, yes I made up the poem for the nose gay, and yes, that door is really a door of a friend of mine. And finally, my hair is done by my fiance. He cuts and colors it! More on him later....

And once again - Happy Chocolate Day!
from my house to your house,


The Paris Apartment said...

Your pics are stunning! Only you can make even winter seem inviting!

Jackie said...

Thank you so much for the pics!!! I have been checking twice a day since Romantic Homes came out for the follow up....Your coat is beautiful, and if you were sweating you sure couldnt tell it! You are just adorable...and the crafts are excellent...I am going to try the heart/keys/frame for out front door! This post was simply CHOCOLICIOUS!!!!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Elizabeth, thank you thank you so much for showing more photo's. I think I was one of those that bugged you, but I'm so glad I did. Beautiful coat by the way, Theresa-Garden Antqs

savvycityfarmer said...

Hi hon...remember me...we haven't chatted for a long while and I misplaced or deleted your email address or something...we switched computers and then it was gone.

I'd love to catch up...pop on over and read my post called the "rules of chocolate"

It's All About The Pretty!!! said...

Hi there,
The article is just wonderful!! Congrats! I must know where the lovely basket on the door came from? I am very inspired to create my own for my home. Thanks for all you do you are a very inspirational women, keep up the good work!!

Unknown said...

What great pics! I love all that behind the scenes stuff. And I love what you get to do for RH. Such a great job!! That coat is fab. I though it was a scarf too! Can't wait to here about this hair magician fiance of yours! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to see that you posted, again. I'm hoping that you will feel well enough to post more.
I love your decorating style.

OMG, what a dream to have a fiance who cuts and colors your hair! I love your hair, by the way. When your hair is that short, you can really wear girly clothes without looking too sweet.

Thanks for the added photos. I really like how your decorations are so Romantic, rather than too pink, red, and cutesy.

The heart and the frame were my inspirations. I found a frame at the thrift and I'm going to hang a heart inside of it. I, also, happen to have a straw heart form and I'm going to tie a million ribbons around it with the ends short and sticking out all over. I got the idea from the long shot of your heart. Until I enlarged it that's what it looked like to me.


savvycityfarmer said...

Thank you so much for the great doggie tips...I will pass them on to my daughter to be sure....she rooms with her first cousin who is a groomer so she also know a lot of the things Chelsea should know being the owner of this cutie. The breeder ( who drove from Arkansas to Chicago with puppies) told her that Daleila will only grow to about 35 pounds. we'll see....I am only the "grandma" but already she's found a place in my heart and I get to dog sit for a few weeks in the very near future...can't wait.
We have the name of the breeder if you are ever interestd.

BTW...you WERE blessed with guardian angels the day of your accident...so glad you're safe.

I'd love your email again then we can really catch up.



Anonymous said...

The photos are beautiful - and um now I am craving chocolate! Can't wait to get my hands on the magazine - congratulations! I listed your blog and think it is a great read!

susanna said...

Your photographs put a smile on my face and not only because they are beautiful (and they certainly are beautiful!). I also like the idea of secret surprises and random acts of kindness.

BellaColle said...

I really loved the piece in Romantic Homes.. so nice to see a 'behind the scene'...
You're an inspiration to tiny business owners like me!
Happy Valentines Day!

wanderlustandpixiedust said...

Love the coat! Especially the chocolaty brown color. All so lovely!

Unknown said...

What an inspiration you are! Thank you for sharing your creative talents. I ran out right away for a copy of Romantic Homes & love the article!

Kelley - a very JunqueyGal! said...

So happy to see you in the magazine!
Well deserved!

the tattered nest said...

I have been checking in now and then to see if you had come back to blog land(you have been missed!) and I was so happy to see your new posts! I am so glad you are o.k. Sounds like you have had a tough path lately but you also have been blessed with a fiance! Congrats and best wishes! Here's to many more inspirational posts ahead!

stadtgarten said...

Thank you for showing us more of those lovely photos. I am still waiting until our friends are going to the PX - I hope they will get Romantic homes there, because it is not available anywhere in the german shops.

Eva Agnes said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I just love and adore your blog and the decorations you do for people and magazines.
I've visited you ver so often but never made a comment before. Now I have....:-)
I hope you don't mind that I have linked to you and will put some pictures of your on my blog. I will of course pt links to you on them.
Love and hugs Eva Agnes (Sweden)

Anonymous said...

I guess I will have to say I really didn't care for the article. I love all your articles and pictures usually, especially the ones showing all the decorating you did at your other website. You turned me on to Romantic Homes and I too love your coat. My husband has been cutting and coloring my hair for 95% of the time of our 26 yr. marriage. Still loving you Elizabeth and keep decorating.

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hello Eva! How wonderful of you to mention me all the way over in Sweden - I don't know if I told you or not, but my mother's family originated from Sweden - so I have some Swedish in me - hence the blue eyes and broad shoulders. (When I was younger, I hated my broad shoulders -as I age- I am grateful that they "even" out my wider hips! Haha!) Many thanks and I hope someday we get to meet.

And hello to "mother of a Marine" thank you for writing. I am glad that you still will read what I write/design even though the last article didn't really do it for you - that is okay - that is what makes the world go around. I love that you wrote me, but more importantly, please know that I hope and pray that your son stays safe and that you don't worry too much. Having been an officer in the AF, I can tell you first hand that the Marines are very well trained, and very much respected. He is in good hands and please don't worry about him.

vintage-rose Cottage said...

Hello..you have very nice and beautiful pictures..my english is not so good,bud i like yourpictures:O) have a nice time Belinda

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