Nov 27, 2008

It Took Only Fifteen Minutes...

Fifteen Minutes....that is the amount of time between my writing my last posting stating:
"And for those of you who are so lovingly curious about what I am going to do next? I can honestly say (guilt-free):

I don't know yet.
But you will be the first to know
. "

And only 15 minutes later did I find myself on the phone with Debbie Dusenberry, of Curious Sofa, accepting her invitation to participate in Miss Frenchie's Holiday Brocante next week!

So, the dilemma is: do I post photos of my wedding or do I keep my promise and let you "be the first to know"? So, as you can see, the wedding photos will have to wait for now. I have a lot to tell, a lot of people to thank and brag about, and a lot pretty photos to upload. I don't want to rush through it and just get something I will wait until after I get back from the European-Inspired Market next week to share wedding photos.

So, what is this European-inspired market? Click on Miss Frenchie's Holiday Brocante to get more information. But basically, I just found out about it and without giving too much thought, agreed to do it. It will be located in Kansas City in Alexander Majors barn, part of an historical home. The vendors involved have a love of anything European, a vintage feel, and are known to most readers of my blog and similiar blogs as well.

There is Debbie Dusenberry of the Curious Sofa. And unless you have been living in a cave, (now if it is a well-decorated cave, that may be the exception), everyone knows the famed and extremely talented Debbie. She and I have shopped together and our tastes are so similiar, that when we enter an antique mall, she will aske me, "left, or right?" And I will say "right..." And without anymore words, she heads down the aisles on the left, and I head for the right and we begin to pile up our treasures on the counter as we shop our way, and eventually cross paths, and keep going. Our items on the counter always look like they all belong together and even though we are great friends, we do keep a teasing, watchful eye on our goodies to make sure they don't "happen" to end up in the wrong bag! :-)

The other very talented vendors, I have not yet met personally (but looking forward to!) but I know their work and I am sure you do as well. Vendors such as Gwen McClure and Teri Elliot of French by Design for those of you who must have French antique furniture; Carol Spinski of Raised in Cotton, for vintage inspired goods; if you love knit, crochet, felted scarves and brooches then you will want to see Julie Reed; for collectibles and odd little finds there is Beth Leinitz;and Karla Nathan was "green" before "green" became popular...she recycles vintage finds into charm bracelets.

Please come out and join in the fun, if you can. I would love to meet you and give you a hug. I will be selling "just stuff" from my inventory that is stored away. Having such short notice, it will be a "get it while you can" sale at my booth. I will have some furniture and whatever stuff I find in storage and I can honestly say, I really don't know what I have left. However, I believe this event may happen again in the Spring. If so, and if invited to participate, I will have time to hunt down some really good treasures, custom design a few pieces, and even have a few surprises in store. But this first time around, I will have items "show cheap" because I want a reason to shop for "new" old stuff for the second show!

I need to get busy and I hope to see you next week in Kansas City. And thank you all for the lovely comments on my last posting. I can't wait to do the wedding posting next. And after that I will post about Miss Frenchie's show.

So funny how I got only 15 minutes of "I don't know what I am going to do next"....and something just pops up. I think being opened minded about possibilities also opens doors....and in this case...a barn door and a cool one at that!

From my house to your house,



cathypentonatelier said...

Have the best time my friend!!!!! Wish I could come but it is a little far away!!!Luv Cath xxxx

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, I had found your blog through Debbie's site and have loved getting to know you. I am so impressed with how you are dealing with all of this. Thank God you are alive and you are for a greater reason sometimes only God knows. I am glad you are feeling better and congrats on your wedding. Sometimes when we just stand still and take it all in we can achieve so much more. I pray that you have continued success in your healing both physically and emotionally. I look forward to your new adventures and thank you for sharing them. You are so creative and talented. Many blessings to you and yours. Have fun with Debbie! said...

I look forward to meeting you this weekend at the sale!

Raised In Cotton said...

Hi Elizabeth:) Can't wait to meet you and transform the barn into a vision of Holiday beauty European style! Your wedding pictures were stunning. Fill that truck up and come west, we will have loads of fun:)


Beth Leintz said...

So glad you'll be joining us- I think we'll have a great time and really have an event to remember!

Anonymous said...

Show off your GIFT of talent, Creativity & design....How fun!!!...I wish I could shop among such Artists!!!!Love exeryones Style...I could Marry it!!!
Merry Christmas!

debi lynn mattingly said...

Hey girlfriend!

Just wanted to say again...xo...deb

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Looking forward to meeting you this weekend ~ your shop and blog are wonderful! I'm so glad you are making the trip ~ I can't wait to see your wares!
Travel safe ~ see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, I've loved reading your articles in Romantic Homes and I can hardly wait to meet you. I think we will spend the first part of the setup shopping from each other.

Jeanne Oliver said...

I wish I lived closer to come to the show. Have a great time.

Donna said...

Elizabeth, I had seen you from Debbie's blog but didn't realize you had your own blog (I really enjoyed "being" at your wedding!) until now. I got tears in my eyes reading everything you had to go through with your accident and am so happy to hear that you're feeling better are happy now. You absolutely did look very happy and lovely at your wedding. I think the new more "mellow" you sounds like someone I would like very much and will continue to follow your blog, no matter how little it gets updated. The best to you and your new husband and I so wish I could be at the new show - have a great time!


Missy Langley said...

Elizabeth, I have missed your blog so much. I caught your wedding pictures on Debbie's blog and can't wait to see more. Even though I don't "know" you, I wish you and Randy the best of luck. You, and other like you, have been a wonderful inspiration to me over the last few years. Thanks again, missy

Julie Pishny said...

PTSD - Thank you for sharing your story - I wonder how many other women have this continual spector that haunts their daily lives - unaware that there is help available and that it is treatable.

Elizabeth, I have read your blog and you will emerge stronger, more focused, and will be a better you - only better when you finish the transformation - the soul is always true.

My Grandmother always said that - God never gives you more than you can handle - so get busy! Then she would give me a quick hug and a smile.

Blessings to you and your new life.
Jules from Kansas

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I am so thrilled to see you have a blog! Love your style and have enjoyed articles in Romantic Homes magazine.

The sale sounds like it was a lot of fun!! Nothing beats good friendships and tons of wonderful pretty things to buy.

have a great day!

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