Apr 12, 2009

Blood, Sweat, and Tears

This is short, sweet, and bloody...yes, you read correctly...this is no longer "blogspot," but "bloodspot." (Graphic photos below - you have been warned....)

This is also a very quick promotion to get you all out to KS City for the April in Paris Show that I, along with other very dedicated and hopefully non-bloody dealers, store owners and bloggers who will be selling their wares. Please check out Miss Frenchie for more info! 

Not wishing to burst anyone's bubble out there about the glamour of living in the creative world, but just to let you know how much we dealers, store owners, artists, boutique owners...love you and want your business...we will even bleed for you....well... only those that are really dedicated to you, that is! :-) 

If you get a chance to stop by at the show and say "hi" and let me give you a hug, I am attaching a few pics to just give a little reality to what you will see at the show which will hopefully be a woman with clean, washed  hair, wearing something other than a bright orange apron that looks like I have butchering cattle). 

Since returning from my quick trip to Texas, I have been super busy doing everything but getting ready for this show - more on what I have been up to when I return - lots to tell - but I am playing catch up and must run now... 

If I don't see you at the April in Paris show in KS City, wouldn't it be great if we could meet and I mean really meet someday in Paris?? And I am not talking, Paris, Texas, or meeting with that wealthy, weight-challenged woman who hasn't discovered crispy creme doughnuts yet; I am talking about the real deal - wouldn't that be great?? Okay, I am procrastinating. Really gotta go tag things now....right after I go eat the other chocolate bunny ear with some peanut butter.

Talk to you soon, hope to hug you more, and would love to get rid of my stuff...

Take care and have a wonderful and very happy Easter - it is so comforting to know that Easter is the day to remember that we will never have to deal with the big stuff (or the small stuff) all on our own ever again.

From my house to your house,

For those who love a story:

Below is a slide-by-slide story of my trying to lift out a very broken, very heavy French chandelier and by the expression on my face, you can see that all does not go so well...

I am struggling trying to lift a heavy  French chandelier out of a bag...

I quickly realize I am strong enough to slice right into my thumb...

...And I am grateful that this is pics only and not volume and you can't see my mouth and the word I am forming behind my fist and thumb..

And for those of you who are squeamish, I posted the pic below just for you, because if I had to see it and deal with it, so do you. There is a reason why I did not go to nursing school....

And after I did my "nursing" of the wound, it refused to "heal" and so I just kept working...so if you find a "little color" on any of my items, it comes free of charge!! :-) I am sorry this isn't my best beauty shot that you are use to getting of my interiors - but hey, it can't always be eye-candy!!! (And no, I had no idea I had so much freakin dirt on my face until I downloaded the pics....I went straight to the shower when finished without even looking at the mirror. When I saw the pics I don't know which freaked me out more, the grime and grit or the bloody mess ....and they say Randy is the lucky one???? I beg to differ...)

Proof to the IRS that I really do use my nails as tools and so my writing them off as a business expense is legit.

Okay, okay! I just got three emails from some lovely readers who, thank you, yes my thumb seems to be better today, but while asking about my thumb, what my concerned readers really wanted was some eye-candy on the broken chandeliers! Due your devotion to my ever-so-irregular postings, I snapped some quick pics (okay, it was an excuse to stop tagging - which I hate doing...) and loaded up a few. Now, gotta get busy again. And thank you for emailing me so quickly. I just finished my bunny ear, came back to the computer, and your emails were waiting. I really do appreciate you more than you realize and I do mean that.


Petit Coterie said...

OUCH! I feel your pain just from the pictures. Would love to see you in KS.

Happy Easter!

Tami said...

Been there, done that.....boy, can I relate! Wish I could attend, but alas, I live too far. Hope to see lots of pics! Thanks for the "chuckle" and 'Happy Easter' to you and your 'Hunny Bunny'.

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Elizabeth! I did a recent post about a rather bloody incident I had involving a vintage ink nib and how I impaled myself on it.
'Cept I did NOT stop to take pics!! :) (But it was the FIRST thing my hubby asked, as I was doing the blog post - "Hey! Did you take pictures of your hand for the blog???")
The way I look at it, if you're not gettin' hurt, you're not livin', baby! :)

Happy Easter!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweet E,

Don't worry, I will bring my Nursing bag to the show for us. I fell backward in the u-haul while trying to load furniture in Texas getting a pretty good sized bump on my head. We should be a pretty good pair at the Frenchies Show:)

See you soon:)

Elizabeth Maxson said...

You make me laugh, Ruth! Actually, my thought was that as I was working, I thought, "hey, as long as I am doing this, this may be good for a chapter in my book..." so I set my camera on auto shoot and it just so happened that at that moment I grabbed a sharp metal edge and my bloody mess got caught on camera...and those photos were the TAME photos! It really was a bloody mess - tell your hubby I am right there with him - I am all about glam and gore - hey that would be a good title for my book: Glam and Gore Galore! Hahaha!

Thanks for writing!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Carol,

That's right - you are a nurse - I forgot, but that doesn't come in handy if YOU pass out - so you better teach me CPR just in case. Hope your head is better. Man, are we going to be a pair or what?

Maybe instead of April in Paris it should be
April in Paramedics....

See you soon
Elizabeth :-)

Brenda said...

Ouch! Your tetnus shot is up-to-date, right? I WILL be coming from Iowa to attend the show in Kansas City. I'm taking a day off work, dragging my hubby along, and making a weekend of it. I've been reading your blog and the blogs of many of the other exhibitors, and I've been counting the days. Fun!
See you in K.C.

Dorothy Blum Cooper said...

Elizabeth...bless your soul! You are indeed a giving, caring, sharing person. I hope you're feeling better. I only wish I could attend this event. Not only to stop by, say hello and give you a big hug, but to actually see all that talent in one place. Best of luck to you and the others. Oh, and by the way...your photography is spectacular! Artful, classic and beautiful! I love it! Take care and please...keep on sharing your talent!


Gretchen said...

You're blog is a delight to follow. You are just so real, so human and so wonderful.
Thanks for sharing the good and the bad of our shared passions. You are just so genuine and refreshing.
Have a great sale this week-end at Frenchies. I do believe it is this week-end.

the wild raspberry said...

I have very determined plans on being there this weekend...I'll have my eye on the look-out for the free {but slightly bloody items} iiickkk. just kiddin.
I am very excited to see all your treasures.

Glamarella Junk-Sherry said...

Oh I wish I could be there!!!Would love to meet all my favorite Styling Girls!!!!
Have a blast!!!

Andrea said...

Frenchie's Show sounds awesome! wish I lived closer!

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, I am so addicted to your blog and your work-it's beautiful and inspiring, but I noticed in Miss Frenchie's write up that it said you were formally from Eliz. House. What happened? Did you close, or leave??? I'm from IN so I live vicariously through the www!

blessings said...

I think we've all had those moments. Hope you're having a fabulous time at the show! Blessings... Polly

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Char,

Thank you for the lovely comment. To answer your question, I closed my retail store Elizabeth House, but I still own my company. My company is called Elizabeth House as well. My store was only one aspect of all that I do. If you click on my May 2007 posting, I go into detail about that transition. I have many projects that I want to pursue and my store was a great starting point. Thank you for asking. I am still here....not gone yet :-)

Thanks for asking,

secretleaves said...

Hi E. I've tagged you in a post on my blog. :)


the wild raspberry said...

I totally forgot to look for any discounted-slightly-bloody items in your booth!
I wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was to meet you last Saturday. Your energy is invigorating and inspiring!!! We had such a wonderful time at Miss Frenchies. Your spot was luxurious...I could have sat there all day looking around and enjoying your company.
I'm glad it went so well...

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Thank you Chasity!

I enjoyed meeting you too! Was it a great show or what? I really did so much enjoy meeting everyone - my only regret was that I didn't have time to shop the other dealers! :-)

thanks for writing me and I will get photos up soon!

Kelli Andrews-Florian said...

Hello Elizabeth!!
I am loving your blog - your style is amazing - the overhaul on the kitchen was a clear labor of love and the results are stunning - now if I can only do that to mine!!
I visited with you at Ms Frenchies (I was the girl that had the Romantic Homes magazine to sneak peek at your article) on Friday night. Anyway I keep thinking about a particular chandelier you had hanging directly over the table and I am sure it is gone but wished I would have thought of it for my dining room, any chance you still have any left? It was such a joy to see your work at the show - you clearly put time and passion into your styling for the show and I certainly appreciated it!!
Kelli Andrews Florian - I am also a newlywed and now live in CT and the antiquing here is amazing - well worth the trip if you have not been!!

Take care!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Kelli,

Yes, I remember you! So nice of you to write! And THANK YOU for appreciating all of my hard work in my display - when I get the chance to write about it, I will definitely let others know how many hours I took to put it all together, but it sure is nice to know that way before I even mentioned it, that someone noticed all the hard work - so thank you so much :-)

Yes, I think I have that chandelier left - the one directly over the table? That one I still have - in fact, that is my favorite and a few others went, but I was surprised that it went home with me. It is in my inventory - if interested, email me at my blogspot email (at top) with your email and we can work something out, if interested.

Take care and thanks for writing - oh, and just to let you know - sometime not in the too distant future, I will have an online store - but it will be like no other store online - more to come later.


Gardener's Gaze said...

I love this adventure and the joy on your face when you gathered your find!!Thank you for sharing!! And, Happy Halloween to you...Kimberly at Gardener's Gaze...

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