Feb 3, 2010

It is all how you look at it...


In case you have never met my little Monty, allow me to introduce you now. I shot this photo of him in my studio several years ago when I was actually using this pedestal to place products on for a product photo shoot. He was sunning himself in the sunshine, next to my foot all afternoon. I only use natural light and as you can see by the bright light on the pedestal, it was a warm day. After a while, he was tired of being ignored, so he got up and put his paws up on the pedestal (and almost knocked it over) and wanted me to lift him up! I lifted the little porker up and he sat just as you see him right now. I did not pose him. He wanted me to pay attention to him...he was tired of me taking pictures of boring soaps, candles and buttons. He just sat and sat and wanted me to snap away, admire him,  pet him and tell him how wonderful he was. When he had his fill, I let him down, and he went right back to leaning against my foot, snoozing in the sun. To be honest, I worked so hard and long in those days, that I would have never thought to have stopped to wake him and lift him up and take photos of him because I was always on a deadline. And now when I see this photo, I almost tear up because I miss him so much and how happy I am that he "made" me pay attention to him. How I love this photo and the memory that goes with it. He is now snoozing in the warm Texas sun with his Daddy and puggy sister, Lulu. But we have joint custody, so I get to see him whenever I want and can. :-)

I wanted you to meet Monty because he is so sweet and even if you aren't a dog lover, you can't help but smile when you see him. I just loved having his sweetness in my house and sometimes, that is how we home owners feel about our home...we crave a sweetness that doesn't always have the word "Hershey's" printed somewhere on it. And as a designer, it is my job to figure out what exactly is that "sweetness" that the owner wants to feel or be around while living in their home. It could be a special chair, a fab fridge to house great dinners, painted floors, an antique mirror, or in this one home owner's case, it is fabric. Lots of it. It is the sweetness of delicate fabric, silks in delicate pinks and pale, pale ivories mixed with just a hint of blue that satisfies this owner's craving. 

Yes, before time gets away from me, I wanted to post a few photos of the lovely home that I had worked on for this romantic-at-heart owner. The hearth room drapes are now up and from the photos you can see the owner is still moving in. She owns her own business and works very long hours so moving in takes quite a while, but you can see what a beautiful home it is becoming! Enjoy the photos and soon will be photos of the custom bedding I designed for her master bedroom. I posted her home earlier on the drapes in her living room and in her bathroom which you can revisit again here.

So, in the mean time, here are the sweet drapes for a very sweet and romantic home owner:

The Austrian shades are made from taffeta silk with interlining. There is a ton of yardage to get this look, but it is worth it. It looks heavenly in person! To get an idea of the huge size of the window, look at the sofa closely and realize that you are looking at a full-size sofa and then look up at the size of the window. That will give you an idea of the size of the window and the amount of fabric needed to get this look and feel!

She also wanted some pillows made for her sofas in her living room. Below are the custom pillows I designed with silks, pearls, tassels...very romantic, soft, and very sweet. Just as she wanted. Just a hint of color and very tone on tone. I wish you could have seen her smile when I brought them to her. Designing to please the client's taste is what makes my job so very rewarding. And when you get to work with such a beautiful home and a beautiful home owner...all the better!

I hope you enjoyed my little sweet tour and maybe this helped curb a little craving for now. Stay tuned for more. In the mean time, why don't you take a look around your home and if you haven't figured out what is missing, or maybe you just need an extra dose of sweetness, don't wait until Valentine's Day to add that sweetness to your home....do it today. Maybe it is just a simple, elegant book on your coffee table that you really love to look at now and again. Or, a special sconce you've been meaning to hang in the hallway. Something as simple as playing great music in your home more often can add sweetness to your life. Or even as simple (and free) as a kiss for the love of your life when he or she gets home tonight.  That will be sweet for the both of you...and it is calorie-free!

From my house to your house,


the wild raspberry said...

i did enjoy the tour and i really enjoyed your pup...what a sweetie :)

love your new header.

i'm off to see your hgtv space.



the wild raspberry said...

i just spent the last 30 minutes in elizabeth~heaven!!

your designs are gorgeous.

i'm in love with your french bedroom project. what a wonderful place to sleep {which is what i should be doing right now}

*The Beautiful Life* said...

The main word that kept coming to mind viewing those gorgeous photos of all the pink fabric and muted tone of the pillows was YUMMY. Well, and ELEGANT. And there was DIVINE. Oh and EXQUISITE... :)

Love your little guy on the pedestal -- my BIG guy (slightly "overfed" black lab) would love him. :)

Great post - as always. Oh how I wish you could get your hands on my home -- even for just ONE day. THAT would be a dream wish on my "dream" wish list!

Thanks so much for sharing all those yummy, elegant, divine and exquisite photos! She's one lucky lady to live there!! :)


The French Bear said...

Monty is just a heart stealer!!! I loved the photos, awwww, I can just picture him telling you he wanted his own photo shoot.....
I love gorgeous curtains, must be every woman's fantasy to be surrounded with pink taffeta!!!
I love the pillows, I just bought grey silk taffeta to make myself a ruffled pillow!
I have to say I am so inspired by your kitchen that I have been busy redoing a lot of things!!!
margaret B

Jenny Danna said...

Your blog always makes me smile! I feel good at the end of the story but I am always wishing you would keep writing and posting more pictures. You are so full of incrediable ideals. What a blessed lady to have found you to shape her house into a work of beauty. So romantic and livable. You have given us readers something sweet to read and to look at. I can't wait to see what your Randy does for you on Valentine's. Whatever it is I am sure it will make you smile! I hope you get to see Monty real soon! Can't wait for you next post! Jenny Danna

sandra said...

Monty is a little doll!!!
That room is just beyond gorgeous! Love those stunning Austrian shades, the beautiful sofa and coffee table, the pillows.....everything! Wonderful post!

Diane Irvine Armitage said...

Always happy to see a new post! As a pug person of course this one was extra special. Your little Monty is adorable and your lovely creations are amazing, as usual!! Thank you for being there to inspire all of us :-)

Julia Usher said...

So pretty! Great work as always. Hope you're well.

www.MaisonStGermain.com said...

WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!!!! I am speechless. Those pictures just made my whole day. Such beauty!!! From the gorgeous, gorgeous curtains to the sofa and those pillows!!! Each pillow is more beautiful than the last. You are such an artist in what you do. Just wonderful.
And your pup is absolutely adorable:)
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

Sweet Old Vintage said...

mLovely and Monty does have a attitude....

secretleaves said...

Beautiful work, as always. I love the pillows with the pearls all over them. You and this client are a dream match. : )

Your new header is AWESOME! Now when do we get to see the new website? ;)

Miss you.


savvycityfarmer said...

we simply must CATCH UP my dear ... somehow I lost track of you and your email and all ...got a new laptop and lost your email ...

on this end I'm still redesigning and doing free lance ... think of you often ...

yes, oh yes, this is Elizabeth heaven!!


my daughter has a bulldog ... Daelila ...we chatted about her long ago and you sent me tips and do's and don'ts...we're bamboozled by her

trash talk said...

Just the right amount of sweet (that sofa is 2die4 gorgeous) without making me teeth hurt.

Sheila said...

You are very talented... such beauty and chic in the custom pillows. I hope your week has been good so far.


Myrna said...

Oh Elizabeth! I could just SWOON! What a dreamy, romantic, elegant home! Beautiful designs you did (as always!)
That is just the SWEETEST picture of Monty! Great post!

Jackie said...

Oh how I love it when you post! I just drool over your work and your photos. You are such a talented woman!
I like the new look of your blog, you are so cute in your painting apron!!! Love that pic of you!
Thank you once again for bringing sunshine to my day!

Iffer said...

Stunning! My jaw dropped when I saw those gorgeous curtains and luxe pillows. I wish I could get my Tinker to sit still long enough to photograph her.

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, I enjoyed these photos and pillows SO much!

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi Elizabeth, oh, your banner photo is just so you! The draperies and pillows are just beautiful and your attention to detail is amazing. This room is incredible. Little Monty certainly is one handsome fella, little stolen moments can be such a blessing down the road.

Unknown said...

Just lovely! Boy oh boy, what girl wouldn't feel special in that room?
Love your new header by the way...somehow reminds me of spring...(I'm lookin' for any excuse to think SPRING)!
Nice to hear from you..
Tami E.

Anonymous said...

I love you new posting, totally perfect window treatment! I love the details of each of the pillows! I am still try to talk to you about baby bedding set that you might still have available, i left you message on Rate my space, but I guess you did not get it yet! My e-mail address is: beautifullydone@sbcglobal.net, check out my blog to whne you have the time: www.happilyeverafterhome.blogspot.com

annie said...

Well good golly!
Thank goodness you joined us again!
You have been sorely missed.
It's wonderful to see more of your beautiful work--including Monty's photo----MORE...MORE...MORE...

annie said...

Well good golly!
Thank goodness you joined us again!
You have been sorely missed.
It's wonderful to see more of your beautiful work--including Monty's photo----MORE...MORE...MORE...

Sherri Blum, CID said...

BREATHTAKING! I want to move right in and never leave! So pretty and feminine...I'm craving some femininity currently, as I just moved into my new hubby's existing home. It's a beautiful log home that he built himself, however I'm having a tough time incorporating pink and florals into the existing decor! I guess I'll just have to revisit your blog for my dose of estrogen while living here in testosterone zone!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hello Everyone!

I am off to NYC today for a quick visit and wanted to try to answer some of your lovely comments. As always, I never take you for granted and appreciate the time you take to comment.

First, thanks for the nice comments about my new header. I have been digging out and sorting through a lot of digital photos as I learn my new Mac computer. Keep watch on my header, I think I like it for now and will keep it, but may change out the photos as I dig around but thanks for the encouragement! :-)

Yes my "little" Monty is a ham, isn't he? If you look closely at his eyes, you can see they are half closed, and not bright-eyed and busy tailed as usual. That is because he is sort of "snoozing" on the pedestal in the sun!! He just woke up, as I said, and you can see it in his eyes - go take a look again, and you will laugh. I can feel his warm fur now as I remember taking him down and him leaning against my bare foot. :-)

Thank you for the nice comments about the drapes - yes, they were fun to design and to be clear, someone asked about my sewing them and no, I have a wonderful friend and seamstress, Maureen, who does the sewing. She is VERY talented and ALL mine - well, at least I pretend she is.

Pillows are probably my favorite to design - so many ways to fold, pleat, and squish fabric together. I really test Maureen when I hand her my drawings and measurements telling her exactly how many covered buttons, sewn exactly 1/8" apart, and 3/4" from the edge of the 1/4" flat cord that is 1/2" sewn from from the 5" wide shirred edge....you see what I mean? But I draw it all out with arrows, fabric samples, and exact measurements. Someday, I should scan them and show you - it would make an college math professor proud...or is that confused?
Either way, it is pretty detailed.

Finally, hope I don't miss anyone because i am rushing, Chaisty, you get the night owl award because only minutes after I posted (3am, I think?) you commented! And then came back again after going to my Rate MY Space section HGTV!!

Ruth, Margaret, Jenna, Sandra, Pandora, it is always good to hear from you. Julie what a nice surprise! Sharon, always good to hear from you and thanks for the nice compliment about the header. City farmer, Trash Talk, Masion st german, Sweet Old Vintage, Tattered Goods, Myrna, it always seems like my post isn't complete until I hear from you, Common Grounds, I am always glad you write, gives me a reminder to visit you, which I always do, and the rest of you, if I didn't mention by name, know that I love what you write because it makes me smile reading how my little blog has in somehow brightened your day whether you live in testosterone cabin, or up to your eyes in baby poop, it makes me laugh.

Gotta go pack - I leave in a bit - yes, that's right, haven't packed OR called a cab yet. But that is the exciting part. Showing up and having an excuse to go out and get what I forgot.


Jenny Danna said...

I hope you have a fun and safe trip to New York....and please tell me you aren't sleeping on a strangers couch?

rozetta said...

I love your new header.

Your pooch is so sweet.

I love your decorating style. Such a challenge to make such a huge home warm and inviting.

Don't be a stranger!


Mary said...

What a sweet boy your Monty is - know you hug up on him often!

Your client's home is lovely - romantic to say the least. The Roman shades are awesome - bet they took yards and yards of fabric and were difficult to make at those dimensions.

Love your banner Elizabeth - especially you with your always wonderful smile.

Best wishes for this year 2010 - hope you bring us more beauty soon whether here on the blog or in print! I'm always looking for you.

Lisa said...

Elizabeth, thank you so much, I'm actually tearing up, the beauty of all that draping fabric makes me want to cry...and the sofa, and color! And your little Monty matches the fabrics!

Thank for a piece of Heaven!


Beverly said...

Your sweet dog is adorable. I have 6 dogs and one is a chi/pug cross. He is my sweetest dog. Must be the pug in him. Love your pics. Absolutely gorgeous:)

sf said...

Wow, your work is jaw-dropping!!!
Very inspirational blog. I am adding you to my very favorites!

Victoria/MacGregors said...

Elizabeth- so enjoy your posts. My youngest son is purchasing his first home and I sent a link to your soup kitchen to super kitchen.
I have a small dsign business in the south and have followed your blog for a long time. You are very inspiring and I feel like I really know you through you blog. I have used your Carriage House Wedding as inspiration for one I am helping a dear friend put together. So glad you and Randy found each other.

Elizabeth Maxson said...

How so very sweet of you Victoria! I am so flattered to hear that you have followed me for so long and even sent you son to see my kitchen make-over. That really touches my heart. I really feel a sense of warmth when my readers take a moment to share with me how much they read my posts - it continues to surprise me and also inspires me to keep writing and blogging.

Thank you for making my busy day come to such a nice close! :-)


Glamarella Junk said...

Thank-you for sharing your Passion!!!Thanks so much!!

Jennifer said...

I can't begin to describe the feelings I had of sheer pleasure strolling through this room, the photos, the items - just gorgeous - each and every one. My Mom has sewn many a pillow and recovered many a chair and she will love this post. As for your pug, he is adorable - I design and sell custom cards, especially with dog breeds. Pugs are my top seller. This would make a terrific card! Stop by and visit sometime! Pugs and Kisses,Jennifer jennsthreegraces blogspot

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Thank you for lovely comments. I hope this comment goes through! I have had a major scare with this blog! I thought I lost it all completely due to a glitch and a google email mix up. Not fun.

I will be getting a new post out soon - as soon I am sure all is well with blogger.

In the mean time - thanks for viewing. :-)


Unknown said...

Elizabeth, Elizabeth.... I am just completely addicted to your blog. I was gasping as I read your "super kitchen" post. Thank you so much. I am a VERY non-traditional Interior Design student. I do not have your gift, but I hope to learn the skill. Your posts have meant alot to me. They have uplifted me. Thank you so much. Vicki

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Well thank you Vicki!

Of course you don't have my talent because you have your OWN very special talent - Vicki Talent!!! :-) And I am sure your talent is super special too. I hope you get a blog up and show the world that super side of you someday. Thank you so much for the lovely comments - they mean a lot to me. I wish you all the best and look forward to you writing me again and telling me your blog address. :-)


Tania - Grange de Charme said...

OH ! this blog is so beautiful !I love it !I made a link from my french blog to yours ! have a nice week-end !

Vær våken said...

I was looking through your blog and I look forward to coming back! Love your photos and your creativity! And everything is so elegant!!

Tea in the Library said...

Hello. Anyone who knows a pug and doesn't love him probably doesn't have a soul. I have a grandpug, and reading your post on Monty made me all teary thinking of the days when he and his 'mom' lived under my roof.
I just found your lovely blog following a trail on Pinterest. I'm making it my Wild Card Pick of the Week and featuring it on my blog next Week.

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