Aug 24, 2010

Where Do I Begin?

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all are having a creative week this week. I have been super busy and I don't know where to start because as always, I am short on time, big on ideas, and slow to get it all put together in order. Let's see, there is news to share and photos as well. I know you like eye candy (me too!) but first let me get this tidbit out - which is great timing as it JUST came out today.

For those who don't like to read, just click on the design link and you can figure it out what I am doing on Design Sherpa website.

So what is this about? Several months ago I come across a full page color ad in a design magazine asking anyone who has a passion for design to submit a photo and 100 word essay on inspiration. The theme is about "What Inspires You." I have never heard of this site, knew nothing of it and never heard of this contest. But, the grand prize is $10,000, a 10-day trip to Paris, and two tickets to the great design event held in Paris, Maison & Object Paris.

I was very surprised when I got the email stating that I was selected as one of the 100 top winners and I am going on to phase two! For the next 100 days, Design Sherpa will be featuring the top 100 contestants, their inspirational image and 100 word essay on their site. You can click and see all of the entries that have been posted so far by scrolling down on their site. It is so interesting to see the images that inspire others. Feel free to comment if you wish. 

I already submitted my 350 word essay on my topic. It is supposed to be based on what particular thing are you passionate about regarding interior design or architecture? Our essays are judged on creative writing, passion, and unique style and how we see and view design differently. The top 10 will be selected from the 100 in a couple of weeks, I believe. Then those 10 go on to phase three. I think there are five phases. Sometime this November, the winner is announced. I will keep you posted.

Okay, now on with more news...thank you all for all the wonderful comments regarding my Where Women Create issue with my space on the cover - what a thrill that was and what an honor to be in the company of so many talented women. 

Well, I get to be honored again with the current issue as one of the photographers for two of the studios being featured! I photographed Debbie Dusenberry of Curious Sofa and Amy Barikman of Indigo Junction.

 I so enjoyed this assignment and I wanted to share with you some of the photos that were not used. There is limited space in the publication, of course, but I thought you would like to see some extra photos. This time, I will show you some of Curious Sofa's photos. Next time, I will show you Amy's space. They are very different! Her studio space and store photos are after this next news:

If you keep up with the Where Women Create website....then you are aware of a BRAND NEW PUBLICATION....drum roll.....

Where Women Cook!

Is that not the coolest idea, or what? When Jo first approached me with the idea and told me about it, I thought, no wait, I KNEW she hit a home run. This going to be such a great publication for all sorts of reasons. First, you know there are dozens of cooking magazines? Then there are the "designery" kitchen magazines with all the fab kitchens that cost a bundle that most normal people can't afford, but we pick it apart anyway and hope there is a piece of the kitchen we can steal and use in our humble abode....then there are the chef...or rather, Gourmet and Wine magazines (can you hear my voice lowering and exaggerating somewhat?) that have a few very selective recipes that are fun to READ, and great photos, and exciting places that the food is made, but not realistic.

Well, Where Women Cook is for the REAL woman, who is REALLY creative, who has a REAL story, who has a REAL journey with either her food, a recipe, her kitchen, or a combination of all the above.  Isn't that cool? These are stories of women who are just like you and me. In fact, one of the stories will be about me in the first issue! Well, it is really about me, my barber husband, the crepe pan he gave me, and how it now hangs in our "new" old French kitchen. See, I told you it was about real women. Here is a sneak photo from my shoot:



You didn't think I was going to show you the finished crepes and what I did with them, did you? You have to go out and buy the book for that! But there is even a better reason to go and get it. It also has real chefs who have that special talent that we can learn from, and shares their cooking secrets. The book will also have those special women that we know about, love to hear about, love to read about, and wish more than anything we could just pull up a chair and sit and gab with her for hours and hours.....sort of like Ree Drummond or better known as The Pioneer Woman!

I got to meet her! Jo called me up, all excited that Ree will not only be on the cover of the premier issue of Where Women Cook, but also will be at The Creative ConnectionDrummond ranch in Oklahoma and stayed at her lodge and it was BREATHTAKING!!! Now that story will be a post on its own and yes, that was one of the news items I wanted to share...but it will have to be next time. But as a teaser....just take a gander at the BEAUTIFUL deck and sunrise I woke up to all by myself on the morning of the shoot at the ranch....

I can't wait to tell you all about this trip.  I have been so swamped with deadlines with photo shoots and more, that I am now just getting this to you - but no quite yet! And I have more to tell....

I not only got to shoot my kitchen, some of The Pioneer Woman's shoot, but I also got to shoot Joy Stinger - a bee keeper here in town who is a hoot!! She was just fabulous and I will post about her later as well. But as a teaser, here are some photos. Trust me, you will NOT want to miss this issue, she is one of the most interesting women you will ever read about and I just love her to death.

Now I did say that Joy Stinger was a BEE KEEPER... don't you love that her name is "Stinger"? But I am not showing any bees or honey gotta get Where Women Cook publication to see them and you don't want to miss it.  But these photos of Joy are from her yard, which is right, smack in the center of the city...which I think is great. She is a woman of many, many talents and raising chickens is just one of them. Joy is taking her chickens back to the backyard in these photos because they "spend the day in the front yard for a change of scenery" and it was time for them to go back into the pen. Is that great or what? I will be posting about this story later as well.

Oh, before I forget, I also did a wonderful photo shoot for Where Women Create (don't know which issue it will be in) for a paper wedding. It is for a company called Two Martins in a Nest. It is a paper company that produces invites and wedding stuff...and the bride and groom, Rachel and Josh were the CUTEST couple ever. EVERYTHING was paper. Table decorations, invites, veil, bouquet, you name it! It was bright, cheery and very whimsical and celebrating in a patriotic fashion. Below are a few teaser photos:

So keep a look out for this feature in an upcoming issue. I also have wonderful news about my moving into a new studio - a huge studio of over 5000 sq ft! I haven't got the keys yet, but I will take photos of it and tell you more about that too in a post really soon - I have lots of plans for it and I have a lot of moving to do...but I will let you in on something...once settled in....I will have room to shoot and even video tape "how to's" photos and footage for all that I love to do such as window displays, painting, before and after on furniture and so on...I have many more plans.

And my website is only slightly delayed, but for a good reason....well, as you can see, I have been busy with photo shoots and deadlines (which I love) but that isn't the reason. I was going to put up the site without having my "store" ready to go yet and start the store later. However, with a change of plans, I will be opening my store after all - but it is not a typical on-line store at all. I will be offering my first of many to come, Elizabeth House Style one-of-a-kind designs furniture piece. I decided to put my website on hold as I put this in order so the site will be complete - really complete. I will be showing all sorts of things in my new studio, one of which will be sneak peeks of my original designs, fabric choices, how to paint, my furniture before and after and what will be coming up for sale. I am a one-woman "show" so to speak, so it takes time, but I am very excited how it is all coming together.

So, you waited long enough....below are some photos from the Curious Sofa photo shoot for this month's Where Women Create. After those photos, I will end my post with a few last items.

Enjoy the photos! They are in no particular order so I could just get them posted for you...

Miss Curious herself...doing what she does best...taking care of business.

As you can see, Debbie, of Curious Sofa, had tons of great stuff to shoot and I could have spent a week in her studio, office and store and shot all day long. The next post, I will show you Indigo Junction's studio which is brightly colored, open with large windows and lots of vintage mannequins.

So, if you enjoy reading Where Women Create or plan on getting Where Women Cook, and enjoy reading or seeing my work in these publications, please feel free to drop Jo Packham (the editor and creator) a line to let her know. I love working free-lance for her and would like to continue doing projects with her. She is a joy to work with and I truly believe in what she is doing. She sincerely enjoys encouraging women to be creative and she celebrates women who step out and do their own thing. Basically, she is a cheerleader for us all. And speaking of projects with her, I have more news I will share at a later date with you as well. I told you, lots of news!  :-)

So, so far, I caught you up on the contest with Design Sherpa, and my photo shoots with Where Women Create and my article for Where Women Cook and my photo shoots for that publication as well which includes The Pioneer Woman. I hinted with you at a new studio move that I am in the middle of and also hinted at some exciting things that I will be doing in the studio, once set up and how it will tie with my website and why the website has been delayed due to some original designs for my furniture. Whew! I know there is some other things I may have missed, but those are the main things.

And for those of you devoted enough to read this far down...for you...I have something extra that I didn't mention at the beginning of this post. What about that big ole bed photo at the top of this post? What is that all about? Well, that is a photo I took while I stayed at someone's home not too long in the distant past. I woke up and saw the beautiful light coming in through the old window and I jumped up and started to snap away. This photo is one of many you will currently find on my Flickr account. If you click HERE this will take you to see more photos of that morning. I am wondering if the person who owns the bed will even see this blog and recognize it? The name of this set of photos is called "Restless Night, Slave to Light.

Here is a teaser to get you a little more high on some eye candy....(it's fat-free after all)

Okay, I have a confession to make...I forgot I even took these photos and I came across these not too long ago. Well after I worked on them, I fell in love with the one above...and I while I know I get personal on my blog and sometimes even give TMI, I hardly ever talk "intimately-intimately". But I have to tell you, there is something about looking at the above photo that makes me wish Randy had been with me that morning. The photo just looks very sexual, in a way, don't you think? Or is just me? Maybe my hormones are running high...or maybe I just have a sexy husband? ;-) Doesn't that just look like a bed that is ready for an early morning wake-up call? But I swear, I literally hopped out of that bed in my pj's and grabbed my camera and that is exactly how my covers were left - no "styling" or arranging for this photo was done at all.

Nope. It was just me, my camera, and the morning light.

And now, there is just me, my computer, this photo, and Randy is sound asleep because it is very late. After looking at this photo for so long, I am thinking Randy may just wake up happy in the morning ;-)

My toes were just peeking out of this blanket only moments earlier. I am NOT a morning person at all, but I will wake up for good light for a good photo any day!

If you want to see more, remember to visit my Flickr account...more bed photos...sans handsome barber husband though...

Okay, I think I am ready to end this post, but before I do, I want to close with a few thoughts. First, as always, and always sincerely, I want to thank you all for visiting with me, sharing my blog with your friends, sending me your well wishes, clicking on links, clicking on websites and so really do those things, and I really know you do it, and I really do appreciate it. And I hope, as much as I say this, it is NEVER just words, but true feelings from my heart.

Also, with so many blogs out there and websites and so on, it seems everyone is looking for something "different." I am not sure what that means really. I don't know if people are looking for a new "fresher" look with the clean lines, white backgrounds, or adding music, or taking music away. Or if they are looking for less words, or more story telling, or more photos and less talk.... Or are people looking for more humor and less dull every day life stuff or maybe they are tired of the trite and want more realism. To be really honest here, I really don't know because I really don't get on people's blogs not nearly as much as I would like to and to be REALLY honest....I feel bad that so many of you have such beautiful blogs and visit mine regularly and I just don't get on the Internet much - as you can see by my posts going weeks (or even months) between posts. 

But the little I do get online, it seems everyone is changing, improving, or wanting something new, fresh, clean, or different. And I don't have a comment or judgement about that. I just personally think that it is really easy sometimes, to be looking over the fence to see what the neighbor is planting when our own garden is pretty darn good...if we would just water it with our very own thoughts and uniqueness. 

Just two days ago, Randy and I were at Trader Joe's (a speciality grocery store) and he had to use the bathroom as soon as we entered. I waited for him as he went down the hall and as I waited I saw two men walk by. They weren't together, just shopping and minding their own business. Soon, Randy came back and I pulled him close to me and I leaned up to his ear and I said, "Honey, I want to show you why I love you so much. See that man over there in the blue shirt and baggy shorts?" I pointed to a man in his late 20's who had baggy-ass shorts, crocks, plain old blue t-shirt and just looked sloppy. Randy nodded. He had no idea where I was going with this. 

Then I pointed to a different man, about 40, and I said, "See that man with the beard and the plaid shorts, leather belt, and oxford?" Randy nodded again. My arm was around Randy's waist as I pointed out these unsuspecting shoppers who only came in to get soy milk and French bread and not to be used as examples. I pulled Randy in close to me and said, "The reason I love you so much is because you are Randy. That guy in the crocks is trying too hard to be a granola. That guy in the oxford doesn't have the guts to wear crocks, and he is trying too hard to be special. You, on the other hand, is the guy who would wear crocks because it was the first thing you pulled out of your closet and you didn't feel like hunting down something else." 

He looked at me a little puzzled. I went on to explain that I loved him because there was no other "Randy" in the store, but him. But the granola guy and oxford guy were a dime a dozen because they weren't unique. I would take a bald barber, who at the moment was wearing one short black sock and one long black sock any day of the week. You see, earlier that day, after he took me out to breakfast, I looked down and in horror, noticed that my darling of a husband had on one "footie" sock and one long ankle sock on the other foot - but at least both were black. Oh, and he was wearing shorts, you should know. Can you visualize my horror now? I exclaimed, "Do you realize your socks are completely different??!!" He looked down and calmly said, "Yeah, I know. This foot hurts on top, and the longer socks feels better." I stared at him blankly. I mean, do I really have to ask???


Okay, so I have to ask.

"Soooo, why didn't you wear two long socks, then?"

He shrugged and said, "I already had the short one on."

He seemed perfectly fine with it and I sighed and to be honest, I went all through breakfast and through the entire parking lot before I even noticed. So I guess it wasn't that big a deal after all.

But it was a big deal in a good way...because he was Randy....and he was the ONLY one in Trader Joe's that had on one short black sock and one long black sock and even more amazing? Not only did he not care....he actually had a pretty good reason for doing so if you stop and think about it in Randy World.

And THAT is why I love my barber husband so much. And I wanted him to know. And the reason I am sharing this story is because I think sometimes, as we all try so hard to be "fresh" and "unique" with our sites, blogs or stores, or whatever....what it all comes down to really is....we just need to be ourselves.

And so, with that in mind, my blog isn't going to change so much and my website, while new, isn't going to be anything fancy-schmancy (can't afford it and that's not me anyway) but that's okay. Because what's "new" today will only be out of date later. Sometimes I can doubt myself and my choices, but then all it takes is one bald barber with two different socks to remind me that I am doing okay.

from my house to your house,



trash talk said...

I love your honesty (and for the record, the bed IS sexy, but it looks like the "after"...wink, wink) and I really love your photos. You captured a gritty glam look that is just so real....styled but not contrived.
Sounds like big doings your way and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed on the design competition...not that I'm surprised in the least that you are in the top 100!


P.S. I agree 100% with your point of view on changing. Why spend big bucks for the latest greatest when the next latest greatest is just around the corner. Staying true to one's self is so much smarter and cheaper!

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Oh ELIZABETH. You wanna know my very first, fresh-outta-my-head thought as my fingers poised above my keyboard after reading this post? This:
Elizabeth, you are magical.
HAHA! Okay -- well, you were being honest in your post, so I thought I would too. :)

Seriously, it is SO great to hear ALL about you and what has been keeping you so busy. And A-L-L of it is sheer magic.

A studio! How incredibly exciting! And may I say, I very much hope MY hubby does NOT read your blog because the plans you describe for your new studio space are exactly what he's been trying to get me to do (tutorials, video spots, etc.) and if he see that you are embarking on that, I am in for another round of "SEE?? I told you you need to be doing that stuff!"

Truth is, it is not me. I'm way, way too shy for that and even though it would be a great addition to what I'm already doing, what am I striving for anyway? I just wanna be me. :)

So while I cannot WAIT to see what comes forth from your creative space that you now have, there will be no video spots in my future at all! So, for this gal, I"m gonna tend my own garden and sit back and just hope something grows. ;)

Loved, loved, loved this post, Elizabeth. As ALWAYS! :)


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

E, I loved this post!! I have a visual pic of you and your hubby in the store, too funny. And the pictures, well, I'm speechless. They are just awesome. I'm off to check out the site.

the wild raspberry said...

you are so funny elizabeth...
i don't even know where to start.

yes~ that bed is so luxurious and luscious!! very sexy and simple.

congrats on all that's going on for you and i really hope you win the contest. that would be amazingly awesomef!!!

i'm always in awe of your beautiful photography. you have an amazing eye for it.

have a wonderful day~
chasity said...

Oh Elizabeth! This is why I love you and your work so much! You are funny, inspirational,very smart,adorable,extremely creative,very unique,honest and romantic - your work is just magical:) Your photos are gorgeous and I am so happy for all of your new adventures you are on - sooooo exciting!!!!!!!!!Good luck to you and have fun:)
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

Jenny Danna said...

You make me smile! God is good and He is very good to you and your Randy! Only God knew how much He would bless you as you went through
so much the past. I will speak for everyone....we want MORE ELIZABETH! I will be buying WWC and Cook because of you! I loved seeing more of Debbie's Curious Sofa shop. It is so beautiful I could live there. Blessings and Thanks, Jenny Danna

Tamra said...

Oh Elizabeth, please don't change a thing! I love your post's.

As for "Where women cook". Yipppeee! My mom and I anxiously await each issue of "Where Women Create" and go over it countless times sharing what we love about it. My mom keeps saying "What do you have to do to get in that magazine?!" To which each time I reply, "Um, actually have a studio space". Only a mother would think that working in a corner of my not yet finished, undecorated kitchen would constitute as a studio, LOL! She cracks me up.

Anyway I so look forward to "Where Women Cook" as I love to cook and entertain so I am all about actual "working kitchens" not just the pretty frou frou ones.

And thank you for your lovely post about Randy and the two black socks. Heeelarious! I so agree that so many people spend too much time worrying about what others think instead of enjoying each moment of those we love. When those most precious to us are gone it seems we most remember the crazy and ridiculous things that made us laugh and continue to make us happy even in their absence.

My husband too is for lack of better words "his own man". A cowboy who feels most comfortable in his jeans and boots and does not worry about the latest fashion and yet I think he is always handsome. One time when we were mid construction on our Barn we finished working and were both too tired to cook anything. We live about 10 miles from town and 3 miles past us is a little steak house. This little steak house is seriously in the middle of nowhere, a tiny town with a minuscule market with old wood floors and a tiny (and I mean TINY) post office next door, yet on weekends this steak house is usually full and the parking lot is a mixture of old ranch trucks as well as luxury cars and it's not uncommon to see a limo parked out front now and then too. Anyway, this one time after working all day I was so exhausted we decided to run down there for dinner. Since there was a wait we sat in the bar (all of 6 stools and two tiny tables, lol). As I'm sitting there relaxing I start thinking, "Boy, this feels good and I am so comfey....." Then it hits me....I look down and to my horror I had put on my fuzzy slippers thinking I was staying in and in our last minute decision to dine out forgot to change them!! When my husband walked up to the table with my glass of wine I must have had a look of shock on my face because he got a worried look and asked what was wrong? I just stuck my feet out from under the little table and was mortified. To which he just sat down with our drinks and said, "Who cares. You're tired and people have better things to do than look under the table at your feet. At least you know you'll be really comfortable during dinner" What a man. I love him.

I so hope you win this contest and please keep us posted as it progresses.

Thank you.

Anne Lorys said...

Well, I for one am thrilled that you won't be changing anytime soon, because there is no one else out there quite like you.

I hate to turn into a gushy fan girl every time I head over to leave a message, but you really have no idea how much you inspired me early on. I remember just after I started blogging, sitting there transfixed one night, reading at least a years worth of your old blog posts...maybe more!

These are such exciting times for you, so much interesting stuff going on! I would imagine it's a very good time to be Elizabeth. :-)

Oh, and I'm crazy about that bed photo, too. Shoot, I'm crazy about ALL your pics!

Have a wonderful rest of the week, and thank you so much for your recent visit, always thrilled to see you!


Elizabeth Maxson said...

Okay, I think the title of this post is perfect because I am thinking, "Where do begin?"

Tamara, I am still laughing out loud over with your fuzzy slippers at the steak house - seriously, just as I typed that, I laughed out loud again. You are a good story teller - I could see (and feel) your entire day and I could see cowboy husband responding just as Randy would - expect Randy would have said, "Oh man, wish I had slippers on too..."


Debbie - I KNEW out of all the people, YOU would be the one who would zero in on the sexy bed - hahaha! "Trash Talk" really is a great name.... ;-) Thanks for always being there for me.


Ruth - you have such a way with words that always, always lift me up. Your openness always helps me to remember that people out there are okay with my TMI at times and will continue to read. Thanks for the loving reminder. You have been on my mind.

Big hug,

Teresa, how you find the time to even stop by continues to amaze me - and honors me. Thanks for taking time from your crazy day to visit.


You are someone that is always in the top 5 of first commenting - which always touches me. Seeing your name reminds me how special you are because no matter how long my post, or long in between post, there you are, still supporting me.
Thank you with all my heart,

I am so glad that you get zaniness doesn't equal crazy. It just means I am different in a "special" way. I am saying "special" like the church lady says it from Sat Nite Live by the way hahaha. Thanks for making me feel good about being "special."


Jenny Denna,
I always love the way you think! ;-) Thanks for wanting more and asking for some. I wish I could clone you and send you out to lots of editors! :-)

Thanks for being there

Debra@CommonGround said...

Elizabeth, it's always a treat coming over here to visit and find out all the fabulous things you are up to! Your posts are always filled to the brim. How could there be more and then you get to the bed and your sexy husband! LOVE it! I've been married 37 years and I still feel the same way about my guy. God is so good to bring us the one to share our lives with! You always make my day!
love ya and big hugs,

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Anne,
No, you don't sound like a "gushy girl fan" which made me laugh. You are very generous with your compliments - which is what I think helps all women feel a little more worthwhile and THAT is why we girls DO get gushy over girlfriends....because sometimes the world can get "yucky" so a girl needs a little "gushy" :-) (Just made that up.)

You have gone soooo far with all that you do - you have many gushy girl fans - and I am one of them - did you read how I wanted to hang out in your booth corner and pile all your stuff up and pull tags? That gushy girl fan.

Hey, I am stealing that term: Gushy Girl Fan, GGF...not BFF, but GGF. I will post about that soon because I KNOW we readers all have that one (or dozen) bloggers we gush over - I know I do, so it seems more sophisticated if I write to one and say, "You know Anne, I have been your GGF for so long now..." see how cool that looks? WE can start the trend!!

And when we are REALLY serious about it and it is mutual, THEN we are GGFF (Gushy Girlfriend Forever)


Elizabeth Maxson said...


I meant to say Gushy Girl FAN at the end, not friend.

So correction: the term is Gushy Girl Fan Forever


Okay, got it right now....

Summerland Style said...

Ummmmm. . . guess who else is one of the top 100 Design Sherpa finalists????? You don't suppose if either of us win we'd have to break the news to our husbands that it will be a girlfriend trip do you? Ha!

As always, it was a treat to see your post in my inbox this morning! Thanks for all the wonderful updates. Can't wait to see your studio space.

Elizabeth Maxson said...

You see Debra? I agree - God knows that wives need good sex...oops....I mean good husbands... ;-) So God is good in so many ways that most people don't realize that God really DOES concern Himself with the details of life - details all the way down to a crazy wife finding her mismatched socked husband sexy enough to daydream about him in a blog posting! :-)

Thanks for writing - you and your blog are such good reminders of the true things in life.


Elizabeth Maxson said...


Oh my gosh!!! That is sooo fantastic!!! You people out there should know that if this woman were near me, we would have fabric heart attacks and upholstery staples in our hair from all that we would do together. If ANYONE could win this, it would be Nia. She is definitely the next Martha Stewart gone on crack 20 years ago, but in a really good way. Really cool way.

Congrats Nia - make sure you email me when your image is up on the site. Oh, how exciting is this or what? Big hug to you - you really deserve this!

Big hug and love,

Claudia said...

Dear Elizabeth,

You may not post often, but when you do, you give us such food for thought! Thank you for your honesty.
First of all, I am thrilled that all this wonderful work is coming your way. I loved your photography in the most recent WWC. Bravo!

I am very excited for you - a new studio! And more projects in the works!

I'm looking forward to WWC - I love seeing imaginative kitchens. We love our kitchen, which is a little bit funky and filled with windows and light.

I also agree with you about blogs, design and the grass always being greener on the other side of the blog fence. I've finally found a design I want and am happy with it. I don't see a need to change it up. I think it is 'me' and so it will stay for a long while.

My husband is like Randy. He just pulls something on and that is that. When I was younger, I was much more into the way I though someone 'should' look. Thank goodness age brings some wisdom. Now I love that he is Don. And no one else is.

Take care,

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Claudia!

Thank you for visiting! I always loved your blog - but I will be honest - the main reason? I know I told you before - but I LOVE when I click on and I see your face staring back with those retro BLUE glasses at me which make me laugh (in a good way) every SINGLE TIME...I know, I am simple-minded.

If ya'll haven't a clue what I am talking about - go click on her blog. Besides her retro glasses - she has a very cool blog.

I do want one new thing for my blog but can't figure it out is how to make a button for my blog if someone wants to "grab it" (not sure what that means really). Been studying, but no time lately.

And I do want one old thing back - when I updated to the new blogger template I lost my "signature" and when I tried and tried and tried to get it back it won't work - I really don't like blogger at all...okay, that's it.

Thanks again for your wisdom!

Elizabeth said...

Wow, you have been a really busy bee! You're blog and all your creative endeavours are so inspiring. Thank you for sharing so much.

Into Vintage said...

What a terrific post - thank you. So much inspiration here because it all comes from your unique point of view. Best of luck with the contest and I'm just so envious (in the good way!) of a 5,000 sf studio! Congrats on all the success your hard work is bringing your way. -amy

Unknown said...

Dear Elizabeth...
I am so impressed by you and your achievements! I couldn't be more proud if I knew you face to face.:-)
We dream and you's just the way you are. My sister is made that way too and I so admire my little sister. I'm not a slacker, but you dream dreams are more 'manageable'. :-)

I'm sending all kinds of good luck for the contest...I'm sure you've already been thinking about the photos you'll take and so are we my friend! Looking so forward to the posts you'll do after you win (how's that for positive thinking?).

Have to mention that I'm looking so forward to your site and check every once in a while to make sure I haven't missed your grand opening!

..and now...those early morning shots....woohoo! I love the photo of the foot of the bed and window (the 2nd one). I'd like permission to use of for my wallpaper on my PC, if you don't mind.:-) I thought you were going to ask us to guess where you were...and I had to I would have guessed Debbie D.'s just kind of looks like a 'Curious Sofa' kind of room. Amazing to me how I can glean that from blogs.just amazing...
Finally...don't change a thing. There is a reason that a couple hundred faithful followers hang around and wait for your's because we like who you a blogger, a designer and a photographer...etc. etc...

You keep it real Elizabeth...that's why we love you! and hang around to 'talk' with you.... **Tami

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Tami,

You know, when I read comments such as yours, I feel that God has truly, for whatever reason, given me the best gift of all - friends that are so supportive. Your words are said with such heart and sincerity and have touched me so deeply.

First, yes, feel free to use any photo you wish as wallpaper for your computer - I am VERY flattered that you chose mine!! I feel really good about that!

Secondly, yes, you have a keen, keen eye, Miss Tami, yes that is Miss Deb's bed! She headed out to Round Top and told me to take her bed instead of the sofa while she was gone (I was doing her photo shoot for WWC) and it was COMFY!!!

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the way you think! I had to LAUGH when you asked if I was already thinking of the photos I would be taking in Paris....okay...I am are so right ON THE MONEY...yes...hahahaha....I have been!! I have been thinking about photo taking more than the 10K! You are so cute. thanks for the positive thinking.

And finally, thanks for hanging around so we can "chat" when I post. When I say how I miss posting, I really do mean it. When I write, I am not kidding, I am propped up on the sofa usually, feet on the ottoman, laptop on my lap and typing away really having a chat with you all.

Thanks for being there for me!!

Lisa said...

Just spend gobs of time blowing up every single picture. Rhee's ranch is a dream. She is so awesome, can't wait to read the issue. The photos of Curious Sofa were so yummy I just booked a flight to Kansas City! Lisa

Curious Sofa said...

Ahem: No one is going to have sex in that sexy bed except the owner, and that would be me! BEAUTIFUL SHOT!!

cathypentonatelier said...

You are AMAZING!!! and every time I read your blog I feel a little more alive in this strange but beautiful world we live in..Thank you for your inspiration, thank you for always being true to yourself but more importantly...Thank you for being you!!!!!!! love you my sweet xxxx C

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hahahahahah - you are so funny Debbie! As you can see...I was way more interested in taking photos than staying in bed....and no...the bed was only used as a model :-) Thanks for letting me get a good night's sleep. Very HARD to leave it to take pics so early!


Elizabeth Maxson said...

My Aussie friend Cathy! How love to hear from you! Thank you for the kind words. I am so proud of you and your store - thanks for the pics. Someday, I am sure, I will get a chance to see it in person. Thanks for sending the BEAUTIFUL Australian home magazine that you were featured in! Have fun in Paris with your daughter.


Tamra said...

Ok I wondered who had those amazing walls and now after reading the comments I see it's Deb of Curious Sofa! Of course!

I loved those pictures and I keep going back and looking at them thinking, I need a wall like in the Barn, oops I mean my home. Gorgeously done I have to say!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Leave it to Debbie to make a simple rusty iron friggin bed, white cover, and stained walls look magical - I am going to go stab her now....oh doesn't look good on white...I take back the stabbing...I think suffocating her with those damn comfy pillows will be less messy....hahahaha!

She's to fab to stab!


Diana said...

Oh my gosh Elizabeth, I am so pleased to have discovered your blog. How refreshing, honest, inspiring, informative and full of beautiful eye candy. Thank you for putting your heart into this post and for sharing so much about your exciting world. Congratulations on all of you creative endeavors. Loved the bed photos!

Donna Reyne' said...

First of cracked me up right off the bat with the whole wipe your butt comment!!!
And second...Every time I have ever read or seen anythng you have ever written or blow me away!
And to be honest...mainly because you are honest, down-to-earth and uber talented! you seem approachable and that reflects in your personal style!
I love "Elizabeth Style"because it doesn't look like cookie cutter cute or expensive. It looks comfortable, Elegant in the simple good way and lived in...
and ever so much more interesting than so many other things I come across.
Thank you for being you, for putting yourself out there and sharing your gifts with others. I have always considered you a mentor
(even though I think you are younger!
I am so excited for you with all you have going on right now!
A new studio! your photography and designs... WOW!
I can't wait to hear and see more details!
I actually had my hubby read your Randy story...He is just like that...And that is why I love him as well. Unique and really himself!

And okay, okay...I haven't turned my photos in for your contest yet! I will tomorrow(promise)
I am so looking forward to seeing all of the entries...I am totally worn out this week and could really use some inspiration!
As usual...I have gone on for too long!
Have a blessed Sunday!

laura/Verbena nestedtreasures said...

Elizabeth you make my heart beat..Ruth says it best you are magical... beyond words. Thank You for creating such a beautiful blog to visit & this crazy world we live in you are my slice of Heaven to visit. xoxo Laura
P.S. I know you will will the contest!

Anne Marie said...

what a dynamic post! the inspiration from curious sofa is always amazing -

and all your photos are always great!!

where women cook is one of the best ideas that I have would be a dream to be in that!

you always have the best advice......

sweetpea said...

elizabeth, you are just the sweetest. thanks for your comment and popping by my blog. i must say though the pleasure was all mine and everyone elses meeting you. do you realize how many hours i spent pouring over your blog when you still had your shop and i was just launching mine? you were my hero and mentor though you never knew it. i love your honesty and that you are just so darn real. i hope we have a chance to chat again someday. it would be an honor.


Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Diana,

Welcome! I am so glad you found your way over here - I always say, the more the merrier. You are a great addition to a group of fabulous readers that continue to make my day and make me smile. Thank you so much for taking time to let me know you visited.

I hope you stop by again,
Elizabeth :-)

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Donna!

Wow - you are so generous with your compliments - so many times I just don't feel worthy, but it still makes me smile and warms my heart that someone would take so much time of their very busy day to let me know how they feel. THAT is what is so cool about people like you - believe me, I know you have better things to do and a HUGE long list of things to get done, and yet, you take time to write such wonderful things about my blog or how I write and so on - that is very cool of you and is a constant reminder to me how very blessed I am that God has put such great people in my "cyber path" and that isn't always the case. So thank you Donna for making my day and in turn, I will do my best to keep sharing and hopefully, make someone else's day too.

You are a very giving person, and I am sure if I were to ask anyone who knows you - they would agree. Can't wait to see your photos!

Big hug

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Laura,

Thank you for the vote of confidence about the contest - I sure wish you were a judge! :-) I appreciate your encouragement and know that it means a lot to me. I will keep you posted.

Big squeeze to you,

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Anne Marie and Shelley,

I am so glad you both visit me and thank you for the comments. Anne Marie, you are right, the Where Women Cook is such a fab idea! I know I talked a lot about it, but I swear, I don't have any stock in it! I just really believe in it and think it will be a huge hit. You have good instincts.

Shelley (I love your name by the way, don't remember if I told you when we met), your blog is so much fun to read and I am very honored that I could mentor you "cyberally" when you opened your shop. That really makes my day. I never, ever had that and so much wanted it I could taste it and that was/is the purpose of my Shop Talk.

I know I told this story before, but I will again. WAY back when, when I first even started to dream (not even plan) of owning a shop, I had no idea where to start. I never even worked in a shop before, I couldn't find answers, no Internet back then, and the books on retail were horrible. Store owners weren't giving and believe me, I asked. But what is worse, I didn't even know what questions to ask in the first place because I was so lost in this new world of art, retail, dealing, and design. ALL of it was new to me.

Everything I learned, I learned the very hard way. HARD way. I told myself that if I learned anything, ANYTHING at all....I would share it. I am not saying what I learned is the best way, the fastest way, or even the smartest way, but it was the only way I learned at the time, so I share it so others don't have to go through what I did - and others are much more smarter than I was then too. So, it makes me SO HAPPY to know that my dream of helping others avoid at least some heartache or at least some financial crap, really, really makes my heart sing.


Anonymous said...

I hope you don't change I enjoy everything you write I live in the area hopefully I can meet you sometime. I own a bridal salon and I am on a tight budget but would love to be able to have your design talent. I also love my husband of 30 years and can not imagine life with out him so I understand how you feel when you are talking about yours.


Farmgirl Paints said...

Well holy cow you are just popping up everywhere. I don't know how in the world you even have time to write a blog.

That must have been amazing going to Ree's ranch. Those pics were fabulous. Now I'm definitely going to have to check out that where women create magazine!

Oh btw I found you from one of my comments. I did a post recently on blog crushes and someone was definitely crushing on you;) Have a great weekend.

Burlap Luxe said...

Ms. "E"

I vote you in to decorate the OVAL OFFICE! :)
I can see it now, euro chic flea market finds chippy gary-ish whites, american at its best!

No one does life with aged chic-ness flea market style, better then you my dear, "Hauntingly Beautiful"

See you soon,
You are a woman to love!

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