Jul 26, 2011

Connecting with Creators


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July 28, 2011:
This is a new and additional announcement to this posting! This contest was just announced today and the contest will end at 11:59 on AUGUST 4th! That is why I am sticking it at the top of my post in red and not my usual grey.  To get full details about how to enter, the rules, and how you may win TWO free passes plus hotel accommodations to The Creative Connection Event, click above. Don't know what in the world I am talking about, or why I am so excited? Read on, and the post will fill you in plenty! Oh, and if you keep on reading...I am having my own little contest giveaway myself. But you have to read the post to find out what it is...you will love the giveaways...that I am sure! 

Who would have thought that tearing strips of fabric and tying them around a lamp shade could make someone so happy? Well you looking at her, or rather reading her blog. But that is what I did a few nights ago. Yup, I finally redid my living room, and tearing and cutting linen strips while sitting on our new sofa apparently gave me a very contented look upon my mug. As my barber husband commented the next morning, he said, "It was so nice watching you tear up fabric last night..." He didn't get exactly why I was so happy with my strips of fabric, but he was just happy to see me happy. 

I had no idea he was even watching me. You see, we got a new sofa, he was snuggled on one end, legs stretched out, and I was happy on the other end, snipping away, and apparently entertaining my hubby. But I guess, my contentment showed - and all it really took was some strips of fabric and a pair of scissors. 

And that is what I want to talk about today - contentment and joy in creating. And while my barber husband may not have understood why I was so happy snipping away at fabric, there are a lot of people who do and I get to meet them this September at St. Paul, Minnesota, at 

(Okay, don't think I don't know you are waiting to see my living room photos, and feeling ripped off that I told you about redoing it, and then just go on like I never mentioned it...I'll get back to it. Now, do I know my readers, or what?)

This coming September 15, 16, 17th.

Click HERE for more details!

If you have no idea what this is, I will briefly go over it, but you really need to just go to the fab website and read all about it and then just sign up and go! This event is like no other. I have been helping with writing the website for months and learned so much about the event, I am very impressed with the level of talent and dedication! 

Basically, Jo Packham, the co-founder of this event saw a need for crafters to connect. She also realized that crafters and foodies are so busy doing what they do best, that it is difficult to get their products known. That is where The Creative Connection Event  (TCC) comes into play. Networking, cyber world, blogging, it all comes together with the crafting and food world. And business women who have been-there-done-that and have taken their passion and turned it into a way of life are there to connect us all!

Here is just a SMALL SAMPLE of what TCC has to offer:

Key Note Speakers: 

Click HERE to read about all the speakers!
I personally cannot wait to meet these women and hear about their adventures. BlogHer is a big participant and sponsor that is offering a lot valuable information for those of us who create and blog. If you aren't familiar with BlogHer (I wasn't until I met the fabulous, Loralee, last summer on my photo shoot to Pioneer Woman's ranch, who introduced me to the BlogHer world), then BlogHer is another huge treat that TCC will introduce you to! 

In short, BlogHer supports and encourages women bloggers. The founders of BlogHer are pioneers when it comes to blogging and the information they have to pass on is valuable to anyone wanting to take blogging to the next level, or wanting to learn about blogging, maybe considering taking their passion more public, or even to the possibility of making a living at it. TCC is the place to connect and do this. The people who attend this event would totally, totally get my glee at sitting on my sofa, completely content with my strips of fabric and scissors. And somehow, at TCC, I would probably learn how to make a friggin living at how to snip my strips, blog about it, and make a living...not bad, when I think about it.   :-)

In fact, Jo is so passionate about getting women connected, sharing our passions, and helping women to network with one another, that when I asked her if I could blog about the event she offered to give away a year's subscription of Where Women Cook and Where Women Create!  

So, I decided to have a little CONTEST and GIVEAWAY from now until September 15th.  Below is a button and if you grab the button and post it on your blog's side bar until September 15 and leave me a comment that you did so, then I will put your name in a hat (and it will be a really cute, vintage hat, at that). When I return from the TCC event, I will pull a name out of the hat, and two savvy gals will get a one year subscription to either WWCook OR WWCreate. 

I don't think I have ever done a giveaway before, so I am excited to do this and want to thank Jo for offering this for my readers. If you wish, you can thank Jo as well on her blog, or Facebook page and let her know you appreciate it too. Very cool that I can giveaway something that I love so much.


Just grab the button below. 
Place button on your blog sidebar just until Sept 15th. 
And leave me a comment that you did so.

There will be Two winners:
One will get a year's subscription to Where Women Create
One will get a year's subscription to Where Women Cook

Click HERE for details!

Between keynote speakers, panelists, event meals, workshops, networking, shopping at the Market Place, watching cooking demos, getting autographs from authors (yes, Jo asked if I would participate in the autograph party, which will be an honor, but sort of feel a little weird at the same time...don't ask me why, but it does...but it's a good weird) but between all those activities, Jo will also be launching her new book 

New Book:
Where Women Cook Celebrate!

Click HERE for more details!

I am extra proud of this book because for several months, I was hired to help interview and assist in writing about some of these extraordinary chefs. I got to talk with them and learn about their diverse backgrounds and honed my skills on writing with deadlines, within strict word counts, and edit and re-edit again. It was a great job that I would love to do again anytime! The book is different from Where Women Create magazine in that each chef has a particular celebration and recipes to go along with it. One particular chef I remember interviewing (and still stay in contact with) is Sandy Coughlin, better known as The Reluctant Entertainer, who has one of the most informative chapters with all kinds of entertaining tips. There are organic chefs, French chefs, chefs who started out just cooking for a hobby...and more. It is a fantastic and fun cookbook, even if I say so myself :-)

Okay, besides TCC having tons of classes, workshops, networking (which is the coolest part - make sure you bring lots of business cards with you, you will meet tons of very cool, creative women - and men - Matthew Mead will be there teaching!) there is one more really cool event I will mention in this post that is super exciting that TCC is offering.....

Pitch Slams!

Have you heard of them before?  In short, these are events in which professionals in certain industries (usually the publishing industry, but in TCC's case, much more) will sit and listen to your idea and give you feedback. And in some cases, some ideas are picked up on the spot! 

Some Pitch Slam events are very expensive to attend and almost all are very limited in number. Most have strict rules on how long you may speak, what you may bring, and what you may leave behind (if anything) to the industry representative.  It can be super intimidating, and pretty white knuckling, but TCC is here to make this Pitch Slam professional, but a really positive experience for you so you can walk away with some expert advice. It is a chance to get the full attention of an expert and show your idea - something that is really hard to get!

So for example, if I wanted to pitch my book, and if there was a publisher being represented at a pitch slam event that I wanted to pitch to, then I would sign up, pay my fee, and pitch the best pitch possible in the hopes that I would "wow" them so much that they would shake my hand and hand me a huge contract right then and there! Okay, actually, it doesn't really happen that way, except in my head, but in practice, you do want to "wow" them in the few minutes you get, and at least get them to remember you enough to want to follow up with more information and so on.

Well, TCC is having a Pitch Slam event for all sorts of creative industries....if you have an idea for cookbook, or children's book, or let's say you always wanted to be a designer for a craft or paper company, there will be an industry rep at the TCC Pitch Slam! How many times have you gone to a craft store and rolled your eyes and thought, "Geeze Louise...I could have made that in my sleep!" Well, now you can pitch your ideas and maybe get picked up to design for a craft company in your sleep! 

Or maybe you always thought you would be a great gift designer for a company and have a zillion ideas but no where to take them to...now you do! Or a textile designer? TCC has an industry leader looking to hear your design ideas on that too. Or how about a guest on a TV show? How many times have you thought you would be a great guest on a TV show, but you are not sure how to pitch your idea to the network? Now you can try it out and get professional feedback. Remember, these professionals have "been-there-done-that" and most are still doing it. There's lots to do to prepare and get ready. And many more industries that I didn't even list.  A limited number of spaces are available and some rules you need to know, so I am going to send you to two places to get all the info you need to visit and read up on. Spaces are filling up, so get going!

First, the official website that tells you all you need to know just click below:


Click HERE for PITCH SLAM Details!


The TCC blog has tons of good ideas about lots of stuff, but just the other day, they put out some really good advice on Pitch Slams, so here the info from the blog as well: 

Click HERE for TCC blog details on Pitch Slams!

Okay, that is it for now. As you can see, I am really excited about this event. Mainly, I am excited because so many of us work and do and do. And while the blog world is great, and without it, many of us would be pretty isolated when it came to our crafting and cooking only because so many of the people in our daily lives just don't get our passion. They love us, and they respect us, and they tell us how much they love our creations, but they really don't get how our juices just get flowing at 1AM sometimes - with just some scissors and strips of fabrics. And at The Creative Connection Event, well, there will be 100's and 100's of creative souls, for three whole days who DO GET IT, and are in all stages of their passion. Some are just barely discovering what makes them tick, and some have been ticking so long, that they are there to help other get ticking too, all while getting "rewound" and refreshed themselves! So I really hope I get to see you, meet you, and finally get to give you a hug.

And to refresh yourself a bit, here are a few photos of our living room. I haven't had time to take "real" photos. I am in the middle of a big shoot and I could barely squeeze in the time to do this living room, but I have put it off for so long. You know the saying, the cobbler's kids never get shoes....you'd be surprised at long it takes for me to get my own house done. Well, probably not, you are in the same boat, I am sure.

Oh, and I am still looking for the "after" photos of the kitchen. I didn't forget, but I am afraid I may have done what I always feared that I may do, but haven't yet - until now, maybe. I think, but not sure, but I think I may have downloaded them accidentally into a file I didn't mean to do. That means I have to hunt for them among thousands of photos. Hopefully this isn't the case. I will keep you posted.

But here are a few photos of our living room, and when it is all completed (not done yet) I will give you a tour...but for now, here are a few quick pics until I can take real photos...oh, and feel free to leave a comment even if you aren't grabbing the button - I always love hearing from you no matter what!

 From my house to your house,



Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Elizabeth, I have added the creative connetion button on my side bar adding my touch and your toch of soft gray to it! Count me in I would love to win one or the other, I buy both and you would save me from issing out on an issue here and there :)

Love what you are doing to the place, but wish I could see more of it, you always make us wait, well great things are worth waiting for.

Hope your kitchen is the winner, you would so deserve it :)

See you soon my soul sister.

MJ said...

Hello Beautiful...it's been awhile. I will gladly post this button on my sidebar as I already have you there as well as WWC. I can never tire of looking at the way you capture simple items in a photo and make them so detailed and grand.

Im so happy about the 2011 kitchen contest...you know I voted and Im sharing on my FB page too!

Good luck! Send lots your way!

Wish I could make the conference but mom of 5 budget doesnt allow for it this year! lol

Lucky 7 Design

Terri Smith said...

The button is up and although I am a virgin blogger, I'm excited about learning more . You inspire me to create, explore, and "push the creative envelope"-THANK YOU!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Sandy! I am so glad you visited! I am sorry about you losing your mother so long ago...that pain never goes away, does it? How strange that today was the day you lost her, and this is the day you read a letter like Nancy's. You being so creative yourself, I am sure you could relate to Nancy's situation. I am so glad you are in my life. Thank you for visiting and commenting. Big hug to you Elizabeth :-)

Elizabeth Maxson said...


Thank you for visiting and as always, love your blog! I hope my kitchen wins too - thanks for the vote! You are my long lost paint sister!

Big hug
Elizabeth :-)

Stephanie said...

At the dining room table cutting pennants from a old book for my son's room while checking my favorite blogs. Of course I posted your button on my side bar. Thank you for such a professional and personal blog. It is inspiring and appreciated!

Elizabeth Maxson said...


You have done so much!! I visited your site and you have grown, girlie! Very proud of you. I loved your work and your latest jewelry making projects! Thank you for visiting - I am so happy to hear from you - made my evening end so nicely!

Big hug,

Elizabeth Maxson said...

You have visited me before and I am so happy to have you visit again. You look so familiar to me, I don't know why. I love that you are pushing the creative envelope - you go girlie. :-)

Big creative hug to you
Elizabeth :-)

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Stephanie!
I bet you are very content sitting and cutting right now! Thank you for posting a button! I went to your blog and enjoyed reading about your adventures and especially your stove...I love stoves!

Thank you for visiting and taking time to let me know you stopped by - I always appreciate that so much!

Big hug,

cathypentonatelier said...

Have a wonderful time honey....talk soon C xx

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet girl, your posts are always so wonderful...and so straight from the heart! I would love to be included in your giveaway ~ I love BOTH of these publications so much. I would so love to be there at The Creative Connection...just to meet YOU! Do you remember me from the little antique store The Plum Tree in Georgia? The gorgeous old chair that you saw on the blog? I've not had the store for several years now but have blogged for almost five years now....had my art published in several Stampington mags and Jo even talked to me about shooting my studio!!! (It just didn't pan out)

I have a dream of writing a book...about using found, forgotten treasures to decorate your home and to create beautiful artwork. Wishing so much I could be there with you all!!!! Sending you hugs and love girl, Dawn

Boxwood Cottage said...

Oh how I wish I could attend this great Creative Connection event and to meet you and other creative kindred spirits in person!

Anyway dear Elizabeth I just had to log in now to tell you how much I love your linnen strips lampshade, it looks simply fabulous and I can totally picture you looking so happy and content while cutting the strips :)
All the glimpses you showed here of your renovated living room totally inspire me, as everything you do really! Love the whole neutral color palette and can't wait to see more!

Sending you very happy Summer wishes from Germany
your friend

P.S.: Will go and vote for you now!

Elizabeth Maxson said...


My German creator! Thank you for popping over - I love it as usual. Your blog is more beautiful each time I visit and your soldering trinkets are just so detailed to look at! Thank you for your vote for my kitchen, I really appreciate it. It sounds like you are doing well and busy. Oh, how I wish you I knew you when I lived in Germany - I may have never left to come back to the states!

Big hug
Elizabeth :-)

Elizabeth Maxson said...


Of COURSE I remember you - and the chair ;-) ! How are you ? I popped over to your blog - and my oh my! Have you grown and your artwork is just so fabulous! I admire women who can do that sort of stuff, I don't really do that, but I love it. And your blog is just beautiful! I see you are familiar with BlogHer! Oh, how I wish you could attend TCC - you would be PERFECT for the Pitch Slam event - do really think about it!
Maybe I can get Jo to get me out there to shoot your studio....that would be great fun!

I am so glad you wrote me - made me so happy today!
Big hug to you!
Elizabeth :-)

Jackie said...

Hi Elizabeth, I've added the button on my side bar at http://browneyedfloridagal.blogspot.com/ Thank you for having such a wonderful giveaway!

I love all the photos on your post! The lampshade turned out lovely and the living room is so cozy! Love your blog!!!! I'm a loyal reader, I finally remembered to comment this time!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

How nice to have you comment Jackie! I love that you are a loyal reader and that you commented. That always warms my heart to know that someone has read me for a while and then one day, just like that, decides to write me....I love it when that happens!

Thanks for letting my evening end with a nice smile as I close up for the night!

Big hug,
Elizabeth :-)

The Feathered Nest said...

You are such an angel to respond to our comments girl!!! I've been blogging now for almost FIVE years...can you believe that? I still love it so, and love sharing what I'm creating with my readers. I wish I could be there too Elizabeth ~ I can't even imagine having editors right there listening to book ideas!!! Good grief girl, if you came to my studio, you'd have to bring out the fish eye lens as the room is kinda small and in a 1925 farm house!!! I hope you and your hubby are doing so good ~ hugs and love, Dawn

The Feathered Nest said...

OK, I can't stand it...I just have to answer you back! First, thank you so much for your sweet compliments on my artwork Elizabeth...you don't know how much it means to me! And another....I've just entered the Creative Connection giveaway for two ~ how wonderful is THIS? My sweet friend Lisa of tarnishedandtattered.blogspot.com and I are wanting to create an art book together, sharing techniques and step-by-step instructions! So keep your fingers crossed (ps, go look at Lisa's artwork....we love so much of the same old stuff!) Thanks again for being such an encourager!!!! xxoo, Dawn

Elizabeth Maxson said...


Yes, you are right, I love Lisa's work! And how cool that you signed up....good luck. I would love it if you could attend TCC! I would really love to have you sign up for the Pitch Slam...that is right up your alley, girlie. Keep me posted and so glad you stopped by. :-)))

Big hug,
Elizabeth :-)

Sandy @ RE said...

I want to meet you and come to TCC and also would love the subscriptions. WOW. What a blessing and a possibility! THanks for all you do, Eliz! xo

hash1712 said...

I love those magazines! Button was posted. Now I will have to get back to writing in the blog. But reading others is so much more interesting.

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Sandy,

Would be thrilled if I got to meet you at TCC! And yes, the publications are wonderful...Jo does a great job in celebrating us creating gals and inspiring us all the same.

I hope I get to meet you!

Big hug

Elizabeth Maxson said...


So glad you stopped by and yes, reading other blogs is so much more exciting than writing...I can get caught up in what I call the "rabbit hole" where I think "I will just check in on so and so's blog for a sec...." and then I see someone's comment on her post and wonder who that is, and click on it and then I see a sidebar blog on her blog and click and then I see a comment on THAT blog and click on it and so on and so on before I know it, that "sec" has turned into FOUR HOURS....aaahhh!

And on the other hand, I then find myself doing the opposite and getting so busy and bogged down with life, that I go months and months without clicking on anyone and then I am completely out of touch...I must find a way to balance....not good at that :-) I wish there was a "balance in life pill" I would take one a day!

Okay, gotta go - see what I mean? I meant to just quickly write, "Thanks for stopping by!!" because I must get going on work...But here I go on and on....hahahaha!

Big hug

Anonymous said...

Oh, the lamp, and then pillow and the cup... I always want to jump into your pictures! Can we see the couch? Please?


Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Elizabeth
I want you to enter me in everything over here, I am being a little piggy about it :)

Love all that you truly inspire, you should have won!! just next time we have to post you and bring more attention to you! I saw that you were not far at all behind the winner!! so next time!

See you soon your soul paint sister back at you!!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Thank you Dore!

I will make sure your name is entered for the drawing for the subscriptions! But you have to click on the link for the free passes. Jo is handling all of those details and rules - and hurry! August 4th is the deadline!!

I hope I can see you :-)

Big hug,

Rebecca said...

Hi Elizabeth
Just dropped in to say hi and how are you? I have been crazy since I last wrote and now I am regrouping and just stopping for awhile.
I will not be doing the Creative Connection this year for that reason.
I hope all is well with you, sounds like you are very busy
wishing you a beautiful day

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Rebecca!

Love hearing from you! Wish you were able to attend, but maybe next year? I am glad you are able to find time to "regroup" that is always important!

Thanks for taking time out of your crazy schedule to visit with me a bit.

Big hug,

Anne Marie said...

that is going to be a great event Elizabeth....I'm really hoping to go this year -

love the book under the light- so cool

Dana said...

I enjoy your blog very much. Love the torn fabric lampshade.

chasity said...

elizabeth.... i LOVE that fringey lampshade! amazingly simple and gorgeous!!!!
i know i can always come here for inspiration :)


Elizabeth Maxson said...

Thank you Chasity!

Love it when my "stuff" inspires. I can't take credit though...I saw something sort of like it in an antique mall and it intrigued me and so I did it "my way" but I got the idea from a mall....but that is okay...no idea is ever completely unique...just gotta put our own personal spin on it! :-)

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