Dec 8, 2011

Ladles of Love

I am ladle lover. I always have been a lover of ladles, even though I only own one. 

However, I do own restaurant, "cooking ladles" and small serving ladles, but I own only this one silver ladle. I covet ladles at flea-markets, but usually, the ones I love are rare. I tend to like the non-fussy ones that are still very elegant, have a lot of class, that don't need to show off and still do a great service by just being.

I recently discovered why I have had this long love affair with such rare silver ladles and why I am so fascinated by them. They remind me of my very good friends. I recently had a couple of surprises bestowed upon me for no reason other than "just because." A couple were from friends that I never even have met. 

I have been busy these past few weeks doing a lot of things that I planned and even more unplanned. And I have been waiting on the weather to clear to shoot some "after" shots of a little project I did for the holidays to show you and I think today may be the only day I can shoot it... which I will as soon as I get this post out. I feel I would be missing the holiday cheer without sharing what is on my heart, even with all the hustle and bustle around me.

It started with my friend, Debbie (aka, my little Debi) who called me up and said she had a little gift for me from someone who had sent it to her and asked if Debbie would get it to me. Since Debbie, Renee and I were to meet in a few days at 6AM to head out to a great little Christmas Market, Three French Hens, in Morris, IL (about a 4 hour drive from St. Louis)I would pick it up then. 

Well, what a nice surprise! I am not a morning persona at all, but my eyes were definitely wide open when Deb hands me a beautifully wrapped gift and tells me the cutest story about how Ruth, from The Beautiful Life, contacted Deb and wanted to send me a little something, but didn't have my address, but didn't want to contact me for it, and yet wanted to surprise me. 

As most of you know, I tend not to read as regularly as I wish I could on everyone's blogs, and when I do, I don't comment very often. But I was thinking of Ruth not long ago, and went to "check up on her" and to make sure all is well (yes, I really do that with most of you, you just don't know it) and I just happened to pop her a little note and comment and I guess I made a little comment about one of her items and how I was "eyeing it" because I loved it so much. This is the story that Deb was relaying to me as she handed me the gift and it was all starting to coming back to me....and before I even opened the gift...I knew what it was....a little white bottle that I just fell in love with!

I have to interrupt and show you the lovely aged and vintage card...and I LOVE that ribbon color...the inspiration for my holiday decorating...

Isn't this a great bottle? She sent it "just because." I have never met Ruth in person, but I have been a great admirer of her for years. The first time we ever "met" was years ago, around 2004, I think, when she called me while I was working in my store and my article in Mary Englebreit's Home Companion magazine came out about my apartment above my store and she had questions about how I did my tin counter tops. If you have never had the pleasure of visiting Ruth's site, you are missing out. She has been in numerous publications, but her best quality? She really does live a beautiful life and passes it on in very classy, unobtrusive ways. She ladles out the love. Thank you Ruth for being such a beautiful person.

That same day, of our shopping adventure, Deb had a little gift for me and Renee. She had come across these super little French....? We think they were at one time just common general store packaging for maybe grain, or seeds? Not sure. But leave it to the French to make something so common, so exciting to us giggly gals. She only had three, and Renee and I were ladled out lots of love from Deb that day when she parted with two of the THAT is a big ladle of love...

A little battery votive inside makes it glow so beautifully at night!

Thank you Deb for just being my Little are the perfect example of giving. And then, a couple of months ago...nope, not done yet. You see, I am very blessed. My ladle is large. I get a really nice, very unexpected, and very timely surprise from someone else I have never met. I just got home from St. Paul, from the Creative Connection Event, and I have to turn right around and head down to Texas for Round Top, unplanned and the day before I leave I get this little package. It is from another blogger friend that I have known for some time and we have have emailed a few times and I admire her in so many ways. 

Melanie, from Lucky Design 7, sent me a beautiful necklace that she designed and you can see for yourself why it means so much to me. I wore it the entire time I was down in Texas (and continue to wear often, especially on shoots).

Melanie tells me that my writing and so on has helped her over the years and she just wanted to send me a little something. What she doesn't realize is that her timing on this little gift and HER words of encouragement meant more to me than she will ever realize. Heading down to Round Top was very nerve wracking for me as I was very tired and I was hoping to make a dream come true which involved my photography and writing. It was a very unplanned trip and having this little bit love around my neck was just the ticket. I don't have any contracts to date, but there seems to be some hopeful talk. :-) But it was Melanie's ladle of love that filled me up as I drove 15 hours down south, alone, with only my thoughts, my dreams, and it was this little necklace around my neck that basically told me that no matter what happens, this blogger friend of mine made me feel very loved and I love her back. 

And finally, just last week, as I was swimming through packages of goodies from our Three French Hens trip with the gals that included a trip to Ikea, a good meal at a little diner with our waitress, Janice, and with Renee "winking" at everyone who walked by with her ever-growing blurry eye that kept watering up and itching and later turned out to be pink-eye (Deb and I did not catch it, but we all did laugh all day and night at her dilemma of not seeing price tags...we are great pals...), I find another gift waiting for me...

This package of goodies was from my dear Texan friend and blogger, Anne of Fiona and Twig. We have never met either. I am a big fan of hers and to say the least, her photography. She just sent this for "just because." Just because she wanted me to know she was happy to know me...and that is what a ladle of love is. Has a ladle ever spooned out anything but something scrumptious? When there is a ladle around, aren't most people anxiously waiting for their turn to get ahold of it and scoop up and slurp its contents? That is exactly why my good friends are so special. They aren't showy, or fancy, or pretentious. They are probably embarrassed that I am blogging about them. They are just being who they are...loving and just wanting to show it now and then and I am slurping it up in pure joy...

These came just in time! I think there is only one left by now (I has only been a week...) but I am blaming my barber husband for most of the damage. I have been so busy lately I haven't really had a normal schedule and these little cookies have saved my life. Thank you Anne for allowing me into your life and for all the sharing you do with all of your readers. I am truly, truly blessed.

What a joy it is to have friends that I have never even met. I am sure all of my readers can relate. We in blog land all have those, I am sure. Soon, I will share with you a blog friend that I am actually going to meet early next year...half way around the world! I think it is time that I go and meet my beautiful friends and I am saving that announcement for a special post later...

And what a joy when I do get to meet my readers. I met such a reader this year at The Creative Connection. However, she happens to live right here in St. Louis, but we can never seem to connect. She is a knitter and asked to interview me on various subjects for her Knitting Contrissmas, and she posted the interview recently and I thought you might enjoy reading it. I am not a knitter. Sometimes, a nitwit, but not a knitter. Not sure why I am on a knitting blog, but I am honored all the same to be with such talented and notable women. But mostly, read her other guests....they are super interesting and you most likely know of them! I learned a lot from them. friend's name? Tina.  That's it...Tina. Like Cher. Her blog never says her last name, so I think of her like Cher. Just Tina. Tina the knitter. Really, go visit and see all the cool people on her interview list. I am on day one (of Dec). She does a new gal every day of December!  Thank you Tina! Tina the knitter.

In the meantime, I have to get back to work. I am still in the process of getting things done. I was down for four days with a migraine, which put me behind, but I did get some things done and below is a little sneak...and hopefully I can take some photos today of my holiday project. But I am looking out the window and it is starting to look rainy. You gotta be kidding me!  I better get hopping...I can't believe this, I have tried for a week to get photos for you readers about this project that I am so happy about.

Okay, here is a little of what I have been doing...

This year, I am going simple. I picked a lot of pinecones from the neighborhood and am keeping it simple at our place....taking this simple natural element and spicing it up just a bit...

That's a reflection of me, looking at you. I am wishing you were here with me :-)

Wishing you a ladle full of love and just enough spice to keep things interesting. Thank you for indulging me and for just being you. I will be back sooner than you think...!

from my house to your house,



Richard Cottrell said...

I just dd a blog not long ago on old silver serving pieces. Fun. I see you are getting things done for Christmas. I hope it is a divine and wonderful one. Richard from My Old Historic House.

Anne Lorys said...

Dearest Elizabeth,
You are blessed with all these little tokens of love because of the love you send me, and to so many others. It's just a fact.

I wish a hug around the neck had accompanied the cookies, but I'm happy to know that the hubs has enjoyed them! ;-)

I love the little glimpse of what you've been working on. Your work is simply beautiful and never, ever fails to push me harder, to make me want to be better at what I do.

I have much to say in response to the lovely e-mail you sent me recently...very soon, my friend!

Love you!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Elizabeth, what an inspiring person you are, I always can't wait to see what you are up to next. Love the pinecones. I too am doing a very simple Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful Holiday season.

shabbyloft said...

Hi There, I have so enjoyed your blog. It was the first blog I ever read. I know you suffer from migraines. I have had them and suffered for years. I started doing hormone cream (biodentical) (sp). You have to be tested from blood from your finger tips. The cream is made just for you. I am afraid to keep saying it but I have not had a headache for the 2 months I have been taking it. I am so afraid it will stop working. I wish it would help someone else as much as it has helped me. It may be worth a try. Take care and keep up the great blog, Stanna

Rhonda said...

Receiving a package from Ruth is why I decided to sell online. Her shop is so incredible and when I ordered and opened my packages, they were wrapped like gifts.

Simple put, she is amazing and an inspiration to me.

Love this post, true quality!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

HI Richard,

How are you...I loved your story on your post about Mary Engelbreit....brought back fun memories. Will see you soon. Headache slowed me down a bit, but haven't forgotten you...miss you more than you realize.

Big hug

Elizabeth Maxson said...

My Texan Anne,

Always love hearing from you and wishing you and your family the happiest of times to come.

Lots of ladle love,
Elizabeth :-)

Elizabeth Maxson said...


Don't you just love pinecones? So simple...and free from Mother Nature! :-)

Glad you are having a good season..a simple one at that.

Big hug to my other Texan gal,

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Stanna,

How neat that my blog was your first...I find that so glad you wrote to me. I will look into the cream. Not long ago, I had a headache so severe (for a week) I went to the emergency room. I was sure it was something more. I got the IV drip and a MRI. "Just" a migraine. I then wondered why did I wait so long to go? I was instantly relieved. But then again, it feels odd to WALK into an emergency room, with all limbs intact and no blood spurting out. But I would do it again in a heartbeat if I ever get a doozy like that one!

Thanks for caring and sharing,
big hug
elizabeth :-)

LizlovesVintage said...

Hi Elizabeth,
The silent Follower has spoken. Ha, Ha!! I've been following for sometime now. From one Elizabeth To another we have 3 things in common. Name, Collector, Simple Decorator ;)
I'm one of those also. I don't know why but, I keep on collecting silver by the tons. Unique the best, engraved the better. I'm with you on simple.
Have a simple Holiday! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas.
Stop by my Blog I'm having a Giveaway.
xxx Liz

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Rhonda,

I KNOW...isn't Ruth's packaging amazing...she is inspiring. I LOVE your blog and site. Congrats on doing so well. I am so glad you wrote. I just love it when others inspire each other and we get to learn about it.

Hope your season is a very happy one!
Big hug

MJ said...

My Sweet Elizabeth

You have me here in tears, I always said you were special to me...and you know Im telling the truth because you are loved by many.
That necklace is a small token of the thank you's I owe you for all of your encouragement! You inspire me more than you will EVER know. As you said in this post about my always had the right words for me and my most confused time.
You are a treasure friend that I hope to one day meet and embrace with the love & respect that I have in my heart for you!
One day soon when I open my shop I will have you in my heart as my driving force of inspiration and that voice that told me to keep creating outside the box.
Im glad that you are loved by great women and love all of the beautiful gifts you received of us all.

Happy Holidays to you my wonderful friend.

Lucky 7 Design

trash talk said...

A little Christmas? Ain't no such thing...not when it's served up in a big ol' ladle of love.

Elizabeth Maxson said...


Thank you for writing. I think I saw a photo of your recently with Jo? Loved the photo. We have four things in common....we both love pine cones I see! We ARE alike...wait until you see my very simple little display of my cups. Almost included them in this post but the light was getting away from me and needed to get outside and shoot before the weather got bad. I smiled when I saw your post...we ARE alike! :-))

Thanks for sharing,
big hug

Elizabeth Maxson said...


My NJ always amazes me when I get an email or a quick note from my blogger friends. I think it goes around and comes back to me. Your words and timing are just incredible and so please know your words have touched me at the perfect moments for me as well at certain times in my life when I really needed to hear words of encouragement.

I have a special heart for my NJ gal, having lived there for four years...wish I knew you then! But you are close to me now. :-)

Big hug

Elizabeth Maxson said...

My Beautiful Texan Deb

I just can't imagine you doing ANYTHING small...your heart is just way too big.

And your ladle spoons out all sorts of goodies...and I am standing in line....and very lucky that I am one of a long line to receive your generous spirit.

Big hug
Elizabeth :-)

sweetpea said...

elizabeth, i have had the pleasure of getting to know ruth recently. she is lovely. merry christmas to you and randy. i loved getting to chat with you in texas.



Legacy of a Single Girl said...

Dear Elizabeth,

I have been a fan/follower/stalker of yours since I discovered your gorgeous work on Rate My Space a few years ago. Your romantic photos and spaces speak to me more than any other...they are the style of my soul! I love the glimpses you have given here, and can't wait to see the next layers! Blessings to you this Christmas!

Hugs, Margo

Burlap Luxe said...

Love all that you do and inspire over here my friend. Such beauty you see in the lens and the best beauty is when you share it with us.

Your last email my friend was wonderful and of course I have a room made up for you anytime, even if it were for a friends day trip taking in the beauty of California.

Thank you "E" for the beauty you add to our world.

blessings said...

It was wonderful to finally meet you in person at the Hens Holiday Market. I'm glad that you were able to get all your finds in the truck. =)

I have a weird thing about ladels too. My favorite is a huge tarnished silver punch bowl ladel. I found it at the Salvation Army for $1.49. I actually had to buy an old silver punch bowl just so I can use my gorgeous old ladel.

Anyhow, it's delightful that you have gotten a few surprise gifts! Hope you have a beautiful, Christ-filled Christmas.

Blessings... Polly

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Polly!

What a steal...only a $1.49? That is wonderful. Yes, ladles are just great. I would love to have drawers and drawers of them...silly, I know. But someday. :-)

Thanks for stopping by. And I so LOVED your booth at Three French Hens....gonna steal that iron tree when you aren't looking...what a great display you have!

Big hug

Anne Marie said...

I know there is so much to say here, like I love the 'ladle of love' title, and your writing is always like something I wrote myself...but jealousy seems to be clouding my vision (like your friends poor eye!) on how Anne sent you a gift and not me....I know Anne will read this, and hopefully she is chuckling right now...but girl, you are super blessed to get those cookies from her -

I can't wait for your book to come out some day Elizabeth...I know it will happen....

Merry Christmas + blessings,
Anne Marie

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Anne Marie,

I have read your blog quite a few times, just never commented and always loved your life....and thought how cool it must be to be you! :-)

Funny how we can covet cookies or cars (the one you are leaning on!) hahaha

Yes, I am very blessed....very.

Thanks for stopping by and congrats on all your adventures and successes.

Big holiday hugs

Jackie said...

Hello Elizabeth! I always adore your posts, tho do not usually comment (either)...I saw Sweet Ruthie's name mentioned here~ Wanted to say I've had the pleasure to meet her socially and to work with her when I was living in Tampa~She is a true gem!
Happy Holidays~

Curtains in My Tree said...


We do admire you for your creativity and your artsy farsty ways (LOL) which I love and have always since I first seen you in Mary Englebreit's magazine where your apartment was over the store, I think I still have that magazine and your little pug( I had a pug also)

I like your stage background where you always hang things so darn high for a display

You are a lady with many talents

I am liking your double drip sided ladle. I collect them also and have a few on my blog at the bottom of my page

Merry Christmas


Gretchen said...

Sweet Elizabeth...I am another of your longtime fans. It was at least as far back as the Mary Engelbreit apartment article when I heard of you as well. And you were the first blog I ever read and followed. You totally had me as a fan immediately and your store was on my bucket list of things to see/do b4 I die. lol Now, since that isn't possible anymore... meeting you one day is still on my list of Must do's. Rachel Ashwell early on and than next it was you that were my decorating styles that I was smitten with.
You are so talented, so gifted in so many different ways and your blog posts are always entertaining and the photography and styling to de for... Well done.
You receive as an out pouring of your readers love back to you. It is more blessed to give than to receive, as the good book says, but it's pretty wonderful to receive surprises as well. Makes one realize how much one is loved and how blessed we are to have this blogging opportunity in our lives. I have 4 people on my bucket list to meet one day, and you are one of them. None of them are as famous as you, but 2 of the other ones are blogging friends, and 1 is a jewelry customer. The president doesn't even get on my bucket list, nor any of the Hollywood stars. lol But you do. :)
Keep being the sweetie that you are, and good things will continue to come your way!
Mimi-Toria's Designa

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Gretchen (Mimi)!

Oh, my, what a nice, nice way for me to start my day with such a lovely comment. Certainly don't feel deserving of such praise, but it really made me feel good. I would love to meet you too someday. I remember you being some of my first comments and always having such thoughtful things to say.

I think over the years, as we bloggers get to know each other, we tend to learn that we aren't really that different from one another. After a while, we realize that we all have a love and respect for the creative world, we love to encourage others, and of course, we appreciate validation for we do and appreciate that our work is respected. Blogger friends are a true blessing as they truly "get" what we are about and yet, we maintain our uniqueness while admiring others at the same time.

Thank you so much for taking time out to share your thoughts with me. As you know, your work is one of my favorites. I have watched you grow over the years, and your readers truly admire you and your talent as wonderful to watch each other over the years and the growth that goes along with it.

Wishing you a very happy and exciting 2012!

Much love

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