Oct 17, 2012

Inside and Out of a Little Fried Pie


Hoping you all are doing well. Been super swamped, as I am sure you have too. Last post, I showed you a few sneak peeks of the fried pies I made for an upcoming book, Pieography, by Jo Packham, that I am honored to be a part of (just found out to be due out early March 2013, so I will talk about it again). You can read about the book in my last post.

I promised that I would show how I made these little bites of delights and how, last year for Christmas, I wrapped them and set them on  my table for my dinner guests. But these little fried pies are great year round and so easy to make....but I won't be giving out the exact recipe....that you will find in the book!

Well let's get started with the behind the scenes photos...the messy stuff...where the real work is and you can see for yourself just how easy they really are to make....

I used about a 6' little soup bowl...

I use a little frosting tip as a key to my fillings....

Keeping your fork in ice helps the fork to do its job better!


Another frosting tip design....another type of filling inside!

Running out of room....piemania...taking over...

 This is just one of my favorite fillings...this one and the coconut one. You can find these with the better jams in the grocery store. They are delicious!

A little key to the designs on the pies...to put in the box.

Little sleeves please!

The little box can be found at The Container store...

 Now, do you think I would show you all of this just before the holidays and then tell you....too bad...the book isn't out until March and no recipe? Well, to be fair to the publisher, I can't give out the recipe...but I CAN suggest that you just use ready-made pie crust and it is still very delicious! (But the book is filled with great recipes!) The little sweet curds are so very tasty and besides...it is the fact that you made them by hand and with love is what counts. 

Just be sure to make a lot. They go quickly and most likely, many will never make it out the door!

I hope you enjoy your fall and holiday preparation in a slow and happy manner and not rushed this year. Take time to enjoy it and know that every year brings new things to be experienced and once the year is gone...we can't go back and do it again.

Do you ever get a dessert that is "too pretty to eat" and you are afraid to stab a fork at this work of art? And when you finally take a stab and then a bite, it isn't nearly as great as it looks? Not the case with the little fried pie. They don't look perfect, but they almost invite you to take a bite. That is what I like about them. They are better on the inside than on the out, which means they never let you down...like a true friend.

from my house to your house,



Cindy said...

These look so good! I love your presentation, just as pretty as the pies! I may have to give this a try this holiday season. Thanks for sharing this lovely post!

house things said...

Oh I love everything about this. I want to hang out with you baking and decorating in your charming home :)

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Mmmmm...they look delish!
I'm sure your lucky guests loved them!

Sandi said...

These pies look amazing and I LOVE how you packaged them up!!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely gift! I can't wait for the book to come out.
I love all your special touches, from the table setting, to the gift card. Sweet and lovely!


Curtains in My Tree said...

That makes me want to make some and eat them all LOL . I would want blackberry or blueberry filling yum.

I might try to make a few of these while on my trip out to the northwest for Thanksgiving.

Of course my son in law does all the cooking and he may not let me in his kitchen ?

Guess I can make some for me & the neighbors before I go ?

your presentation is always the best

The Little Red Shop said...

Beautiful, Elizabeth! What a delight it would be to receive such a pretty treat!

: )

Julie M.

Unknown said...

Love all your posts. You write beautifully and I bet would be so interesting to talk to in person.
Enjoy your holiday preparations.


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