Feb 22, 2013

Peaceful Pauses

My Old Swedish Chair

It's true about beauty in the eye of the beholder. My old Swedish chair has seen better days, but I think my Swedish heritage (mother's side) heartstrings plays a tune for its worn wood.

Like most who come across an old piece of furniture, I too, wonder its travels, and the stories it could tell. I imagine they would be such stories, that I would sit quite a while at its feet (as there is no seat) and listen all night long to its tales.

With a fresh blanket of snow, my old Swedish chair felt right at home. She seemed very content standing near the old wire and wood fence amongst the dry twigs. I think it sort of made her stately among the wire fence and dried leaves.

In the cold winter, as life slows down a bit, we tend to slow down too. We don't want to slip and fall, so we suddenly admire the dried, the twisted, the rusty, and the old, as we grasp for those sturdy enough to hold us up. Suddenly a blanket of snow makes things new again.

Once the snow melts, we will once again be sure-footed and clip along with a faster pace. Maybe the fence won't be so pretty, and the vines will be overlooked, and the wood fence needs mending instead of intriguing. But my beloved old Swedish chair always invites me to stop and remember that function is not always a necessity, as is the ability to produce a peaceful pause.

May you find time for a peaceful pause.

from my house to your house,



Deb said...

Such a gorgeous "Peaceful Pause" & chair & fence.
I think it's one of the things I love most about Winter, it's sort of like seeing the world without it's makeup on and being in awe of how honest and vulnerable and beautiful it is ♥
Your photography is stunning Elizabeth xo

Mrs. Kelley Dibble said...

The snow is lovely. Truly.

In pictures. Mmm.

Under the palm trees,

Richard Cottrell said...

The chair in the snow with the wire looks like a post card. You always have a good eye for beauty and seems to usually have a bit of nature as well. Hope all is well. Richard and Sissy Dog

Donna Reyne' said...

Love your chair Elizabeth! It looks quite at home there by that old fence.
You have such a gift with your pics and words, so Thought provoking, always.
Hope you are doing well this Winter!
hugs from here

Anne Lorys said...

I see the beauty in your chair, too.
A peaceful pause is almost a necessity, one I rarely afford myself. You always inspire me to be a better person!

Love you,

jninecostumes said...

Thank you. Lovely musings.

The Feathered Nest said...

Absolutely beautiful sweet Elizabeth!!!! Your photography always, always takes my breath away ~ I hope you are doing so, so good...hugs and love, Dawn

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Beautiful images that certainly brought a peaceful pause to my mind.
I love your chair in the snow, Elizabeth.

Kim said...

I loved this post. I too am drawn to old things and wonder of it's past life.

The white fense that you photographed brought memories of my grandma's house on Quincy Ave. in South St. Louis.


Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Thank you for this beautiful reminder Elizabeth!

Anonymous said...

Just wonderful. Living in the south, I miss the snow so much. I miss the "quiet."

Hope you are mending well.


Elaine said...

Love the peaceful pauses of Winter. I so enjoy a walk in the snow when it is quiet and still.

Your chair is so lovely and graceful. You've displayed it perfectly.

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