Jul 23, 2013

Pastures and Pavement

R O A D    T R I P !

My Barber Husband told me a couple of weeks ago, "Don't make any plans...pack your bags, I'm taking you somewhere special..." I am pretty sure, that next to "I love you," and "Here is a big slice of key lime pie," that "Pack your bags..." is probably the best music to my ears.... The rest of the sentence doesn't even matter, I just love the "pack your bags" part...

Well, if it weren't for my camera hanging off my neck, you'd thought I was a hound dog hanging out the window, with my tongue hanging out, howling at the breeze and sniffing the air. But my "howling" sounded more like..."PULL OVER...PULL OVER!"

I think you are getting my barber husband's idea of "pulling over." He thinks that means slowing down, so I don't fall out, or slowing down over the pot holes as I point through the front windshield as I press the camera to my face and brace myself into the seat and into a makeshift tripod to steady my camera as I grunt and shoot. But, after some convincing on day two, he was a sweetie and pulled over. I actually do have some shots without the pavement in it, but this particular day had such beautiful clouds in it, it was a photographer's dream day of shooting.

Oh, where we go? Amish country! Holmes County, Ohio - the largest population of Amish in the United States (38,000 Amish) - buggy haven and I almost went AWOL because of the beauty and the lifestyle in that area.  We were so lucky, we showed up the weekend after they had 16 straight days of rain - hence the very lush green grass - nope - no color saturation here. It really WAS this green! 

I have so much to say about our visit, but I have to get busy for more cheese making tomorrow - getting milk from the farm...I know, I have to talk about that too - and my sewing surprise. But I will post more about my trip again soon - just had to get some out to you, my friends.

Miss you all - hope you enjoyed the pavement - I mean the pastures!

from my house to your house,



Mary said...

Love, love, love pavement pics.....when the views beyond are so stunning! Just did similar in Northern Calif., Oregon and Washington - lots of blurry though the windshield pics, but some darned good ones too - somehow! Love rolling along the roads, through the farmland and seeing the real heartland of America.

Happy days dear Elizabeth.
Hugs - Mary

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Oh my...thanks for taking me along on this road trip! Pastures and Pavement ~ just perfect!
Oh, and I love your header!

amy of studio four corners said...

wonderful photos...I was just in the Midwest visiting family...wanted to take similar pics of green and barns...but I was the one driving...yours are fantastic...and I agree, love the phrase "pack your bags..."

Rita C at Panoply said...

Oh Elizabeth! What beautiful country! My husband & I have been there a few times (we're not too far away), stayed at the Carlisle Inn. I hope you will write more about your journey....we shopped Lehman's General Store, many of the little mom & pop shops...the food is pure comfort, and it's a photographer's dream. Oh, I want to go back soon!
This Dave Matthews song is dedicated to you & your barber sweetheart...enjoy (once you get past the ad, sorry for that).
Best, Rita

Curtains in My Tree said...

Just enough information to tease us

I know you will have fabulous pictures for your next Show & Tell Post

I know we aren't suppose to be negative in blogland, however that is one place I have never wanted to visit (why?)

I know you will enjoy every minute of your trip with the barber husband and the camera

Burlap Luxe said...

Elizabeth, your husband needs to be cloned....I want one of him :)
What a beautiful surprise and a well needed one after all the leg recovery that held to captive to the sofa.
The photos are beautiful giving us a feeling we were right along with you.

Cannot wait to see that sewing project, have waited long enough :p

I hope you were able to talk one of those Amish out of one of their hand made quilts for your next photo shoot?

See you and your beauty soon.
This is your purpose driven life and we love being a part of it.



Deb said...

Gorgeous photos - you must have had beautiful weather looking at the sky & clouds ♥ Thank you for sharing your road trip xo

cathypentonatelier said...

That country looks so similar to where I grew up (except no buggies or barns) but lush undulating green hills.... Thank you for sharing sweet friend...Love to you xoxox

The Feathered Nest said...

my goodness girl!!! You are such a natural!!! Your eye...the way you capture each shot in the lens is magical ~ what a wonderful trip Elizabeth!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us ~ hugs and love, Dawn

Linda Shields said...

I just told Sweetface today that it is time for us to take another road trip to Amish country. And then I found your post. That does it! Packing my bags, too! :-)

momofnine said...

Beautiful blog! Thank you.

savvycityfarmer said...

oh friend, this transported me right to that hilly pavement!

God in His creativity surely has blessed us with our five senses!
This was most certainly a tribute also to our maker!

the rest of the story, please!

p.s. the Shipshewana Indiana auction has these exact scenes to enjoy ... I've experienced this thrill many times

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Mary!

So nice to hear from you!! Being the travel bug that you are, I am so happy you found time to stop by and visit. I stopped by your blog and am not surprised to see beautiful and adventurous pics of your latest visits.

Thank you for the lovely comments and please stop by whenever in my neck of the woods :-)

Big hugs

Elizabeth Maxson said...


Thank you for the lovely comments. Glad to have you always stop by and appreciate that you noticed my new header. I like to change it up a bit now and again :-)

Big hugs

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Amy

Oh, I know the feeling of being the one driving and can't take photos! I was in that situation last August while going through the Smokeys. I was dying! At one point, I just had to pull over and find a way to take a photo as I sometimes feel like a photo-junkie :-)

Big hugs

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Rita!

So sorry to you (and everyone) for taking so long to reply. Life just takes over sometimes. But I wanted you to know that right after I got your comment, my barber husband and I were in bed early one night reading after a long and tiring day. He, actually, was reading my blog, and I was reading a book. He noticed your comment and together, we both listened to the song, and what a perfect ending to a very long day! I have been wanting to write you ever since about such a nice moment, thanks to you, and just couldn't find a moment till now and wanted to thank you for such a very thoughtful thing to do. We don't have a "couple song" and now we do!

Big hugs to you

Elizabeth Maxson said...

HI Janice,

It always feels nice to be visited by "old friends." And of course, I have to ask why you wouldn't want to visit Amish Country? I am thinking you have a warrant for your arrest for pie stealing? :-) (I came close several times, as they are so tempting :-) Or maybe you had an unfortunate buggy incident as a child, and this area of the country would be traumatic? :-) Or, no offense, could it be, when around too many wicker baskets, you just go bonkers and become a "basket case" and contain yourself and drool uncontrollably? :-)

You don't have to reveal, as we all have skeletons in our closet....:-) For some reason, I have never wanted to visit Los Angeles - never had the desire, and actually, would probably avoid it. Why? No idea.

Big hugs

Hope you have a fun day
Big hugs

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hello Sweet Dore,

Your comments are always a little treasure for me. I am so late in thanking all my lovely readers for visiting - life just took over. Yes, we got two really beautiful baskets! A great story that goes with one that I will tell on my next post. It was a nice surprise and a very, very restful one, as he did all the driving too! It was an 8 hour drive, and he is not a driver - I am! I got to "sight-see" all the way - and snooze on the way home in the dark.

Miss you and hope all is well in your world.

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Joy!

I am glad you enjoyed the images - just posted my part two of the trip. You are so correct, The greatest Creator, is also the greatest gardener, farmer, florist....anything that perfect you have to know comes from our wonderful Creator...thanks for stopping by.

Big hugs

Jackie said...

I love your photos (as always).

And Amish Country is beautiful, so glad you enjoyed your stay. It's only about an hr from me; I wish I had could have met you!!!

Thank you for sharing your trip!!

Mimi @A House Romance said...

What a lovely blog, Elizabeth and such beautiful photography! I live in an area of PA where there are many Amish and I always enjoy seeing their lifestyle and learning more about their way of life. Thanks for sharing these!

And thank you for stopping by my blog and saying such nice things!!

Mimi@A House Romance

Ramiro said...

This is fantastic!

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