Feb 9, 2015

The Business of Creating


Greeting to you on this cold February day with warm thoughts (and pictures!) What? Fresh grapes in February? Well, sort of. I want to share with you a few pics from a photo shoot I did for Where Women Create Business. A fabulous, and I mean f  a  b  u  l  o  u  s magazine by none other than Jo Packham. It is such an honor to work with Jo and her staff. They truly put out great publications with great care and passion.

I had the honor and privilege to shoot Marsha Giambalvo and Melissa Mohr, owners of a very cool business called Backdoor Harvest, based here in St. Louis.  A very cool company that installs, maintains, harvests, runs a CSA (community supported agriculture), and even teaches about urban gardening. I so enjoyed my time with them, and thought I would share a few pics with you.

Here is Melissa and Marsha harvesting from one of their customers' gardens right downtown St. Louis. That cool building behind them is the alley - I love how they bring organic freshness right to the urban curbs.

How cool is it that they leave a basket of freshly harvested vegetables (either from your own garden or from others via CSA), right on your doorstep...I was tempted to nibble from this basket!

While shooting, guess who came to have a looksie? This adorable and really food-challenged caterpillar!(She's a chubby one, isn't she?) I would say she is only days away from flying away off to new adventures and new gardens.

Is this a beautiful eggplant, or what? Okay, the eggplant holder (Melissa)is pretty cute too... :-)

I was shown examples of how she plans out her clients' gardens and how they promote companion gardening. That is where certain plants benefit from being planted near others, be it attracting certain insects, scents, or nutrients that benefit the neighboring plants. 

And look at the very small sample of the many vegetables that their clients can choose to plant. There are 100's of choices but think how pretty the gardens must be right before harvest! To read more about Backdoor Harvest, their business process and their story, pick up the current issue of Where Women Create Business today. It is such a great issue with many talented women sharing their successes and what they would do differently if they could start again. Such a great resource for those who are contemplating going into business and turning their passions into profits!

I hope you enjoy this pre-spring time inspiration to start your own garden, or if not the gardening type, then join a local CSA and enjoy locally grown produce that is grown organically and by those who take pride in what they do. Who also work hard to provide a healthy food alternative to those vegetables that are either imported from other countries, or contaminated with fertilizers and pesticides. For more information regarding what you are truly putting into your body, take a moment to watch a couple of documentaries that you may or may not agree with, but should at least inspire most to seek out locally grown, organic small farmers:

Click here to watch: WATCH

Click here to watch: WATCH

I'm not suggesting these two documentaries as a means to spark debate, or talk politics. No, there are tons of great documentaries (on both sides of the fence) and I leave you to your own conclusions. I have watched probably 20-30 (or more) documentaries speaking out on food, agriculture, ranching, chickens, meat, fast food, chemicals and so on. Food and how it is processed, regulated, and distributed has been a long-time interest of mine that I don't talk about much on my blog. But I feel as time goes on, I need to speak out a little more about not so much the issues and problems (trust me, there are many!) but rather offer some solutions that is accessible to most. And CSA's, growing your own, and farmers' markets are simple solutions to these complex issues.

And before I forget...I am finally on Instagram! I have had such lovely friends tells me for YEARS to get on, and just now finally did it. I am totally addicted now to looking at all the great pics out there! Please stop by for a visit when you can - I have a badge on my right sidebar for you to access it.

I hope you find this week to be filled with joy and peace as you create the life you are meant to live.

from my house to your house



amy of studio four corners said...

stunning photos! and in the middle winter, a green relief!
and yes...all about educating ourselves about where food comes from...we are hearty supporters of our local farmers market!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!
I'd LOVE to have those women come and do this in my imaginary garden I never plant!

Rhonda said...

Inspiration right here, as we live in a very warm climate and during the winter months grow tomatoes. Just picked some over the weekend. I just loved this post so much.

Happy you are on Instagram, I cannot get enough of your gorgeous photography.

Curtains in My Tree said...

seeing those pictures makes me want to get out and dig in the dirt, then I remembered it's 16 degrees here this morning, so guess I won't. LOL
I have been planting vegs in my flower bed and have had good lunch last 2 years.
Your pictures are beautiful of course that is why you have been chosen to do pictures for such leading magazines especially Where Women Create I love that magazine and have stacks of them. I have the one where you are featured in Where Women Cook


Anne Lorys said...

Your work in the magazine is gorgeous! I grabbed it a couple of weeks ago. And yes, Jo and her staff are GREAT to work with!

I am so thrilled that you are on Instagram now. Next stop....Facebook!

I love you!

Rue said...

After I watched Food Inc, I'm done with those movies lol

BUT, I've spent the last 5 or 6 years reading everything I can about organic food and what the government is doing to us. I agree it's good to be educated.

Those gals are doing a wonderful thing :)
I had a vegetable garden when I lived in Ohio and I'm starting one again here in Arizona this year. I plant only heritage seeds and the food tastes sooooo much better.

Beautiful pictures as always :)


Elizabeth Maxson said...

Thank you Amy for stopping by - I agree with you about local markets!

Big hugs

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Mary Beth

Me too! -Very talented and not just green thumbs, but hands and feet too!!

Big hug

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Rhonda

thanks for visiting me with me - and thank you for visiting me on Instagram. I am having so much fun with it - great community!!

Big hug

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Thank you Janice for your lovely comment - I feel very honored to contribute to WWC series - great magazine featuring very talented women....and of course, has great readers too! :-)

Big hug

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Anne

NO FB for a while yet! I don't do a good job keeping up with everything else - will not add that to my list. I am trying to spend more time with my nose OUT of the computer - but not very good at that yet! :-))

Big hug

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Thank you Rue for visiting - I have been studying a LOT for the last three years on raw milk, GMO, artificial sweeteners, wheat, how meat is handled, and fast food - all the docs, and articles out there for us now makes me wonder why I am not dead yet with all the horrible things I have been putting into my body for years and had no idea! I am really fascinated by it all.

Hope you have a lovely week
Big hug

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