Apr 13, 2007

Cruis'n for a snooz'n

All Work and No Play makes not only Jack a dull boy, but also makes Elizabeth exhausted, stressed, and very little time to relax. Like most business owners, I work very, very long hours. The best laid plans rarely go as planned, schedules and projects change mid-course, thus changing timetables and completion dates.

With vendors who send the wrong order, or give the wrong delievery date, payroll to pay, landlords to work with, an average 30-40 phone messages to return in less than a week, mail to sort through, email to read, and furniture to paint, cabinets to sand, there is just no time to do daily stuff such as: get groceries, dry cleaning, go to the bank, change the oil in the car, get the annual eye check-up, and dental cleaning. No time lately to even get my hair cut - so yes, I resorted to "trimming" it myself - luckily with my crazy hair style you can't tell when it is screwed up. :-)

I just refuse to accept that I get only 24 hours a day like the rest of the world.

But as much as so many of you believe that I am an inspiration and so full of energy, and how I appreciate those comments very much - there really comes a time that even this "energizer bunny" just wants to stop hopping and get away. And so getting away I am.

My very good friend, Christie, talked me into going on a cruise with her to the Honduras, Belize and Cozumel. I have never been on a cruise, and to be perfectly honest, I have never wanted to. I am not sure I like the idea of being told when to eat (I hear it is all day long), where and what to visit and do...and all that with a boat full of strangers that I have no desire to chat with because that is how my entire life is spent - chatting. Chatting with customers, clients, vendors, employees, neighbors, seamstress, upholster, carpenter, friends, family,....and while I enjoy it, I really don't want to do it in the very little down time I have.

However, going with my good friend, who loves me and takes good care of me, will make the trip a trip to cherish. She is treating her parents to a cruise for their 40Th wedding anniversary, and I love her parents as well. And while I am too tired to really be excited at this moment, I am grateful that she didn't give up on me and talked me into going.

So, here it is midnight, I have some more work to do yet, and still pack. I think I will just toss a bunch of clothes into my suitcases (wherever they are) and pretend it is Christmas when I get on the ship and unpack and actually look at what I brought with me because it will all be a surprise since I am just tossing a handful of stuff into the suitcase.

So, my dear, dear friends, I will be gone and out of touch for about 9 days. I will sun myself, listen to my ipod, read, snorkel, eat, visit, sleep, sleep, sleep, and do my best not to worry about the emails I didn't get to, or the phone calls I didn't have time to return, and how all of my projects will be on hold for a bit.

I told a friend of mine that I may be tempted to jump ship and stay on a remote island for a year or so. She just laughed and said that it wouldn't be long that I would be designing custom bedding out of palm leaves and sea grass, chairs out of palm trees and accessorize it all with sea shells - then advertise it all by spelling out "Elizabeth House" on the beach instead of the usual "S.O.S." Okay, she may have a point.

I would be lying if I told you that I won't be thinking about work or you all. But I will do my best to remember that the work and all of you will be just fine without me. Hmmmmm....that isn't as great sounding as I thought it would be when I just typed it out. But that is okay - I have 9 days to ponder and to sound it out in my head. But most likely, I will just head for a sound nap.

I will miss you!



cathypentonatelier said...

Have the best time my friend, will definitely be thinking of you... You soooooooooooooo deserve this.... Love ya

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a lovely and very restful time. I hope it is everything that you need.

Bon voyage!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a lovely time filled with lots of rest and sweet relaxation. May your days be peaceful and your spirit refreshed.

Bon voyage!

Merisi said...

Have a great and relaxing time!
With best wishes from Vienna,

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hope you have a great time and get some much needed rest. You deserve it!!

Terri said...

Bon Voyage!!!! Have a wonderful trip!

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip, and don't forget to relax!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a lovely and restful time. I hope your trip is peaceful and refreshing to your spirit.

Thank you for your wonderful blog - it has been such an inspiration. Your writings have blessed my heart.

Bon voyage!

Mary said...

Will be thinking of you Elizabeth. Have a really fun time on the cruise - time will pass quickly so don't sleep all the time!!
Come back and inspire us soon.

Bon voyage.

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time. I remember once last minute I decided to just pack the kids and head to the beach for a week. It was the most fun I think I ever had. No time to stress out about what we needed or feel guilty for going. You'll get there and really see how much you've needed to get refreshed. Have Fun!!!


Anonymous said...

Bon Voyage! Enjoy your trip..it sounds lovely. Just remember..you will be so rested and rejuvinated when you return that your work will be better and you'll be more productive!!! Whatever you do...don't work!

Dorothy Blum Cooper said...

Elizabeth, you are a true inspiration, talented and amazing! I'm always so impressed with what you present to the rest of us here in the blogging world. BUT! You are only human...you can only do so much. Good for you for making time to take time. Relax, have fun, enjoy. I will look forward to hearing about your cruise upon your return. Oh, above all...be safe ;-)


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you need a personal assistant to do all the everyday things so that you can concentrate on the "creative"! My daughter is a PA for a choreographer in Los Angeles. She does everything from taking care of his dog to washing clothes to organizing his office to errands to plane reservations plus the business part of paying bills and collections. Hope you have a great trip!

savvycityfarmer said...

Oh, honey....do I love the sound of that ring.
Nine days in the sun (vitamin D. IS good for you, ya know) will be bliss for you. Honored through and through that you are thinking of us, too.

Savour each moment....and don't chat if you don't want to.

PAT said...

Have a wonderful trip, Elizabeth!

Bon Voyage!
Back Porch Musings

stadtgarten said...

I think you have got a very very good friend who cares a lot of your wellbeing!
Enjoy your time on board and I hope you find some relaxation and peace so that you can "refuel" for later!
Have a good time!
Best wishes, Monika

paris parfait said...

Hope you enjoy your much-deserved break!

Carol Keller Bass said...

I truly wish you a wonderful and relaxing vacation. You are such an inspiration in so many ways. I am looking forward to seeing the "after" pics of the girls room you were working on. The "during" pics were such a teaser. I check in every day with the hopes of seeing your special creations. Here's to smooth sailing!!! Have a blast!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time and bring a blank journal. I always think I will do everything but brainstorm, when I take time off to travel, but after about an hour the ideas start flowing!!!
Enjoy yourself and recharge your Energizer Bunny!!!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Thank you all for the well wishes - how fun would it be if we could all take a cruise together someday??? Now THAT cruise would be a cruise that I would be chatting away on!! Thank you again for your comments.


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