Apr 26, 2007

New Ta Da! feature now in Romantic Homes

Remember a while back I gave you a sneak peek of the photo shoot of the room that was to be featured in Romantic Home's June issue? Well, the issue is now out and I would like to share some photos that you won't find in the issue - so in other words - you will have to buy the issue to see the rest of the photos and to read the story behind this iron French bed! :-)

Below is just a little eye candy just for you that really needs no explaination. This room belongs to my wonderful friends, Joni and Kendall who allowed me to basically do whatever I wanted to their bedroom. I aged the walls and ceiling, designed and painted the vintage chair, designed the bedding, the tin valence and radiator cover as well. They were a treasure to work for.


Okay, just to get you curious, the little porcelain dolls

hanging from the chandelier (below photo) have an interesting story - which is told in the June issue of Romantic Homes magazine!

Thank you for stopping by again. Oh! One last note about June's issue....make sure you read the letters in the front of the magazine. The editor included an email I sent to her because I received a lovely and very touching letter from a reader who commented on the Feb issue which featured my Valentine "Tree of Love."

And as a favor to me, should you enjoy my article about this bedroom, please feel free to write or email the editor and let her know how much you enjoyed it. I would love to do even more writing/designing/photography/styling assignments...sooo maybe...if she got a few emails from happy readers requesting more of my work....I promise you will always get a sneak peek of all my work that is to be published! :-)

Oh! One more thing, and then I promise to shut up....I was out all day today and the entire evening as well, and I didn't even get home until midnight. I went into my store to check on things and I found the current issue of Romantic Homes! I was so excited for Joni and Kendall (owners of the bedroom) that I drove over to their home tonight, after midnight, put sticky notes on the pages in the magazine, wrote them a note, and placed the magazine under the windshield wiper, face down, on Joni's car. I got a feeling she may be a little late to work in the morning because I am sure she will sit in her car and read every word I wrote.

I wanted to start her morning with a big smile.

I hope you smile a lot today as well!

From my house to your house,


Shel/Nate/Anipals said...

Stunning! I'll be picking up this issue at the craft store tomorrow!

cathypentonatelier said...

OMGoodness... I must say I am totally speechless... Your style just gets more amazing with everything you do... Your eye for detail is exquisite... Don't you think Romantic Homes would like to feature on an Aussie home - smile...

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, I guess I'm slow to catch on! I am a dedicated reader of Romantic Homes and never made the connection between articles in the magazine and Elizabeth House. I have several items cut out from previous issues on my inspiration board in my art room and they are yours. I feel very slow and foolish. My emails to the editor will flow from my computer today.

Of course your work is beautiful as always and the enjoyment your readers have keeps our days filled with inspiration and enjoyment. Keep up the stunning work.

secretleaves said...

Oh my God, Elizabeth, this is a STUNNER. You have GOT to get your book written!


Anonymous said...

I love everything! I cannot wait to see this issue. The way you did their walls, is exactly what I would love to do my living room like, maybe just a shade darker. You are such a very creative woman. Good luck with more assignments, I will be sure to write an I love Elizabeth to the editor!! :)


Christine Crocker said...

dearest Elizabeth,

I've been dancing on one foot & then the other just waiting for this issue to come out...such wonderful glimpses into this room!
The colors & the feel of your photographs are just delicious!

The dollies on the chandelier & doll's arm resting on the old book pages are just perfection for this doll maker's imagination~~

I'll be haunting my bookseller until he gets this issue in...

Congratulations! I'm so glad that you & your wonderful work is a part of this lovely magazine.
I can't wait!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

This is Elizabeth - I just had to share the funnies email I got this morning - from Joni - the owner of this bedroom. She makes me laugh.

Here is her email exactly as I received it:

OH MY GOD!!! I always open email as part of my morning ritual, and read about the magazine being on my car! Of course I ran out no shoes no bra, just a T-shirt, and found it.

The article and the pictures are better than I could have ever imagined. I can't wait to buy a bunch of the magazines!

We are so lucky to have you in our life!!

Okay - this is Elizabeth again - Joni - I can see you doing this and I am sure your neighbors did too! :-) So glad you are happy.


Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Joann,

What a nice compliment!! You aren't foolish - you just have great taste in articles and like me, I just tear out what I love from magazines and many times, don't notice the name - only the work.

Thank you for writing!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Sharon,

Thank you! I am going to do my best to find time to get that done...as you may know, I love to write, photograph, and style - so a book is a must for me - I just need to find the time!


Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Cathy,

I would love for RH to send me to your Aussie home and have me shoot and write about it....hmmmm...wonder how we could make that happen?? :-)

Thank you for your lovely compliments,

julia said...

Elizabeth, you create the best eye candy in Blogland! I love all your posts and hope to someday visit your store. I will definitely be buying the latest Romantic Homes. You are so inspirational!

Anonymous said...

I love all of your pictures!Thanks for sharing.
I just now got my MAY issue. I called Barnes and Noble and all they have is MAY which the girl thought had just arrived...so, June is due out in April? Or is Nevada just getting things way late???
Help! I wanna be in the loop here!

KLKinFLA said...

This is really stunning...I'll be sending an e-mail to the editor!

Carol Keller Bass said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely. I have just picked up my first issue of RH due to your suggestion. I can't wait to see your input in this next issue. It reminds me of Victoria which was one of my favorite magazines back in the day. Please keep up the amazing work!! I love checking in every day to see your special and beautiful work.

(Please don't publish this part.)
P.S. Please check in with your friend Deb in Prairie Village. She needs to hear from a true friend. Check out today's blog entry.

Elizabeth Maxson said...


No, you are not behind. For some reason, we get it so darn early. I sell the magazine in my store and I barely have one issue out when the next issue arrives! I don't know why either.

Thanks for looking for it though!

pedalpower said...

What an amazing room...perfect in every way. I'm going to have to pick up the magazine to find out more about that beautiful bed....if the color is original or did you paint it, where you found it....it's stunning.

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Wow Elizabeth, how beautiful!! When can you come and decorate my place?

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hello Garden Antques - I see you are from Texas - as am I. I was born and raised in Austin.

I am always up for travel and feel free to hire me anytime you want to fly me down to Texas and put me up at a day spa (smile)and I would love to help you with your home.

Actually, FYI, I really will travel to anywhere in the world to help someone with their home. So, if you need my services, just ask, and we'll work out the schedule and details!

Thank you for the very nice compliments!

gilfling said...

Oh my goodness, that is truly the most beautiful room I have ever seen!! My dream room infact. I adore the aging on the walls and the details such as the dolls - infact the whole atmosphere of the room reminds me of a piece I finished just yesterday - here it is on my blog if you had a moment to look! http://gilflingsdesigns.typepad.com/gilflings_designs/

I am not sure if we get this magazine here in the UK so I would really like to just thank you for sharing these pictures and giving a small hint at the beauty of the decor.


PAT said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I thought I posted a comment yesterday, but don't see it.

Just wanted to say, you inspire me!! I think I'll try a redo of one of our guest rooms.

I'm looking forward to seeing the June issue of Romantic Homes.

I hope to see more of your work, soon!
Back Porch Musings

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Goooooogreous!!!! What else can I say?? I LOVE the French inspired look~I love all the little touches with fabric, dripping from the sconces and elsewhere. I'm running out today to buy the magazine!!
Wonderfully awesome work!!

Anonymous said...

I could move right in! I love what you did with the wall-candleabras wires! very dreamy! (I have a gorgeous french wall light, that I havn't hung as I didn't want to go to the expense of having the wires put into the wall - you solved my problem beautifully!) And the tin valance is stunning. The white shirts behind the bed- oh so clever, although I'd wear them daily... and that sweet little ugly doll on the chair - how wonderful that he now has a castle to live in! Can't wait to see the magazine article. And I sure hope they let you write lots more - you have supreme taste and talent!!!

Anonymous said...

The details...oh the DETAILS!!! I'm totally swooning and drooling at the same time! Such awesome talent you have, truly. I have the issue and know it will definitely be on the "keep for always" shelf in my studio...Love the extra pics you shared...
Blessings on all you do :)

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, I have to echo what others have stated here. I received my issue of Romantic Homes in the mail yesterday. Without even looking at the author of the article, I immediately showed the images and write up to my husband. Then, I saw it was you. Hubby commented that I was 'consistent in my taste!

You did a knock-out, fabulous job! How lucky the owners are to have found someone with the talent and eye for such classic style as you!

I will most definitely pen a note to the editor of RH regarding your articles. They are quite fortunate to have talent such as yours on board.

As always, I look forward to your posts here in the blog world.


Lana Manis said...

Oh my! This is the first issue I have received after subscribing. I had previously been buying each issue as it hit the magazine stands. I've already been drooling over your article this week.... think I need to get myself another copy now, LOL! I will be sure to write RH about the wonderful Elizabeth Maxson feature.
Take Care,

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hello Ulla,

Thank you for such a very flattering comment. I had to reply to let you know the demise of that "sweet little ugly doll." It belonged to Kendall's (owner of room)father or grandfather, I forget which. Afer the photo shoot I left it on the chair, like in the photograph....well, one of the three lovely dogs (all labs) chewed it up to pieces! The dogs are really great (and the owners love them dearly), but I felt awful! I had absolutely no idea that could happen - the dogs were never home when I photographed (they were in doggy day care)and it never even crossed my mind that one would take a shine to it. Kendall and Joni were very gracious about it. So, in memory of the "sweet little ugly doll" I posted it in the blog.


Anonymous said...

E. I think dogs can smell 'love' a mile away! They just seem to know what matters most, and want to take it all 'inside'... The memory is priceless - thankgoodness, Kendall was understanding. Your photographs are stunning, I too can't wait until your book comes out!!!

paris parfait said...

It's just beautiful! Sigh. Why aren't these magazines available in France? Congrats, Elizabeth, on a job well done! Lucky owners of that bedroom.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Well, how f*u*n!! I just about fell in love with that whole room in my Romantic Homes...and to know that you are responsible makes it even more perfect.

I loved the bits about the bed, how it didn't fit but now it's just perfect.

Gorgeous work!! Congratulations.
kindest regards, Lidy

lauren said...

Love the photos you posted and can't wait to get the issue. I would definitely love to see more of your styling articles in the mags.!
You have been an inspiration to me for quite some time and live for the day I can put tin on my counter tops!

Great to see you have a blog!

Sadie Olive said...

Wow! Just beautiful! You are amazing.

Anonymous said...

c'est toujours un réel bonheur de découvrir tes images faites de détails, de confort et de romantisme.

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hello Lauren and Sadie,

Thank you for the lovely comments - I appreciate them very much. And thank you to all who are dropping a line to the editor - I really hope to do more features. You would be surprise at how much I thnk about you all.


** Terramia ** said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing...

Suzanne said...

Hi Elizabeth~ I'm not sure how I found you, I followed blogs and clicked! Wow!! And I'm so glad I did!
Beautifully done!! The room is gorgeous. Cute story about the home (room) owner too! :)
Texas?? I grew up there as well. Humble, which then became Kingwood...north of Houston. And it looks like we are the same age too!
So happy I found you~


Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Suzanne,

Nice to always talk to a fellow Texan. I was born and raised in Austin, Texas. I am glad you found me too! :-) I think I hear an accent in your comment...haha. I lost most of my accent having lived out of state for so many years.
However, my St. Louisan friends have told me that my accent pops up once in a while....especially when I say "hill" they think I am saying "heel" or when I say "fill" they think I said "feel" and sometimes "dang it" and or "gaw dang" slips out in a moment of excitement. But my "ya'll" always gives me away. I remember one time I was visiting a shop in Chicago and I said, "Ya'll have a very nice shop." The employee asked where I was from and I told her St. Louis. She gave me a very puzzled look and said "really?" I gave her a puzzled look and I said, "well originally I am from Texas..." And then she immediately nodded and "said, that makes sense now...your accent is not from St. Louis." We both laughed, but I was surprised that it still pops out.

Thanks for writing,
Ya'll take care down there now!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

I'll have to check that out, I always love R.Homes and these pictures are really something.

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