Apr 1, 2010

Busy as a Shutter Bug

Busy...busy...busy! I know, I know, I promised a pretty picture post this time around, but I just can't seem to get to it, but I have been working on pretty pictures - lots of them! Very revolutionary of me, this will be a short post because I am on a short deadline (actually, I am behind) to get some things accomplished. 

So a few quick notes and announcements. And yes, the bedding pictures really will be posted...soon...mind you..."soon" in my world, I have been told, is not "soon" in the real world...oh well, that is okay.

First, if you are a reader of Curious Sofa's blog, then you are aware that Debbie Dusenberry is going to be in the publication Where Women Create. This past weekend I have been out of town for five days doing a lot of shooting - with the camera, that is. I am shooting for Where Women Create. It is a wonderful publication that highlights creative women across the nation and the space in which they create. 

I am photographing the feature for Debbie's article for WWC, which comes out in September, I believe. I am also being featured in this WWC next upcoming issue (May) and feel very honored to be a part of such a wonderful publication. 

Coming up this May:

What a huge surprise to find that I will be on the cover! It is sort of freaking me out a little. But when I got the email only a couple of weeks ago it was so weird to be sitting in my office looking at my office on the cover a magazine on my computer. It was also nice to finally see my photography make the cover of a magazine! :-) 

And while in Kansas City this past weekend, I also photographed Amy Barckiham's studio for WWC as well as for her book and website. You may remember Amy from Country Living's women's entrepreneur issue. She owns Indygo Junction, a wonderful company of 25 years of selling patterns and wonderful designs. 

Me, Amy and Chloe the coolest cat who followed me around all day long... :-)

I then had the pleasure of a short visit (and every time it is TOO short) with Carol of of Raised in Cotton. I got to see her farm house and just melted right into the floor boards and left kicking and screaming because I was sure...SURE...SURE she had the wrong house...she had MY house...I LOVED, LOVED, and I mean LOVED it. If it was possible to have an affair with a house, then Randy would have to come up some pretty big furs and jewels to compete....she looked so good and happy and now I know why!  :-)

What you can't see is my hand twisting Carol's arm behind her back and that's is a painful grin on her face as I threaten her life if she doesn't turn over the keys to her home that very moment....I LOVE her house! She didn't give up her keys...damn! She is faster than she looks!

Well, more to come and lots of photos to down load and "git thim all purtied up fer the magazine folk" so I better go. (That's farmspeak...I'm getting ready to move into Carol's farmhouse!) I will fill you in a lot more about Where Women Create feature a little later too...

Oh, and before I forget...my website is being worked on as I type. I hope it will be up "soon" too. But remember, my "soon" is not like the real world's "soon" but I am finally getting my life to where I want it to be and expected to be back before my accident. It has been a slow recovery, and all my plans were knocked off the road along with my car, but I am glad to say that while it has taken a while, I am happy to finally be getting back on the path I had planned all along. 

Below are a few behind the scenes shots. I had the best (but hard working) long weekend with some very creative women: Debbie, Amy and Carol... all doing what they do best...inspiring others to do their best. What an honor to be around these women for five days...shooting beautiful, beautiful objects in beautiful surroundings. Laughing, joking, talking, talking and more talking about the biz. After a day of shooting, I was treated to a night out of my pick at different places (Italian, bar-b-que, Mexican, and then one night, a take-in of Whole foods while sitting in jammies). 

And now, I get to share it with you all, a wonderful group of people, that are always near my heart.

Thanks for visiting me and I will keep you posted. You mean a lot to me.

Carol with Debbie on the porch as I am gawking with my camera...

Out of all the hard work in her home...Carol is most proud of her electrical box...apparently the old box was an "old sparky" that had a life of its own whenever it got overheated and that didn't set well with Carol.

I am packing my bags as you read this....move over Carol....Randy and I don't need much room...

Carol told me that some lady wrote in and said that a white bicycle meant "death." Okay people, I have heard of putting a white wreath on a front door for a funeral or a white bow on a door for an infant death, but I just can't figure out who rides around on a white bicycle in town announcing "death." And where does one go out and buy an all white bike anyway? And if it does mean death, does one just go out and buy one, put in in the garage and wait for a death in order to ride it around town? And how fun would that be? Riding down then street on your white "death" bike and the neighbors seeing you ride by...what are they supposed to say? "Hey there, Elizabeth, nice day for a ride, isn't it? So, who's the occasion? Great Aunt Mary? She wasn't looking so hot in church last Sunday....kind of peaked if you ask me...or is it Grandpa Willy? He's getting on in years..." I mean, what kind of bike ride is that? The ride of death? Has ANYONE ever heard of a white bike meaning death? Okay, I am done now.  I will move on... or rather, ride on....just crazy if you ask me...not that you asked....but really...okay, I'm done now for real...it's getting late...

Carol had this porch swing forever in storage and now it fits perfectly! And yes, she even has wild geese living in her yard...they honked a little and posed for photos.

I just had to show you one photo on the inside. I could show you tons, but I don't know if Carol wants me to or not and I forgot to ask. She is still setting up and I don't want to spoil it for her. But I had to show at least one. Is this area to die for or what? I wanted to just lie all over this table and claim it as mine....love it...and talk about swinging from the chandeliers! Just call me Chita...I would swing from this one...it is beautiful!

Hey! What happened! Where are we now? We are in the FAB Curious Sofa - she has this great new living area in her store and this is only part of it. I fell in love with it and took a ton of photos. When I first took a photo, I went crazy for it. So, I am only showing part of it for now. I love the straight lines and clean look but yet, vintage wire basket and "old" signs. The room is too good for photos. The signs are really heavy, not cheap. 

Yup, still in Curious Sofa. Love her new wallpaper and don't get me started on the bedding...

Okay, had to throw in one beauty shot, detail shot. This is at Amy's studio. She is all about notions and sewing. There are more where this came from. :-)

Here I am working away. This job took a lot longer than planned. Yes, those are my new glasses. Actually, they are my 4th pair in less than a year. My vision keeps changing back and forth and it makes my job much more tedious and I have to really rely on automated sounds and really watching the numbers now, which sucks. These glasses are not even a month old and they don't seem to work right (again) and I will be going in again soon to check the prescription as I found myself taking them off and on all day long trying to see the little numbers. My last pair of glasses only lasted about one month before my vision changed so it is about due for a check. But it is funny to see myself taking photos as I didn't realize how much I concentrated and the photo of the doll with the camera at the top of this post looks like how I feel at the end of the shoot...hahahaha. :-)

Thanks again for visiting. I appreciate your emails and well wishes. I hope you know that your notes, emails, and comments do make me smile and it touches my heart to know that in some way, my blog, or my photography, or my goofy stories somehow reach you too. I am glad we found each other....even if I have to squint to find you :-) 

"Do not worry about your originality. You could not get rid of it even if you wanted to." -- Robert Henri.

From my house to your house,


Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

I am a new follower of your blog and am so glad I found you. Very inspiring, thank you!!

MIL said...

Elizabeth, Just wanted to tell you how fantastic your photography is and how excited I am for you in your upcoming article in WWC. You are one of my favorite's. Love MIL

Unknown said...

You said short! I thought it would just take a minute. On and on but I read it all. I have never heard of the white bike thing. Someone is always going to say something. Can't wait to see all the pictures and for WWC to come out!
How exciting for you.
Great post
Enjoy your day

The French Bear said...

How wonderful, I love your post, let's make a plan to get her keys, I love that house too!!!! I am so happy to hear you are recovering, so nice to see you looking so well!!!
I do get excited when I see that you have a new post!
Margaret B

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Loved following along with you on your shoots via this post. Carol's house is wonderful, isn't it? I've been able to "keep up" with the reno on Facebook and love it whenever she posts pics.

Oh to visit Carol's shop -- if only it weren't a gazillion miles away. (Well, seems like it anyway). How amazing those new graphic signs are!!!

Congratulations on your WWC achievement and recognition! Can't wait to get my copy!


The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet girl ~ I am SO glad that Jo is using you to photograph these incredible spaces Elizabeth!!! I love your photography, your point of view is breathtaking to me....I can't wait to get all of these issues so I can study them well!! Carol is such an angel and mega talented...can you imagine if she ran a bed & breakfast, it would be full all of the time! Thanks so much for taking the time to share what you're up to, hugs and love, Dawn

Jenny Danna said...

I always have a smile on my face when I read your post. You are so inspiring and down to earth. I know you and Randy will end up with your own big dream home one day....I just hope you share it with all of us. I can't wait for the magazine to come out with your office and with Debbie's. The last post I made to Debbie I got so excited to know another magazine would be about her that I forgot to say how beautiful everything turned out in her shop...so I was happy to see you showed more pictures for us to drool over. I throw away all my magazine except the ones that have you or Debbie in them. I look at them over and over to get inspired. You are both amazing ladies. Jenny Danna

Posey said...

Elizabeth, I love your photos!! And, would you mind coming down to West Tennessee, and decorating one room in my 1900 Craftsman Bungalow? You can pick the room and take all the pic you wanted!!! Love your style!


Grandma Jan said...


I love reading your words, of you doing what you love. I will sure get the next two copies of Where Women create.

Janice In Missouri

Janice Selby said...

Hi Elizabeth

I really love your words of all that you do. I will surley get the next two copies of Where Women Create.

Victoria said...

Congrats so happy you have a new gig with "Where Women Create". The pix of Carol's house are great love the dining room. And Deb's store is absolutely devine but that is what she always delivers(so wish ya'll weren't 2000 miles away). So sorry to hear about your eyeglass issues as I age I seem to be experincing similar problems. Happy Spring I just love this time of year.

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi E, always excited to see when you post! Congrats on the cover of WWC, I'll be looking for it, and can't wait to see Carol's farmhouse. Had to laugh about rolling on the table to claim it. Sounds like my kitties. Glad you took the time to post in all your busy schedule. And SO SO glad your life is back on track with where you wanted to be.
hugs and blessings for a wonderful Easter!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Karen,

Well like "soon" the word "short" also mean something different in my world too....hahahahaha!

Elizabeth :-)

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Good Morning Elizabeth... I am always in for a treat when I see you have posted and this one is no diappointment... I am so looking forward to lovely pics... as you have a scense for the best of the best.... Wishing you and Randy a very blessed and Happy Easter...

Anne Lorys said...

How super exciting to be in WWC! And I'm thrilled that you'll be on the cover, no less!

As you may or may not know, I am quite simply your number one fan grrrrl, so I simply *have* to ask if once the mag comes out, I can send you my magazine with return postage included in exchange for an autographed copy.

Your buddies Carol and Debbie (and Heather) were in Warrenton this past weekend, it would have been perfect, though, if you'd been there, too.

Best of everything to you, my talented muse!


Shab-n-Chic said...

I always look forward to your posts ELizabeth. My condolences on your loss. My sister in law is currently going through a similar scenario with her Mother, and it's heartbreaking. With her, it isn't her hair..it's her "crooked yellow teeth" and being "fat". Moms can be that way, and they are the only ones who can get away with talking to us like that! LOL... Congrats on your cover too.

Anonymous said...

Good morning , Elizabeth ,
Thank you for all the lovely photos , it was a treat to see Carol's home.
Ok , I hate to say this but Portland Oregon does the whole Ghost Bike thing. I live 25 miles west of Portland so I'm not claiming it as my hometown ( my heart belongs to Texas :0)
Anyways ,their motto is Keep Portland Weird and they work really hard at it , too.
Its quite a large city ( for Oregon ) and they have Several bicycle / car or truck accidents per year. The poor bike rider is ususally killed. On that site someone ( there must be an organization for this as there is always a new bike added ) will place a painted white bicycle as a memorial to the lost bicyclist. Flowers are sometimes added. The bike is left permamently. They are known as Ghost Bikes.
So now you know the crazy white death bicycle story . From the West Coast. Any other cities out there??
PS Can't wait to see the magazine.

rozetta said...

"short post" . . . heehee

Congratulations, Elizabeth!
You deserve being on the cover of WWC.

I've never heard of the white bike thing, but it looks like Bella explained it. It makes me shudder to think about it.


Brenda said...

I had read about your shoot at Debbie's and your being in WWC on Curious Sofa blog. As I wrote to her, you two are ROCK STARS!

Crap! A white bike means death??? I found my white bike last summer, and loved it, but now..... Shoot!Death??? REALLY???

You can read about my white bike here: http://simplepleasures-bb.blogspot.com/2009/06/day-trip-with-my-neighbor-bill.html

and here http://simplepleasures-bb.blogspot.com/2009/07/white-bike.html

I can't wait to read the article and see the pictures on your and Debbie's spaces.

As always, thanks for sharing.

cathypentonatelier said...

Wow!!!!!!! This is all so exciting!!! All such gorgeous photos can't wait to see the magazines... I just had a photo shoot for my new little shop this last Tuesday for an Australian magazine, all very exciting...Love ya cxx

Debe said...

I am so happy to see you on the cover of WWC! I have enjoyed your blogs since I found you..maybe from Carol. You just have such great style so seeing your studio with be a treat. Love Carol's house too. Met her at Silver Bella and she deserves such a fine nest. But you are right, where is ours??

Anonymous said...

So happy for you to have the cover of WWC, going to buy it.....

Gail said...

Love your blog and am going to add it to my blogroll tout suite (sp?) I'm sure I probably spelled that wrong but you know what I mean :).

mary pernula said...

WOW, can not wait till it comes out......XO MARY

Jacky said...

Love your running commentary, feels like you are speaking directly to the reader, and the photo's, to die for.

The Little Red Shop said...

Your new header is super cute!

: )

Have a beautiful Weekend!

Julie M.

Tamra said...

I so love your posts!

Thank you for such a great blog.

Lisa said...

It was a great post and it wasn't that short...can't wait to see all your work in the up coming WWC.

Gypsy Purple said...

Wishing you a happy and blessed Easter! xx Gypsy Purple

Anonymous said...

Your blog ..... it's amazing and soooo inspiring. Nice to find you!

A small footprint from Agneta & Sweden

Ps. I have an ongoing jewelry contest on my blog. Welcome! Ds

clustres said...

I always, always love reading about you and what you are doing! Oh, and seeing those fabulous photos!

Paige Thomas King said...

I think what I love most is how unassuming you are. The generous way you hand-out the compliments speaks to your character--which is why I will always check-in with you and see how you're doing.
You're a natural and deserve great things.
I'll grab Where Women Create as soon as it's available.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweet E:))

Of course you and Randy can move in with Mr. PracticalPants and I in the farmhouse:)) So proud of you and your magazine work~can't wait to see more:))

Come back to KC soon and spend time with me:))

Raised In Cotton

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hello Everyone,

I so much enjoy and appreciate all the wonderful comments over these last several days. I haven't come up for air as I have been working hard on Amy's and Debbie's photos.

But I have to stop for a moment and tell you how touched I am by all the sincerity out there...

Anne-Fiona, you are just too cute for words and I feel totally not worthy of such praise, but it is nice to hear all the same, so thank you.

Ruth, Dawn, and Jenny, YOU make me smile and how nice to know that you take time to read my "stuff" and will be getting the magazine because I am a part of it - again, very humbling (and still a little mind boggling) but very grateful.

Rozetta, BB, Debe...and the rest that took a moment out of your busy lives to congratulate me on the cover - thank you so much - but you can thank Jo Packham - the publisher, and her staff who chose the cover - what a surprise!

Thank you for all who emailed me about the White Bike meaning Death - my friend Jack, in San Antonio researched it (he loves that stuff) and apparently there are a lot of "death bike" societies around the country that are in remembrance of a loved one who had a fatal accident. So, my riding around story was not meant to offend anyone out there who may have had such misfortune in their family and may have a memorial somewhere out there, so please know that no offense was ever intended for your memory of your loved one.

And finally - thank you Carol for the lovely "offer" of allowing me and Randy to bulldoze our way into your home and stake our claim! :-) But, maybe someday, after he cuts enough hair, and after I get my book published (yes, I really am finishing it up) we can go out and get our own farm house :-) But how nice to know you were willing to let us barge in and claim a piece of your beautiful home.

Okay, must get back to work - I promise to show some photos of my work when I get a moment.

Take care everyone,

trash talk said...

E'Beth, I had the pleasure of meeting Carol and Jo at Theresa's blog party at Warrenton. Carol is a hoot and a half, so I can only imagine the fun you had (even with all the work) shooting her home.
Rolling on the table to claim it is so much better than hiking your leg which is what I tend to do!
P.S. Can't wait to see your issue and I love the new glasses.

Kathryn said...

I have followed your adventures here in St. Louis for years now, beginning with your lovely Elizabeth House shop in Maplewood. (Really do miss that!) It was such fun to go and browse, and chat and dream! As you have morphed into another life, it is so inspiring to watch and cheer you on from the St. Louie sidelines, always gaining new insights and design ideas along the way. Kudos to you! I am so thrilled to see from the current blog entry that you will finally be getting some of the recognition that you so richly deserve....and we fans will be able to take a good look at your workspace when it appears in WWC in May. Hurrah! You represent the best in us and of us all!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Well thank you Kathryn for such a lovely comment that just lifted my spirits. It always, always, always catches me off guard when someone writes in to tell me they have been reading or following my "doings" for so long - what an honor. My Elizabeth House store offered me many opportunities to expand my creativity into so many areas - for that I am so grateful.

Thank you again for such a nice comment and making my day!

Magdalena said...

Hello dear Elizabeth!
I'm so glad you found me, so that I can now enjoy your world.
I like your work very much, and I will return here many more times.
Good luck with all the work that you have now. It will be wonderful, I'm sure.
Warm regards


Ulla said...

Love the glasses! You look quite sexy in them!!! I am so thrilled to share the cover of WWC- although only in name, with you! Can barely wait to see your full article!
Bravo and kisses,

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Thank you Ulla! How nice of you to write me! Yes, I am VERY thrilled as well. How funny you should comment just today. For today, I just got my advanced copy and your article turned out beautiful - you are VERY photogenic :-) I will be blogging about all the artist as soon as I get a chance - and also show how my office really looks most of the time - papers on the desk and a bag of almonds almost is always present!

Thanks for the great timing and well wishes - congrats to you too!

heather jenkinson said...

This is such a great post - I keep coming back to visit it because I'm so impressed that you made front cover! I am also thankful that you introduced When Women Create to me - clearly, they have good taste... Why don't we have something like this in the UK? Anyway, they have a Facebook page and I've passed the link on to many of my friends in the design and craft trade, here in the UK who responded with cheers and exclamation marks.

You are brilliant. To echo what Magdalena says, I am so pleased that I am privy to your world; it is such an inspiring place to be.

(Email to follow soon...)

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Thank you Heather!

What a nice email all the way from the UK :-) I am very fortunate to be part of such a great publication and part of a world that celebrates creative women - both in print and in the cyber world.

My website will be up soon - then I can really share. In the mean time, thanks so much for dropping by now and again. Means a lot to me.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth of all the blogs I read, I think you work the hardest.
I will go buy Where Women Create becuse you are in it, for May issue.
What are you working on now?

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Anonymous,

No, no, I certainly do not work the hardest :-) There are many, many wonderfully, talented women out there who put in super long hours and produce super fab creations. But thanks for the compliment - and for getting the magazine...I am sure Jo Packham (the publisher) will be happy about that.

But, now back to work...seriously...can't seem to find all the photos I am needing for my website and I am spending WAY too much time on the computer...hahaha and the weather is WAY too beautiful to be stuck in here :-)

Take care

Mindy said...

Just doing a little catch up reading. You have been busy! I love your enthusiasm. Hope the vision settles in soon. ~Mindy

Unknown said...

Just an extra little tidbit. White bikes in general don't mean death. The memorial bikes are spray painted entirely white - every part of them. Many times the Ghost Bikes are the actual bicycles that were in the accident.

Andrea said...

I can't wait to see the new WWC and your feature especially! Love your style and photos!

Angela said...

I just stumbled on your blog and wondered if you were at Miss Frenchies last Spring? I think my mom bought some lovely lavender from you.

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Andrea!

How nice of you to write....I appreciate it very much. I will pass it on to Jo. I am very excited about it too :-)

Your new site is really nice, by the way...thanks again for taking time out of your busy day to drop me a line.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, I just recieved my Summer issue of WWCreate and I've read your article in detail...I've been drawn to it like magic. If I could "pick a place" that would recreate me, it would be yours... and the love of Carol's farmhouse? I know why. I just want to say that I went to your blog site and read the article "Wallpaper Hair" and it was the best thing that's happened to me in a long, long time. Timing was right on that one, too. I'll leave you with one of my most treasured sayings that I quote: God gives us people for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. You are so inspiring...and give me that "umph" to not be afraid!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Well thank you so much for reading my article in WWC! You are the very first one to let me know that it came in the mail! Oh geesh! I have been working night and day trying to get my website up and didn't make the deadline. Oh well. Thank you for such kind words and the quote. YOUR quote was perfect timing for me too - gave me a lot to think about on this late night. I so appreciate it. I am very grateful for your time to comment to me. :-)

It is amazing how simple words can hurt, they can heal, and they can actually transform others.

Elizabeth :-)

Anonymous said...


I am so excited to see you on a cover of a Magazine! I really think you belong on TV and I'm waiting for the day. You are a super star!

We miss seeing you and wish you were still in the 'hood'.

BTW- I have heard about the white bike thing and I even saw one around Clayton and Big Bend. Rick says that the city usually takes them down pretty quickly.

Kim Hess

Elizabeth Maxson said...


Oh, how nice to hear from you!! I do miss the "hood!" That was one of the great things about having a store is all the visits I would get. I was SUPER surprised when I got the email telling me I was going to be on the cover...thanks for the comment! You are so funny...TV isn't ready for me....have seen how spaz I am? My voice? The rate of speech? My laugh? I am a nightmare for TV....cyber is better :-) But thanks anyway for the vote of confidence....miss you....

Oh...about the bike...figures the city would take the bike thing down - no wonder I have never seen them! If I had, knowing me, I would think they were cool and would have hung cheese cloth and old paper on them and then would have gotten another citation for littering or something...Elizabeth House and citations went hand and hand for a while...shoot, wish I had seen a bicycle...back then....

Miss you again,


Sammy Girl said...

Hello Elizabeth!
Somehow I KNEW your blog would just be perfect for today. A little laugh, a little sharing ... and now I have a big smile. So glad you are working with WWC and Jo. While they seem to be a great team and have concern for a quality and inspiring product, I am sure you are a fabulous addition!
I am going to be sneaking back to look at your NYC post, as this summer I'll be going there for the the first time ever! Not sure I want to do any "touristy" stuff, but Tinsel Trading, garment district, a couple of historic houses .... that's for me!
Hugs and thanks for being so transparent and just the "girlfriend chat" I needed today!
Betty :)

Cheryl ~ Casual Cottage Chic said...

I "found" your blog via WWC's May/June/July issue. Sooo creative! Loved the article, loved your pics and adore your blog! And soon a website...OMG!!

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