May 2, 2010

Creative Company


I guess it is official. I think it is out now. I am talking about the summer issue of Where Women Create. I received a couple of very nice emails from women who read my article in the magazine and I was so touched by their words. The issue was printed and mailed out earlier than I was told it would be, so it beat my new website, darn it. But you can peek at my "coming soon" page to get an idea of the new look. 

First, let me say that I don't think I have the words (really, no joking) I don't have the words to express what an honor it is to be in the company of such creative women, much less, on the cover of such a beautiful publication. I was truly, truly shocked when I got the email that told me I would be on the cover and even more shocked to be sitting in my office, looking at my computer screen seeing my own work space on the cover! I have to tell you, as dumb (and funny now that I think of it) as may this sound, I was so shocked the first time I saw the cover on my computer screen, I studied it for a moment, then I turned around in my chair to look at my big cabinet behind me. I have no clue why - it was as if it wasn't real or something. 

Now that my article is out and you can finally see my new office, I am excited to finally show you! I haven't been able to share it with you due it being saved for the publication. But before I go into more detail about my office and show you some before photos and give you a little "tour" on some personal items, I would like to take a moment to thank some people that I couldn't thank in my story. My original story for the article was much, much longer and I was required to cut the word count way down (I know, hard to believe, isn't it?). So, I wanted to take a moment and expand a little on my published story, if you will allow me.

First, I want to thank Jo Packham for giving me the honor of being on her beautiful publication's cover - I am still smiling from ear to ear when I look at it. Thank you Jo!

I want to thank Mary Engelbreit for taking a chance on me, way back when, and publishing my apartment in her wonderful magazine, Home Companion. Mary walked into my store after I was opened only seven days, and before I knew it, a year later, my apartment was on the cover of her magazine.Mary is always hosting workshops with Barbara Martin, and when those two team up, you can't go wrong. So, thank you Mary and Barbara for "getting me out there" into the public world for the very first time, so many years ago.

Before I moved into the apartment, it had not been lived in for months. It had been used as storage and was a rat trap. This is where I want to thank with all my heart Sherrie Whitehead. My very first friend I made in St. Louis. She is a fabulous artist and she is the one who did those great murals you see on the walls in the living room and the "mirror" painted in the entry and the walls in family area. She worked with me night and day, mixing and remixing colors until I got exactly what I wanted. Thank you Sherrie for your hard labor, lovely art work, but mainly your friendship and all the laughter you freely share with me!

With my article being cut short, my thanks to Sharon Derry of Secret Leaves was not included. She is what she called herself as my "shop girl" for so many years. Sharon entered my life at the perfect time and helped me in so many ways I can't count. The customers just loved her and every shop should be so lucky to a "shop girl" like Sharon. Her true talent is with paper. See for yourself on her website! Thank you Sharon for all the devotion but mainly for taking such good care of my customers and my shop when I couldn't be in two places at once.

I also want to thank Anthony, my ex, and my friend. He is the one who pushed me when I didn't think I was ready to be pushed and he is the one who believed that I was ready to go forward when I truly thought I wouldn't be ready for years. About two weeks before my store opened, I was sitting on the floor, totally exhausted, worried, broke, scared, and I was unwrapping some soaps, and started to cry. I cried out loud, "What am I doing?! I have never even worked in a store before! I have no idea what I am doing!" I was just so, so tired. Anthony was hanging up a chandelier, and without even coming down off the ladder, he just said very matter-of-factly, "When you are doing what God has planned for you, you can't fail. You are meant to do this." That's all he said. I thought about it for a moment, and in my gut, I knew he was right. I stopped crying, just kept unwrapping soaps, and wondered how I was going to pay rent next month. So, thank you Anthony for pushing me when I definitely did not think I was ready.

I also want to thank Debbie Dusenberry of Curious Sofa. I hope those of you who have read this is reading it again. This is the third time I have edited this section, as Blogger keeps knocking out this paragraph for some reason and I don't know why. I want to thank Debbie for befriending me after I opened my store only a few months. She has been a mentor and friend and has always encouraged me to see the value in my talents. She always let me bend her ear and she believed in all that I ventured out to do. Thank you Debbie!

I also want to thank all of my wonderful customers and readers. My customers and you readers, are the people who have kept me going all these years. Whether I am running a store, writing stories, designing a room, designing bedding, taking photos, or taking a devoted readers are always there to give me encouragement and a lift. Know that I never, ever take you for granted.

Finally, my most loving thanks goes to my husband, Randy. 

The beautiful work space you see on the cover of Where Women Create was actually his office that he lovingly turned over to me to do with as I wish. It is the very first place that I ever worked in that has windows, heat, air, and no joking! If only you could have seen his face as I clapped my hands together and announced that I couldn't wait to paint the floors! More on that later. Thank you honey for not only the work space, but for the huge space in your heart that you seem to have saved just for me.

Not that I meant for these "thank you's" to sound like the Academy Awards, but I feel it is important to let others know that there is no such thing as a "one-woman show." Without the help, love, work, and connections of many people who have crossed my path over the years, I truly believe the cover of Where Women Create would have never happened. I never want to lose sight of that and I want to make sure that my readers know how much gratitude I have.

Okay, now, on with the "back story" as I like to say. I would like to share some of my office with you in more detail, if I may. I would also like to share some before photos and a few behind the scenes shots....and some photos of some of my past work spaces. 

To start my "tour" I would like to start with my desk, or rather, Randy's desk. He didn't want me to paint it and we had no room for it anywhere else in the house.  I wasn't happy about not being allowed to paint it, but as the paint Gods smiled down on me, Randy had left a big pile of his papers on the desk for months and as he removed them, something gross was stuck on the bottom of them which stained right through the top of the desk....and so the paint Gods smiled down and Randy relented as the desk was "ruined" and I was now allowed to paint it! I picked out one of my favorite quotes to paint on the side and then distressed away. Actually, Randy now says he actually loves the desk.

When I announced I would paint the floor, Randy agreed to it since it was "my room." But he did go on to tell me that after he bought his house, he spent two weekends removing tar from the floor and renting a sander to bring up the wooden floors....I felt bad for about..... a second...but I couldn't get out my brushes quick enough. He was a good sport about it because the floors in that room did not match the hallway anyway as you can see a few photos below.

I masked out the floor and used three colors. They are all Ralph Lauren colors. I then aged down the floor to purposely make them looks dusty and a little dirty. Then I sealed it with three coats of poly urethane. I also painted the walls and aged them very lightly as well. The room is tiny - only 8 feet by 7 feet. I really needed to use every inch of the room for storage.




I found the drugstore cabinet at a local antique mall and had my eye on it for two years. It was on sale at almost 50% off! It almost fit...I had to cut the corner of the edge of the window sill off at an angle to make it fit, which kinda flipped out Randy a little...I reasoned that I was going to keep the little cut off corner piece and when we finally sell the house, I would glue it back and paint over it. I think at that moment, he realized he married someone who will do whatever it takes "to make it work" which makes him nervous....but he admits, it keeps him on his toes.


I painted my cabinet and loaded the shelves with some of my favorite mementos as well as useful storage items. I have a WWII photo of my father, the very first store sign I had written on a small platter when I had antique booths in Texas, some items from my European days and old pharmacy medicine dispenser bottle that I always loved and now I have a pharmacy cabinet to attach it to. On the opposite wall is a marble top shelf that is from Sweden. I love it. The marble is actually from an American cabinet that I placed on top of the shelves. The shelves are a natural gray and weigh a ton. Again, this piece fit just perfectly along this tiny wall and holds a lot of my files.


The dress you see in the corner, near the Swedish shelves, is yes, my wedding out fit, that I designed and the "EH" you see in the window next to it is from my store counter. My ex carved three of them out of wood and I painted them. When I sold the store counter, I popped them off and kept all of them. One in each window and one over the door. And speaking of the door...that door is the door from my apartment that was over my store. I first bought that door in St. Louis while visiting here from Texas and brought it back to Texas. Then when we realized we were going to move to St. Louis, I brought it back to St. Louis and replaced the apartment door with this beautiful old door. I designed the "frosted glass" which is actually frosted laminate at a cost of only $30. 


When Randy gave me his office, I really wanted to use my door for my office but it didn't fit. It was too costly to rebuild the entire door frame. I was really disappointed, but that was okay, I would make do. Then one day, while I was taping down the floor and deciding on wall colors, Randy called me up and asked if I would be home all day. When I told him I would, he sent a friend over who built an entire "fake" frame around the door jam so my antique door would fit. It was still costly, but Randy wanted me to have my door - which I absolutely love looking at it. It is probably the most favorite part of my office. When we move, we can take the door with us, pop off the fake door frame, and replace the original door again.


The curtain you see hanging next to the door is covering up the opening that use to lead to the kitchen. It is now covered on the kitchen side and on my office side, it will have small shelves to hold all of my photo disks. The curtain also came from my store apartment and I love looking at as well. The bathing beauty canvases on the wall are prints from the ten foot long original print that I had hanging in my store over my counter. I used to sell these prints in my store.

These organ pulls came from the very first Victorian organ that I painted and turned into a display case for my booth back in Texas. My ex was fixing it up and restoring it and I was painting an old stool near him. I stood next to the organ and wondered how it would look if it was painted. Back in those days, I only painted "ruined" furniture. This organ was in mint condition with solid walnut wood. I walked right over to the organ with my giant paint brush of white paint and slapped a huge splash of paint right across the entire side of it before I could stop myself. My ex gasps and just stared at me. I then said, "I guess, we will have to paint it now..." It was the best thing I ever did. From that moment, I no longer painted only "ruined furniture." The organ display case sold very quickly and I made several since then as well as desks from old organs. And I have painted everything from solid cherry wood, walnut, tiger oak, oak, and even - gasps - rose wood!  :-)  

The little metal drawer cabinet fits just perfectly in the nook area. I painted the drawer front with chalkboard paint so I can label the drawers as needed. The drawers hold a 8x11 reams of paper just perfectly and magazines. I covered the top with a St. Louis grain sack. Since I had so many European items in my office, I thought having something local would be nice. The old typewriter, I had for years and has been used all over my store and in displays. That little piece of paper with the "EH" on it is actually 10 years old! Ten years ago, I remember sitting up until 3AM and tearing up sheets of paper that I had printed tons of "EH's" on and soaking them in tea and then baking them in the oven. I have used these little pieces over and over again. It is hard to believe they are ten years old.


This French mannequin is one of my favorite girls and actually my first girl. Around her neck is my father's WWII compass as well as some mementos from friends. The Victorian jacket was my inspiration for my wedding outfit jacket.


Leaning against the desk are boot lasts that came from a flea-market in  Tongeren, Brussels. My brother, Bill and I were at a flea-market and he bought them as a surprise for me and I love them. They weigh a ton and little does he know they added to my much limited weight allowance (which he didn't understand back in those days) but I would never trade them for anything! 

Next to the boot lasts is an old metal and canvas mail cart that Randy bought for me as a surprise. I fell in love with it at a local antique store and he couldn't for the life of him understand why I would want a "rusty old cart" for my nice new office. He told me one day to go ahead go get it and when I did, it was already sold and gone. I came home disappointed, only to walk into my office (which was empty since I was painting it) and right in the center of the room sat the old mail cart! Inside the cart hold my very old European grain sacks and other items that I adore and never tire of looking at. The cart originally was going to be used to hold files, but it turned out that I had enough storage for my files so I could use it decoratively instead.


On my desk is an old silver gravy boat that holds my cards. If you don't have the issue of Where Women Create, I will repeat my story of the little bags. When I first began back in 1998, I couldn't afford professional printing. Back then, printers weren't nearly as good as they are now and I definitely did not own the best at that. I printed my own cards, and they would smear if held too long, so I the only solution I could come up with was to put them in these "ugly" brown paper bags that I would stamp with a design. Finally, the day came I could afford professional printing, and, yeah! no more ugly bags! Little did I know that the ladies at the antique malls went ballistic when I stopped using the little bags and wanted them I had to go back to using the bags...little did I know that the customers found them so cute. Now they are my signature. That is what I call a "happy accident" in forming my business identity. 

And now we are back around to my chair. That is my dining room chair that goes with my set. It is currently in storage since we have no room in our little home for my set. The little vintage blouse that hangs on the back, I would like to  tell you that I planned that all out, but to be perfectly honest, I had a bag of linens that I was digging through one day at my desk. I came across this, and just "hung" it on the back of the chair while I kept digging in the bag looking for something. I forgot it was on the chair and took the bag back down to the basement. When I returned, I saw that I left it behind, was too lazy to take it back downstairs again, and so I rearranged it on the chair and discovered it fit perfectly, and so it there hangs today. Another "happy accident!"


I hoped you enjoyed the tour of my office. I know I enjoyed writing about it to you from my desk. I would love to say that my office is always this neat, but not nearly so. Many times, I have fabric spread out, notes on the floor, or papers on the desk. But, I do like to keep it fairly neat only because I have worked in such horrible conditions for so long. Below are some photos of work spaces of the past:

This was my office for five years beneath my store. No heat, no air, no windows. Yes, that is a sewage pipe right next to me. I could hear flushing and water running. Above me, you can see the rafters. In the morning, I would find "crumbs" or "things" on my desk left from "critters" the night before. You are only seeing about a tenth of the wires, plugs, and fire hazard conditions. Something that most people don't know about me: I am deathly, deathly afraid of mice and rats. I mean, freakishly afraid. I have no idea where this fear comes from...but I have to tell you a story. One day, after working late into the wee hours of the morning, I was so tired, I went to bed for just a few hours and got up to go back down to my office to work. Sharon wasn't at work yet and as I went down my narrow steps (see below) and headed towards my desk, I stopped in my tracks as I saw a rat on its back on my desk, with maggots squirming on its belly and I screamed  really loud and ran up the stairs. I don't remember who, maybe it was Sharon who called the exterminator when she got in, but when he came, I went down the stairs behind him, right on his back, creeping behind him, and I was sort of yelling, "oh my god, oh my god..." over and over. I was freaking out. I stood about 10 feet away from my desk as he went towards the desk and as he got closer he said he didn't see anything...I stepped closer, saw the rat, jumped back and screamed, "oh my god! oh my god! oh my god!!!" over and over and pointed at the desk and yelled at the poor guy, "IT IS RIGHT THERE!!!" The guy jumped at my screaming and went back and looked and said he didn't see it and I went closer, saw it again, and pointed again and yelled, "IT IS RIGHT THERE!! THERE!! THERE!!" He looked at me like I was on acid. I was covering my eyes because I couldn't look at the maggots moving around and I am wondering, what is wrong with this guy????  In the mean time, Sharon is wondering what the hell is going on down in the basement. The guy finally calmed me down enough to get me to go closer to my desk, and as I got closer, covering my eyes as he pushed me towards the desk, I peeked through my fingers and saw that I was looking at a small, tan, shag carpet sample, that had some threads that were moving from the fan that I had turned on the night before!  The guy looked at me like I was a freak. I don't blame him. I was just so tired, so freaked out about working down there for five years, I was just losing it! But I laugh about it now...When I look back at these photos, I shake my head and wonder how I managed.

This was my workshop area right by my "office" area. It must be summer because my hair is sweaty. I burned up in the summer and froze and wore parkas in the winter. I remember many nights working late because it was so cold my items took forever to dry. The building was so old and so large, it was impossible to heat. The landlord from hell would never do anything about it.

I almost forgot about these stairs. These are the stairs that I took every single day from my store down to my office. I went up and down them about 100 times a day some days. They were very narrow and not to code. When carrying VERY expensive bolts of fabric, I had to be extra careful not to let them touch the walls, the wires, the floor, or snag or it could mess it up the material. Bolts of fabric are very heavy and all you want to do is drag it... not carry it carefully!

It feels good to be clean, warm, dry, and in sunlight....

I just wanted to close and say again how fortunate I feel to be a part of such a great publication and in the company of such talented women. Please take a moment to enjoy their stories....I know I will.

Now back to getting busy - lots going on over here...but mainly hunting down photos to finish up my website. My website is only a start of other things to come. I am excited that my site is in the final stages of going up and from there, I will only add to it. The nice thing? I can work late into the hours and never hear anything above me and never find any "crumbs" on my desk left over from any critters the next morning...unless Randy has been checking his email at my desk while he munches on chips, that is. But he is a good critter....who is welcomed in my office any time. 

Thank you for visiting with me and until next time, think about what Howard Ikemoto, artist and professor once told this story: 

"When my daughter was about seven years old, she asked me one day what I did at work. I told her I worked at the college-that my job was to teach people how to draw. She stared back at me, incredulous, and said, "You mean they forget?" Howard Ikemoto.

Let's not ever forget how to create....

From my house to your house,


Boxwood Cottage said...

Goodness Elizabeth your office is outta this world wonderful!
I'm absolutely in love with your awesome door!!! One should even invent a new word for it, door just don't seem to do this beauty justice. I would have never guessed it is not glass in it. I covet most everything in this room and admire all your work. Love all your ideas and happy accidents! The keys on the chandelier are an idea I may have to borrow, so simple and yet beautiful and whimsy. Thank you for sharing your story and ideas with the world. After seeing the photos of your former "office" in the basement and reading the rat story (made me laugh really hard though) I think you truly deserve this delightful, warm and sunny office.
I have to get a copy of the new WWC mag, also shipping it to Germany is quite expensive.
Sendin you warmes wishes

Unknown said...


As an avid follower, I am so excited to get this issue! Love your office and can't wait to see more. You are a blessing to us all and a mentor for those of us who are already creative types. :-) Thanks for the inspiration and please, I miss your posts...keep on going!
PS...Another feature in that issue is that of Cindy Petters, one of my local friends. Just another incentive to pick up the new issue.

Paige Thomas King said...

I am in awe of all you do and how well you do it. You take everyday items and make them extraordinary! I want to curl-up in the corner of your office and just watch you create. I promise, I won't take-up too much room . . .

Jenny Danna said...

I love your stories and I really love your work place! What a happy ending to your article. God is good to you and your barber husband Randy! I am looking forward to your next adventure! Jenny Danna

Brenda said...

Wow! I can't believe that I could admire you any more than I already did, but those photos of your old office and description of the conditions moved you up another notch!

I've been waiting for WWC to come out with you as the featured woman, and my friend Bonnie texted me to tell me she had purchased a copy for me in Des Moines. She's bringing it to me on Tuesday. I can't wait!

Congratulations! You deserve all the accolades you receive; you have more than paid your dues to get where your are today.

Julie Pishny said...

Oh Elizabeth, you have been thrilling us for years with your's a pleasure to see you in print again...I am going to purchase my copy today! It's also refreshing to see that where women create is where ever they dingy basements or fabulous office doesn't really matter - we work with what we've got - and you have gotten my admiration once again.

I am glad to see you doing so well. Blessings to you my dear - Julie

Anne Lorys said...

Dear Elizabeth,
I am so thrilled for you, I honestly cannot think of anyone who deserves this more than you do!

I've made no secret of the fact that you are exactly who I want to be when (and if!) I grow up, and I sincerely look forward to the day I can tell you that in person.

Be blessed!


Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Such a wonderful post! I have so enjoyed your tour and your stories to accompany it. Your talents are extraordinary and inspiring. I will be sure to pick up my copy of WWC today! I have followed along for a while and look forward to your new website!
Take care,
Laura :)

cathypentonatelier said...

Oh honey your beautiful photographs inspire me to do some work on my studio room again as a lot of its lovely furniture is now at the shop....Nearly midnight here so I should head off to bed...I have contacted the magazine to get copies for the shop...Can't wait to hear from them...Take care C xx

secretleaves said...

Thank you for the kind words, E. So loving of you to thank all of your peeps from "back in the day." I got a little thrill seeing the pics of the store--well, the space under the store, I should say. Reminds me of the good ol' Elizabeth House days. Your new space is lovely and congrats on the magazine cover and story. I can't wait to see the new website! It looks like it is going to rock!


Claudia said...

Hi Elizabeth -

I cannot wait to snag the issue of Where Women Create. Congratulations. Thanks for sharing more information about the transformation. You certainly deserve this wonderful space - expecially after seeing photos of your downstairs office!

You have such wonderful style.


Posey said...

I made a special trip to Barnes and Noble on Friday just to get the mag!! I had to ask for it, the lady said "Isn't that a book?" She had to check the computer, before she believed me! Anyway, we found it! Your office is gorgeous.
I was wondering what edition of ME's Home Companion mag your apartment was in....I have a complete set of the mag and would love to check out your apt!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. It was really interesting going down "memory lane" with the old photos of my old spaces. It is funny how your memory can do tricks. I really sat and stared at those old spaces and really got very tired just looking at the photos. I will be the first to tell you how much I LOVE, LOVE my "new" office! I REALLY DO!! :-) And you know what I love the most about it?? What you see in these photos is FOR REAL...I really do work at that desk, use those files, and that metal cabinet and put stuff in that wooden Flemmish box behind is so cool to have cool stuff that I really use daily - instead of using "whatever I could find" that wouldn't get wet and ruined or eaten by rats while working down in the cold, damp basement all those years. Thanks again everyone for being as excited as I am - not just for the cover, but for my work space - I have been wanting to share it with you all for so long!


Sweet Old Vintage said...

Oh Elizabeth... I have read this post and looked at the pictures 3 times today... I am envious girl... How very charming... I just love it... Enjoy.

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Hi Elizabeth... It's me again...Oh I got to come back and look at those pics one more time today... 69 is not a misprint.... although I do manage to come up with a few dandies in my typing... I have had many share of ups and downs through the years but I really still love life and try to enjoy all the little things that mean so very much... Like coming and reading your blog and I will try to find a copy of that magazine.... Can't wait for your new site....

Tricia said...

Congratulations, Elizabeth. Your office looks fabulous. I follow your blog and am always inspired. I know the blood, sweat and tears that goes into doing what you do. It ain't for the faint of heart. I have been pretty exhausted pushing myself to complete my projects but mistaking a carpet sample for a were on the edge, girl. Funny story! I loved it.

wherewomencreate said...

Thank you for such a beautiful post! You should write a book.......

It was an honor to have you on our cover. It is truly beautiful!!!
Much love

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Congratulations, Elizabeth on this great article! It will be so fun to read!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Such a personal, wonderful and full of fun office!! Yay, thank goodness you are OUT of that basement. I laughed so hard about the shag rat...that is SO something I could have done. You always inspire me, thank you. xo Lidy

Kathryn said...

WOW! What a delight to get such a detailed guided tour of how your lovely little studio came to be.
I will be spending many happy hours perusing it all, believe me!

You are indeed doing what God wants you to do! I am not quite sure that you fully realize the depth of your impact, however.

I have followed your career for years now, through the happy and productive times of my life, through giving up my career to care for my husband and mother (my only family) who were both suddenly stricken with incurable cancer...and who both died within only two years, through the terrible grief and loss (and horrible legal doings), and now through the tiny beginnings of recovery.

Your wonderful attitude, coupled with your amazing talent has truly been a godsend to me. You have given me hope, and the courage not to give up in the face of horror, loss and destruction of everything that I once held dear.

The beauty of your creative design work, as incredibly lovely as it is, pales when compared to the beauty of the spirit that you share with us all.

Please don't feel sorry for me. I am, if nothing else, a survivor. It is lifesaving to be able to make even small connections with another St. Louis girl who shares the same sensibilities as I do.

Like I said, Miss Elizabeth, you are a GODSEND. God bless you, Kathryn

Elizabeth Maxson said...


You are so funny - thanks for visiting me - twice! That means alot to me. And hey you guys - She is Sweet Old Vintage - can you believe she is 69 years old??!! Look at her photo..iIs she fab, or what?

Have a great day,

Julie Pishny said...

Elizabeth, I ran out and snagged a copy of Where Women Create and enjoyed your contribution to the mag so much, thank you.

I am so pleased that you would inquire about my bracelets...

I would love to do one for you, it would be an honor and consider it a little thank you gift from me to you for all of the years of entertainment, inspiration and pleasure your work has brought to me over the years.

Just email me the digital image you would like on your bracelet and I will put it all together for you - a gift from me to you.

Blessings and Hugs - Julie

Aili said...

So much fun! Thank you for sharing the memories. The rat story had me in stitches!

Unknown said...

Wauw what wonderful it,s really awesome

I name my blog after that book...
greetings kari

Lorrie Everitt Studio said...

beautiful ... I really need to finish my home office/studio and yours is very inspiring. Can't wait to pick up the magazine now!

Gypsy Purple said...

Fabulous office!!! Enjoy it!!!

girl on a bicycle said...

Elizabeth...just wonderful crativity everywhere I look! you have such great energy....I love, love, love what you express...thanks so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

You office and style is beautiful. You continue to inspire us all. Thank you for letting us have a look around.

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Thank yo Jo for the comment - and the cover :-) And you know I'm working on that make me smile. Thanks for the opportunities and encouragement you give us women.


Curious Sofa said...

I will never forget how we laughed after you told me the story of the 'rat' on your desk. One of my all time favorites.

Your before and afters are such a testament to how hard you have always worked. Forget the silver spoon, you were born with a paintbrush in your hand. BIG CONGRATULATIONS my friend and thanks for the mention. You can give all the thank you's you want to so many others, but it was all you! xxoo

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Kathryn,

What an inspirational comment you wrote to me - I am very touched. I want to says congrats on your surviving such hard times and finding the spirit and strength to move forward to a life that has yet to offer more to your tender heart.

Your "tiny beginnings of recovery" is a sign that your strength is stronger than your hurt. I am so glad you wrote! YOU are such an inspiration. I am so sorry for your loss and sharing your story will help those who are in great pain right now and who may need a little hope for the future - and you just gave them just a great gift - hope.

Lots of love,

Elizabeth Maxson said...


Wow! You don't need to do that! Your bracelet is just fabulous. For those who don't know what I am talking about - go look at her custom photo bracelet.

I am so touched you would make one for me - but I insist on paying for your labor - from one artist to another. I will contact you on the details!!

Thank you!

Angela said...

Wonderful post Elizabeth! So inspiring to see where you've come and all the hard work, support, and humbleness. Your office is beautiful and you look beautiful in it. Your carpet sample/rat story had me laughing aloud!
I love your door, too. Very cool!

Elizabeth Maxson said...


I remember the "mice advice" you gave me when I told you that rat story while we sat in your van as we pulled up to your garage after an antiquing jaunt. You said you HATED those mice too - after we stopped laughing our heads off - you started to tell me how latex gloves (like the kind you wash dishes with), paper towels and long tongs do the trick. You wear the gloves, toss the towel over the mouse, use tongs to pick it up, toss it in a HUGE plastic garbage bag (for just one mouse) and tie it up good and and toss that bag in another HUGE bin...sort of like a lock box. I remember thinking that the only thing missing was the surgical mask...If I remember correctly, you said you keep gloves, tongs, and towels all handy in the garage....I remember laughing so hard because you were so serious, but I remember also thinking, "hey! what a great idea!!" I still laugh when I think about that.

Thanks for all the laughs - and advice - on mice and business!


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, what a wonderful article about your past and present work spaces. Your new area is delightful and I'm so happy for you. I love that magazine and it truly is an honor for you to be on the cover - congratulations! Marcy

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hello, dear Elizabeth! What a complete treat to read this post. I'm on the lookout for the magazine, I can't wait to get my hands on it! Loved hearing about the shag rat on your desk. I've been in a few of those basement rooms on your old shop street, so I can well imagine what you contended with. Your new studio is divine, what an inspiration!
I'll have to go back to enlarge and study all your photos.
You sound happy and well, I always love your posts!
hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

Beautiful the pictures and all the stories. I know that was very time-consuming, but love that you would share it all so generously. I have a quick question about the painted floor. I am contemplating painting a terrazzo floor in my sunroom. I believe I use a paint for concrete (right?). How long did you allow each coat to dry? How 'bout the poly? My concern is I have 3 dogs that travel through this room to go outside and I'm trying to figure out if a week of "going around" is worth it or if I should look for something quicker. Do you feel it is good for high traffic areas? Thanks for letting me pick your brain (like you haven't shared it enough, right?)!

Joy Jones said...

Hi Elizabeth! GORGEOUS!!! I loved seeing your thought process on this project from start to finish. Sooooo inspirational! Congrat's on the WWC feature ~ xo Joy

rozetta said...

I absolutely LOVE your decorating style. It really inspires me.

I can't believe how a tiny space can look so inviting and uncluttered. I appreciate all your special little Elizabeth touches.


Janice Selby said...

You are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I’m sorry but the rat story is just like something I have done, only it was a
I’m so glad it was my husband I was screaming at to get it! HAHAHA
Now to the important part of my post.
I remember seeing you on RMS and emailed you to ask if I could feature you on my little blog. I had no idea who you were and you so graciously let me. I love your style, if you could call it a style; I simply see it as home. Your office is, warm easy comfortable. You deserve all the attention you’re getting. I’m sure there will be much more to come. I cant wait for your new site to be up!
Sincerely Becky ;~)

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Abirdinhand, got me....I am trying to think if I have ever really painted cement floors or the like. I have painted tile walls...but a floor and then there's dogs with their nails...weeelllll.....not sure.

You can google it, but off the top of my noggin (and I wouldn't trust that) but if it were me...I would probably think of roughing up the floor a bit with a sander, then apply Kilz (that is my go-to) then use concrete paint - a couple of coats, and then seal it with THREE coats of water base poly.

But the TRICK is easy - PATIENCE - you need to let it really dry in between coats and lightly SAND - 150 grit paper in between clear coats, wipe down with damp cloth, and apply second coat, then third. It is worth the effort. Another trick? Don't "straight paint" meaning - AGE it down - add some sort of flecking design or dusty looking technique to it to make it worn - when it gets worn and scratched (not if, but when) your technique will already be ready for it.

But, what do I know? I never done cement floor before ...but that is what I would do...but you might want to google! :-)


Elizabeth Maxson said...

Thank you everyone for the very sincere and encouraging comments - they really touch my heart. Becky - your comment just as I was taking a break from my website. I am downloading my last batch of photos for my tech guy and I am writing out my last "story" for the site. Thanks for the encouragement. I think I will stick with fabrics - technology is not my thing.

Thanks for sticking by me and waiting. I am excited about getting something out there. Once out, I will be only adding to it. Thanks Becky - loved your spider story - made me laugh out loud!


sweetpea said...

Hi Elizabeth. Thanks so much for commenting on my blog. I have followed your adventures for years and you always inspire me. Congrats on the cover and story in WWC. I just had the pleasure of meeting Jo at Marburger and the blog party where I was so thrilled to meet you last year. Your office is over the top fab as is everything you touch.



Sammy Girl said...

Oh, Elizabeth!
I just raced through this and can hardly wait until the grandbabies are in bed to re-read it at my leisure. Such a sweet treat that I can anticipate savoring! And, unlike the fudge brownies my MR will be having this evening, my treat is no fattening!
Thanks so much for always being an encouragement and inspiration in all you do.
Betty :)

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Shelly...isn't Jo so sweet and real? She is the real deal. Thank you for such a nice comment and taking time out of your very busy day to visit my blog...I know you are super busy. Love YOUR blog by the way - and the chairs.... ;-)

Betty - how funny - Randy and I just had fudge brownies tonight - very unusal for us - we usually save that for our lake visit when we go boating and fishing - just a brownie night, I guess! I am working late on the computer and got your nice comment and thought it was neat that we both had brownies tonight - it doesn't take much to excite me over here... :-)

Hug the grand babies and thank you for taking time to read my article - it means a lot to me that you wrote to me.

Big hug

Destiny said...

What a beautiful space you've created! I found you by way of the magazine and am now a follower! Nice to meet you ; ) ~Destiny

Jacky said...

Thank you for sharing so much more Elizabeth, this edition of WWC was my favourite yet. I am closing my mixd media shop at the end of the month and operating the business from home, you have given me inspiration on decorating my workspace. Your door is amazing I can see why you have kept it. Love your whole workroom.

Susie said...

Hi Elizabeth! What a beautiful cover and article in WWC. Congratulations! Your work and creativity is breathtaking and awe inspiring. Best wishes to you in your Elizabeth House. I am a fan!
Susie of The Polka Dot Rose said...

Hello Elizabeth,
Congratulations on being in "Where Women Create'. Since you have been such an inspiration to me, I read it twice:) What an inspirational story. You have such a gift of talent for so many things. What a blessing it must be. I especially love the fact that you actually use your talents. I am sure you have inspired others that they can do anything they choose and to work through the tough times because things do get better.
Your new studio is beautiful. I love the idea on the side of your desk. Your husband is so sweet too. Looking forward to more of your blog and seeing you in more publications and where ever adventure takes you.
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hello Debra, Susie, Jacky and Destiny,

Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate the lovely comments. I am touched by your nice words and I know WWC appreciates you reading their publication - they are busy producing their next issue.

I can't wait to show you all more photos of projects that I have been wanting to share but haven't been able to get out to you and to finally get my website up - putting the last touches on as I type...very happy with it....just so many photos to hunt down over the years! :-)

Thanks again for all the years of reading my posts and your encouraging words.


Nancy said...

I have read your blog for a long time and have always been inspired by you. I would have loved, loved, loved to have beeen able to visit your store when it was opened. The WWC article cover and article, was wonderful, but I loved all the details on your blog! Thanks for being an such an awesome inspiration! ~Nancy

KClark Photography said...

I read through your article in Where Women Create and enjoyed it greatly. I used to have a booth in the same antique mall you did in San Antonio and one of my favorite parts was checking out your corner to get design inspiration. I'll always pleased to find you featured in magazines for the same reason and now I'll follow along on your blog as well. Best Wishes for your continued success.


heather jenkinson said...

Man alive... Your talent (hard earned skill) is staggering. What an awe inspiring post. I don't know where to start, other than to say that you just knock my socks off.

I can not wait to see your website - the little teaser is unbearable! I've been up to ears in work and life changing details (found my business partner, at last!) and so I have missed all this. I'll be in your inbox, soon, but in the meantime, thank you so much for sharing the story of your office - it's the details that I just adore reading about. Love it. All of it.

Mosaic Magpie said...

I just found you from the WWC. Your work space is beyond description. When I see your workspace from 5 years ago all I can say is "You've Come A Long Way Baby". I enjoyed reading your blog and have become a follower. Thanks, Debbie

jane and the happy crow said...

I really enjoyed the article about you in WWC, I get it sent to me in the UK and am always blown away by the talented women in the US and their wonderful workspaces. It has been great to read your blog and get all the details about what I saw in the photos, I can see why they dont put lots of captions in the magazine but it is nice to know about bits and pieces you are looking at. Well done getting on the cover, you deserve it, it would be a dream come true for myself to appear in WWC but I dont think that will ever happen! All the best Jane xx

Angie said...

I was wondering if it would be possible to post 2 or 3 photos of from your blog onto my blog (Annabel Lee's Flea Market I just joined the blogging world and have recently started selling vintage items online. It's just a small simple blog but I wanted the opportunity to introduce others to your great site. I absolutely love it! I found it through the article about you in Where Women Create. I so enjoyed looking at the pics of how you transformed the work space in your home. I also love hearing about how your life and career have evolved throughout the years. It is inspiring. Have a great weekend!

Annabel Lee's Flea Market Style

Meg from Behind the Big Sunglasses said...

I just bought Where Women Create today and your office is gorgeous - thank you so much for sharing

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to know the color you used for your office. I am so in love with the color. All of your har work looks fantastic. I look forward to your website.

Gypsy Purple said...

Please see my blog for a link and a mention xx Gypsy Purple

Molly Betsy @ Star Cottage said...

What an beautiful tranformation! So glad you have a cheerful and inspiring room to create in. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello there, found you on WWCreate and I love everything about your style! Can't wait to take a stroll through your blog!


Elizabeth Maxson said...

Thank you everyone for the support and lovely comments about the feature - what a treat to get new readers as well! Kim - how neat to have an old fellow booth mate from Texas write me! Heather from UK, always nice to hear from you as well. Everyone is so busy creating - but glad you took time to drop by!

Many thanks,

Lila said...

Your office has totally inspired me to finish the work on my dresser I have out in the garage! I'm so curious as to how you painted to quote on that desk so straight and perfectly! Love this post!
Lila Ferraro
Queen Bedroom Sets

Vintage Southern Event Rentals said...

I have been a fan since you had your store. Your style is unique and I just love it. What an inspiration you are to women who are trying to go into their very own business. Keep up the good work!

artsyfirely said...

Thank you! for such a lovely article in WWC! I am a military wife of 23 yrs and am getting ready for the next move (next week!)...I can't tell you how much your desk and the quote on it has inspired me! I have been working diligently on my self esteem lately, and the quote will be on my mirror very soon! It's so encouraging to see that dreams do come true...we just have to be brave enough to step into them!

Lauren1964 said...

Beautiful office! Very inspiring!


Donna, The Decorated House said...

Wow Elizabeth!
The before and afters, and the old photos of office from the past certainly do speak to how much work has gone into your "overnight success."
The cover with your office is fabulous, Congrats!
This was such a wonderful post.

savvycityfarmer said...

okay ...hoping we can re-connect somewhere down the line ...
here's to a bless-ed long weekend ... put your feet up girl ...

stop over, scroll down and catch up on the fabulous nada farm barn sale and such ...

new email

love ya girl

Anonymous said...

Inspiring, gorgeous, actually moved me to tears! I have been chasing you for the past 3 years...I arrived in St.Louis (5 hrs away) to find paper in your windows (at first I was delighted-thought you were preparing for a huge sale!)when I realized you were closed and I sat on the curb sobbing, an elderly gentleman approached me and said, "you went back to Chicago." So, I began checking the web, I'm a long time subscriber to RH, missed the first Miss Frenchie's spring market, went Christmas 09 and I believe you had been ill or something had happened in the family. I went to a local pharmacy the other day and there you were on the front of "WWC!" and to steal one of your phrases-"I thought I was going to pee my pants!!!" The article was fascinating and while I'm saddened to know I won't be able to visit you in your store-I will be able to visit you here and shop when your new site is available. Loved your wedding photos and I think it's wonderful that you are so happy and in love. I enjoy going to Curious Sofa. I continue to be amazed at the creative genius that each of you share-as a decorator wanna-be my home is ever-evolving. Looking forward to the future with you. Fondly, kim

Jenny Danna said...

I was going through some old magazines and I ran across RH/Nov2008..and an article that stood out was a piece you did on junking and it said how you got started in Germany. I loved the part on how you had to teach Randy how to curb his enthusiasm! At that time you were already planning your future office. The wait really paid off for you and for us readers of your blog! Surely RH knows NOW exactly what they have lost! Way to go! Jenny Danna

Mares said...

Elizabeth, is your business open to the public? If so, how can I find out hours, etc.?

Your story is so incredibly inspiring! Thank you for opening your doors to the world!

Best wishes,
Mary Anne

Kaye said...

I just love your office! What an amazing transformation of that room! I have a million questions but will only ask two!

What color did you paint the walls and how did you age it? (I'm counting that as one question)

Where did you find the miniature manequin that is behind your desk?

I find your blog so inspiring! Thanks for the motivation!


The Flying Bee said...

Hi Elizabeth!

This is my first time leaving a comment...I think. Congrats on the WWC cover! I got to meet Jo in Roundtop this Spring and she is so great! Anyway, I just wanted to say that I think your space is gorgeous and I so enjoyed this post! I just broke down when I read the part about your ex telling you that you are doing what you are meant to do...I felt like I could hear my hubby telling that to me! I am in a situation right now where I have the chance to lease a building and open my own shop...which is my dream, but I am scared...SCARED! Oh, and then your rat story...soooo funny! Oh, and then the part about Randy telling you to buy the cart and then it was waiting for you at home! *sigh* Thank you so much for sharing all of this. I really enjoyed reading it! :)


Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hello Lila!

Thank you for your comment - I love it when I can inspire someone to get going on a room in their house - man - do I need to inspire myself for my basement!!! Ahhhh! You don't even want to go there at all - no joking.

The letters on the side of the desk is VERY easy - I will be showing "how to's" on my new website - (we had a glitch - but in the home stretch - yippeee) but for now - you print up what you want on the computer, cut it out, "color" the back with a slate pencil, tape it on the side of the desk (or on the wall, wherever) and trace over the letters hard, then lift and paint or use a marker over the traced letters. Very easy!

Take care

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Julie and Artsyfirely!

Thank you Julie for being so devoted and kind. I love when I "meet" people back from my store days. And Artsyfirely - I know what it is like to be a military wife - I moved A LOT as well!! I love quotes - so many others have so many wise things to say - I can't get enough wisdom. I am glad those words helped your esteem. My self-esteem goes up and down so much - wish I knew the answer to keep it up - sometimes I know it is just PMS (don't tell Randy) but sometimes, I know it really is life issues and just feeling unsure and the constant change or that ONE person who puts doubt into my life....but then, just like esteem goes up again and I concentrate very hard on what I am grateful for, I read those wise words of others, and I really try to put things into perspective with the help of God reminding me of my dreams. That, and a piece of key lime pie (frozen) usually can do the trick ;-)

Thank you for writing - and keep dreaming!!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Kim!

Well, when you found the WWC in your pharmacy - if you "peed in your pants" that is what I call a "Depends Moment." Hahaha. Thank you for such a touching email. You made me smile. I am truly, truly touched by your sincere words and how my "adventures" in life have brought you.....entertainment? Not sure what the word would be...but I am sure you would fill in the blank with a really nice word. :-) You sound like such a sweet spirit with lots to give.

It makes me really happy (and so surprised) when people write me and tell me how much they enjoyed seeing my little office. It is funny, you know, how we are all voyers really. I know I am....that is how I started out after all...wanting my mother to "SLOW DOWN!!" as she drove through old neighborhoods when I was very little and I loved looking at the old homes. I just loved it when a curtain was left open and it was dark out and I could see what was inside. So, if you happen to see a car driving really, S...L...O...W....L...Y... by your house.....and you hear a woman yelling "SLOW DOWN" to a bald man wearing black glasses with a frustrated look on his face, chances are, I am in your neighborhood and Randy is driving me around (patiently).

Thanks again for the fun email

Deb Milligan said...

Dear Elizabeth,
Just a note to let you know
how beautiful everything is that
you designed for my house.
It was so much fun anticipating
everything and meeting Maureen
and your friends. They are so nice.
Hope to see you all again
Deb Milligan

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Jenny!

You are so funny....yes, Randy is better at flea-markets now. And what a good eye/memory you have! Yes, you are correct - that table with the printer on it IS the table that I wrote about in the article for RH on flea-markets. And it did fit perfectly, even though I wasn't sure how I was going to use it!

Thanks for the nice comment.


Anonymous said...

What's funny is that I used to come into your store in St. Louis all the time. I never knew what was going on "behind the scenes" (or should I say UNDER!) because the shop itself looked like some quaint Paris boutique! I so enjoyed that store and pass by the building every time I go home...wishing I could go in, still. Oh well...I have enjoyed seeing your new office!!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hello Mares and Kaye,

Thank you for writing - I am behind on returning my emails and comments - and I didn't want to forget to answer your questions. :-) Mares, I no longer have a store that is open to the public. I have done shows, such as Miss Frenchies in KS City. My website is being worked on as I type....while it will not immediately offer goodies....I will say that the future holds many plans that were put on hold but are finally seeing their way from the "dream grave" into light. (Dream grave is where I feel sometimes dreams "die" an untimely death, but find themselves being resurrected when circumstances change....)

Kaye - I painted my walls of my office a Ralph Lauren color called Aritst Studio - isn't that great? That is the real name! I aged them down with a very LIGHT hand using my own mix of glaze and light brown tint - you can get the same effect with a premixed glaze. I always mix my own custom aging stuff when standing in my room, with my own light. Glaze is not easy to work with if you haven't done it before, so you can use a watered down brown paint and "wash" your walls lightly with a rag as well. Don't soak the rag! Use only a damp rag - get the rag wet - wring it out - then wipe on walls - or pat. Just experiment.

Hope this helps!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Adrienne!

Welcome to the Scared Shop Sisters Club!! :-)) I KNOW what you mean about being scared about opening a shop!!! If you weren't scared I would either think you were very arrogant, or senseless, or you have an endless bank account so it didn't matter if you made a being scared is really very normal. But being scared is also good - it can actually help you be creative when choices are limited, and it can boost your confidence when you DO make a choice and move on to the next decision - that is if you don't let fear keep you from doing the next step.

Yes, the rat story still makes me laugh - and makes me wonder how I lived and worked that way for so long - and that was just ONE of the work spaces I shared - I didn't share others.

Thanks for sharing and good luck if you decide to lease. If you choose not to lease at this time, don't be hard on yourself - the time will be right for you later.

Big hug,

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Debra!

How funny that I should get your comment right at this moment....I am just now sorting through the final photos for my portfolio for my new website to give to my tech guy and I am looking at the photos of your home and selecting some to include! I can't decide which ones to include - and those of you reading this - this is the home that had the beautiful drapes and pillows. I still have bedding photos to show you as well - yes - more photos of that beautiful home still to come! Thank you Debra for all the beautiful projects you allowed me to work on - and of course, your friendship is the most beautiful!

See you soon - photos too,

the wild raspberry said...

Elizabeth, I always love your blog. I don't get on here very much, but when I do, yours is a stop I always make. Everything is so beautiful, and so passionately inspiring. Every time I get done reading your blog (and drooling over) your lovely pictures, I am ready to pick up a paint brush and get busy. Thanks for all you do! Love to you! Debbie

Tania - Grange de Charme said...

These photo's are so inspiring ! thank you for sharing !

Claudia Mora said...

I really enjoyed the article in the magazine. Thank you for reminding us how God is always there guiding us in our Journey.

Blessings to you and wishing you the best on all your endeavors.

Antica Treasures

Anna Margaret said...

I got the WWC Mag. awhile ago and just today discovered your Blog!

I am in the process of redoing a room myself as my "Paint Studio"
and I just want to tell you how
INSPIRED I am by You!!
Thank you so very much for sharing your awesome gifts!

Many blessing to you -

Anonymous said...

So glad to have found you! A fellow creative soul who is not afraid to acknowledge God as the source of her creative life. I look forward to getting to know you through your blog and your business.

pam q said...

Loved the magazine and loved this post---nice to see the "behind the scenes" photos in the creation of your lovely office.

Loved the rat story......

Seeing your former workspace gave me hope. Those photos are inspiring me to keep on keeping on. Thank you for sharing them.

Cecil and Co. said...

I adore your studio...would love to move right in! I admired the shot of the desk the most the first time I laid eyes on it on the cover! You made me want to redo my studio as soon as I got home...thanks for sharing a little of your world with us!

Burlap Luxe said...

Your site kills me!!! I am enamored with your life and home! I am so taken back with it all I am left breathless...I may even need a lung transplant by the time I leave your site.

I am going to go back and take more of you in and I will be back every other hour to get my hauntingly amazing fill of your design Style. I descorate very much like you and am inbetween homes and can not beat this one up as I do to my others.

Thank you for sharing your amazing beauty!! I will be back.
Pleace come visit me I am adding you to my blog roll of inspiration.
Dore L. Callaway
Interior Design
Edgy Designer Model estate Homes/Res.

Cathy Mullins said...

Your cover was the first time I read Where Women Create...You have been an inspiration! The quote on the side of your desk turned a light on inside of me to return to my art...Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful studio and work! It has touched me beyond words!!!

la maison LaFortune said...

I so know how you feel about finally having a workspace with windows, heat, and air. My previous workroom was our garage. I did have portable AC & heat though. I don't think there were any rodents, but I did have to remove a snake one day when I had the door open for a bit! Now, however, I have a beautiful studio in my backyard. I'll have pretty gardens to look at in the near future also. I love, love, love it!! Thanks for sharing your space with us!

Vintage Home said...

...Delightful!...Thanks for inspiring!

debbie said...

Hi Elizabeth-
Just discovered you in the WWC issue ~ just absolutely LOVE everything in the article and now on your blog! What a gift you have been given, and how sweet and generous of you to share your gift with all of us! I'm sorry I didn't know of you before this, but am THRILLED to have found you now and can't wait to see your upcoming website! May God continue to bless you & your wonderful husband,too!best wishes! PS loved the rat story-LOL!
Debbie :)

the paris apartment said...

OOOh you're always up to something fabulous and are so talented I can hardly stand it! Your space looks incredible! When is YOUR book coming out? Do you do your own photography? You're a such a force!

CreateSoulLife said...

Congratulations to you as you have certainly paid your dues as one says! Your article in WWC is absolutely grand. Thanks for sharing and for encouraging others like me. I wrote about WWC today on my new blog. Thanks again. Creativelife

decomarce said...

Hi Elizabeth!
your office is wonderful! ´


Megan said...

Love your posts and I must say your style is unique! I need your help though. My mother is driving me crazy trying to find that color that you used on your walls. I've had to go to three different paint stores and nothing seems to make her happy! Would you mind telling us the color and technique that you used? You're a lifesaver and I could finally finish this project!

Best Wishes,

Janice Selby said...

Where are you? I know you have a fabulous project your working on somewhere. However I sure miss seeing your updates on your blog. I think your designing is just the most Fabulous, some would say THE BOMB! You can, take a tin can and make it look French & Romantic.

Janice In Missouri

harem6 said...

So happy to have found you1 Your world is absolutely amazing!

Mary Smith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elyse said...


somehow JUST discovered your blog (via tiffany). your office and all of the projects within are really amazing, beautiful and inspiring. thank you for sharing the back-story and edited info.

warmest congrats on all of your success!


Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

Oh my gosh!
Love your blog!
I am your newest follower!
Have a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering...I am building a website for my photography company, and I need some backgrounds. There are a few items in some of your pictures that I would love to zero in on and fade out just as a nice backdrop to my printed information. You'd barely see them but I'd love to use them to sort of balance out my website's design and color pallette. I would give all credit to you (your story and work is my inspiration for FINALLY having the guts to trust God and open up my business) and I could also link back to your blog and website when I reference your photos if you'd give your permission. If this isn't okay or you don't feel comfortable with that I understand. I would in NO WAY be claiming this as my own work, it's simply a faded backdrop. I'm praying you say yes because I know my customers would just love you and your style! I'm waiting patiently for your answer!


Unknown said...

Hello Elizabeth! I am a contributor to Apartment Therapy: the Kitchn (, and I'd love to feature your kitchen makeover on the site. I can't seem to find a contact email for you... I'm assuming this is the best way to get in touch and ask permission to post some photos. Please let me know- thank you!

Elizabeth Passarella

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Brittany,

I have many, many comments to post and answer - and I want to take time to do it properly - have been out of town a lot. But I wanted to quickly let you know if you send me a comment with your email (I won't publish it) I will email you so I may find out your exact needs to help you out. Thank you for asking - I am very flattered.

Take care,

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hello Everyone,

I have had many comments while I have been out of town that I need to answer - I will get to them this week as I am on deadline for a couple of projects. I miss you all and can't wait to catch you up. I don't want to publish them without taking time to really answer them with real thought. You deserve that.

Please take care and we'll talk soon.

And THANK YOU for such nice emails - they ARE read!

Elizabeth said...

You are soooo cool, you deserved to win. You new room is amazing and I'm very happy for you being out of that basment.

I'll be checking with you.

Madre Minutes said...

Dear Elizabeth,
I was deeply touched by your article in WWC. I live in Kerrville, TX, went to UT in Austin so related to so many of the things you said. Hope we can connect here, there or in the air.
Kindest regards,

Madre Minutes said...

Dear Elizabeth,
I was deeply touched by your article in WWC. I live in Kerrville, TX, went to UT in Austin so related to so many of the things you said. Hope we can connect here, there or in the air.
Kindest regards,

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

First, thank YOU for visiting my humble blog! And then, in return, I come here. Oh, my. I'm a first-timer. Elizabeth, if you do not make your pictures BIGGER I will scream. They are pure eye-candy. BUT, oh, please can you stretch. We NEED, MUST see MORE!!!!! :) I wonder if I can track down that magazine to see the pictures of your office. Simply divine blog here. I'll be lost in it for days!!!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Brittney,

I am assuming you got my message about to please email me with your personal email and I will be glad to help you out with your website. Just post a comment with your email, and I won't publish it.

Thanks for asking!

Elizabeth :-)

Anonymous said...

the tie in of the chandelier through the build of your office provides charming continuity, it almost seems as if his placing that lighting fixture there let's the whole room bloom in a whay that i wish..

well anyway, beautiful, ab so lute ly beautiful

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Wild Raspberry!

I am always happy to see you visiting - and thank you for always being so encouraging. :-)

No matter how long it is between visits - you always make me smile.


Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Claudia,

Thank you for writing. Yes, God is always guiding, isn't He? My problem is that many times I am busy making my own way when all along, life is so much easier (and better) when I quit being bullheaded and realize He is trying to tell me something and I actually listen! Lucky for me, He doesn't give up and He doesn't stop guiding.

Glad you wrote.

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Well Anna Margaret!

So glad you found me! It makes me so happy when someone "discovers" my blog. Not because I want a huge following, but because it just means one more person I can go borrow money from - HA! Gotcha!

No really, so glad you joined in - I hope to get to know you - my readers are very talented, gifted and giving. They are very special.

Visit again soon, I hope,

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Barbara!

I have a very strong feeling that it is "okay" to thank the One who gives me all that I have. It's bad manners not to, I think. :-) God has been generous with me and I am grateful. Thanks for giving me a chance to say it again, Barbara!

Take care,

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Pam!

Oh, how I love to hear that my story gives others hope. I love that! I will be honest here....when I dug out those old photos of my old space, I will admit, I was a little horrified. It is funny how our memories can work. We can either focus and remember only the worse or the best. And while I thought I really remembered the bad times, I guess I remember with rose colored glasses because I don't remember it being THAT bad...but I DO remember the HEAT and flooding. (And mice!) But the pictures are a strong reminder that I guess I choose to remember more of the good than the bad - or maybe my memory is just indicator of how I moved on and love my new little office?

Or...I am just getting old and can't remember a damn thing anymore.... :-)


Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Megan,

I hope you aren't going too crazy by now - it has taken me a while to get to my comments! The color on the walls is by Ralph Lauren and it is called Artist Studio (isn't that a cool name?) I aged it down very lightly with a glaze. The wall was already textured a little (old home). I use a flat finish, which is the hardest finish to use a glaze on - most use an eggshell finish - but for whatever reason, I taught myself the hardest way. I also use a brush with the glaze, which again, is the hardest way to do it - most use a rag or a sponge.

The paint is really pretty without any glaze at all. My friend used it in her kitchen and it looks really nice.

Hope this helps!


Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Janice,

Thank you for such a nice comment - you are always s encouraging! And thanks for hanging in there and waiting for me!

I appreciate all the comments!

Elizabeth :-)

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Harem7, Mary and Elsye,

Thank you for inspiring ME to continue to do what I do. I love that you found me through different routes - that is what makes this blogging world so neat.

So glad you enjoyed the story - love to write and I hope I get to write stories!


Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Claudia, Mary and Creative Life,

Thank you so much for celebrating with me for the article - yes it is such an honor to be a part of WWC. Yes, I do my own photography and took the photos of my studio/office. If I had it my way, my book would have been by now, but...God has His own timing which always seems to be better than mine. You all will be the first to know... :-)

And Leticia,
Thank you for being my newest follower! So glad you found me! Welcome!!


Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Madre Minutes and Virginia,

Thank you for visiting and such nice comments. Yes, I do hope we meet someday in Kerville (or better yet, why not Paris, France - as long as we are traveling....) Thank you for such support. And Virginia, you can go to and order the issue there, I believe. So glad you found me. You will love the publication - Jo (the editor) does a great job in celebrating and encouraging creativity in women.

Take care

Elizabeth Maxson said...

I never thought of the chandelier in that way - but I like the way you think - very poetic!


laura said...

Your studio is one of my favorites!!! I love what you did with your chair cover. The beauty you create is truly out of this world. Wished I lived closer I would love to visit & create with you. xoox Laura

Free Art Printables said...

I love that hutch! I am looking for one just like it! I am going to have to keep my eyes really open now!

Wendys Hat said...

Beautiful Room! Everything is perfect! Well done!

Vintage Boho-Shabby Chic said...

Thank you - wonderful blog. OMG part of my office and workspace is in an old basement but not as bad as the one you begun in. Life gives us a lot of challenges to put it mildly. In my late 40s, circumstances have prevented me from returning full time into the workforce. So I took what I had been doing part time since I was in my 20s and decided that now is the time. Your comment about just sitting there exhausted on the floor at your wits end reminded me of myself. That was a wonderful message you were given. Look forward to enjoying more of your blog. I love where Women Create. One day I hope to have my own little shop or barn (LOL). I give you many praises for your wonderful writing - I get so much writer's block on my blog. I find it easier to communicate with customers and clients on my f.b. page. I wish I had a ghost writer. I prefer taking pictures. Mary

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