Sep 3, 2011

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I am honored to once again to have my work featured in Where Women Cook. I came home last night and found my autumn issue waiting for me and I never stop getting excited to see my work or ideas published. I never take it for granted that there are so many very talented individuals wishing that they too, could share their ideas and talent with the world and they are hoping that someday they will be able to do so.

So, thank you Where Women Cook for doing such a beautiful job with my feature and the layout is, as always, spectacular. This issue is especially exciting because it features Cristina Ferrare of "Big Bowl of Love" from OWN network. She will be one of the keynote speakers at The Creative Connection Event that is just only a couple of weeks away now! I can't wait. Remember, like I said in a few posts ago, if you grab this button and leave a comment and post the button on your blog's sidebar, your name will be entered to win either a subscription to Where Women Create or Where Women Cook. Jo Packham, founder of both publications, generously offered that to my readers!


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Issue of Where Women Cook that features my latest work

But for now, let me say that the little feature I did for Where Women Cook is a feature called "Art Bar." It is a regular feature only added in a couple of issues ago. I believe mine is the third Art Bar? Not sure exactly.  I chose to feature one of my favorite holiday drinks: Wassail.

I fell in love with this European traditional punch back when I lived in Germany. There are many ways to make this punch and so I shared my version in Art Bar. I will share some of the photos that were not used, as the feature is purposely kept to only four pages and only the recipe.  You will have to read WWC to get all the photos and the recipe.....yes....the recipe (for a while at least) stays in WWC to be fair to them. But I will say, that this punch is served warm and is so good, (and beautiful) that serving it year round is something too hard to resist. But I will give you some serving tips, as they could not be included in the I am giving you something, even if not the recipe.  :-)

I hope you enjoy the extra photos and tips.

I use a metal, vintage punch bowl when serving warm punch. Not only does it lend to the traditional feel of the punch, but the metal keeps the punch warm longer. I line up the tarnished silver goblets on an old mirror for texture and old world beauty. 

Sometimes, keeping things simple is simply elegant. Just lining up the goblets on an old mirror is all that is needed for this little drink station....

I like using an antique, tarnished creamer, instead of a ladle to dip out the punch. Have you ever noticed how ladles are awkward to handle and tend to spill the punch anyway? Now you know what to do with those little three dollar creamers you find at any flea-market but wonder what to do with them. They are easy to hold, and pour directly into any little cup, without spills!

Using left over fruit to decorate is an easy, quick, and inexpensive way to finish off the table. Save your money for great appetizers and don't spend it on decorations...guests will love the simplicity and will enjoy gabbing and eating the tasty treats that you were able to purchase with the saved $$.

As a special treat, poke the oranges with cloves in a decorative manner. If you have a guest of honor...poking his/her initials into the oranges is a nice surprise! In this case, I honored Where Women Cook. A little trick: First float the orange to see which way it floats. Poke the cloves on the upside and if necessary, poke one or two toothpicks on the bottom of the orange which will help stabilize the orange to keep the cloves upward. Be sure to push the toothpicks far enough in to keep them from falling out.

The baked and scored apples look so cozy among all the floating fruits and spices. It just screams autumn! I love the crinkled skin. You will need to cut fresh lemon and orange slices before serving - they aren't so pretty after simmering in the punch :-)

Well, I just couldn't put away all the fun ingredients without playing a little...I guess you can see where my heart is...

If you want some fabulous recipes, some really heart-warming stories about some fabulous women to inspire you, this is a really great publication that Jo Packham has created. This publication is for women (or men) who like to cook, who love to peek into other women's kitchens, and who love a good inspirational story. I am really honored to be a part of Where Women Cook. If you are looking for some connections, inspiration, or just wanting to jumpstart your passion to a new level, again, I will be at The Creative Connection Event, and if you are still on the fence about this, I encourage you to visit their blog which will give you lots of information, ideas, and last minute registration deals and tips.

Well, that is it for now. I hope you enjoyed the little bit of eye candy. I always enjoy getting up a post that shows my passion. I have been super busy finishing up a huge project and I haven't had a moment to rest, gather my thoughts or even clean up after my project. And boy, how I can't wait to share with you ANOTHER HUGE project that just landed in my lap...but it is a project that will take quite a while to work on, a TRUE labor of love, and will fulfill many, many years of dreaming, loving, wishing, and a very unbelievable story that goes with along with it. It will be such a fun project, a long project, I may start a whole separate blog about it.....stay tuned!

Until then my dear readers, I wish you all the chance to create, dream, wish, and continue to grow your passion in a direction that fills you up with pure joy.

from my house to your house,



Richard Cottrell said...

Ms. Elizabeth. good to see your article. I am so happy for you. I have exciting news as well. Victorian Homes is coming back in late Nov. To do a Christmas issue of my house. I have made all the tree decorations for years past. I am going to have a huge replica of my house in gingerbread and trees made of gum drops. I know it will be a lot of work and will not be published for a whole year. But, I am excited. Also Christopher Moore from New Zealand. who designs wall paper for the Lee Jofa Company is doing a book about his toile papers. I have two, one in my entrance and the other in my bed room. he is sending a man to take pictures for his book. he found me from my blog. I hope you are well, wish you would come for a visit. Keep up the good work. Richard from My Old Historic House.

house things said...

As always nothing but pure beauty and inspiration. I'm on the edge of my seat with excitment wondering what the new project is, can't wait to hear all about it!!!

cathypentonatelier said...

But why magazines continue to choose you is that your photography is beyond exquisite...and your writing makes us come alive....Love to you...please email when you have a chance...Love c xoxoxoxox

Amy Chalmers said...

I am so happy to have found your blog. I have been reading many old posts and enjoying myself so much finding out about you Elizabeth! I initially found your blog from a pinterest pic of a window treatment...I make window treatments and that is what lead me over here....and then you are so wise and kind and it all comes through the blog you write! So nice to get inspiration from you! I am in love with that pink silk austrian confection you made for that palace of a house...divine!


Lisa said...

You're one of my favorites! Everything photograph, write, just inspires me! I've added one of the buttons on my sidebar, do I add all of them?


Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

Gorgeous photos!


Dana said...

Beautiful pictures! Love the tarnished silver bowl! I have often wanted to used my tarnished silver pitures but I wondered if they were food safe?

Anonymous said...

I found you on F & T's blog. And I am thrilled to meet you. Fabulous blog....fabulous photos and fabulous thoughts :) ~~

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Hi Dana,

From my reading: If it is pure silver, then yes, it is safe. A little tarnish is fine as well. And if it is silver plate over copper and some tarnish, that is even fine too. If you have any sensitivities to any metals though, then you should use caution. I just wouldn't use tarnished silver as a daily utensil, but rather as a special treat. :-)

Thanks for writing!

VS said...

Congratulations Elizabeth...your photographs are amazing!!!!
PS: my bestest friend for over 40 years now is Elizabeth, but she's always just been Lizzie to me...sometimes Izzie. LOL ;)

Vicki @ Light for the Creative Soul said...

Hi Elizabeth! I am late getting to this post but it's SO wonderfully inspiring and delightful - just like yourself! Your entire blog is heaven to me. Between grandbabies and jewelry-making, I've been a little behind in blogging. Your place is top of my list, though!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures Elizabeth. It was so nice to meet you and work with you at delightful!

Anonymous said...

It was SO FUN to meet you at The Creative Connection! I really liked having someone to sit with that I "knew"! I hope we meet again. :)

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Just got back from long days of resting and fishing! Thank you all for such lovely, lovely comment. I loved reading them! Mary, it was so nice to meet with you and I so enjoyed meeting you as well...felt like I have known you for years :-)

Big hugs to you all - loved coming home to such wonderful comments,

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