Oct 5, 2011

Down For the Count

There was girl who drove far north, then south,

her fun adventures took her all about.

She wants to share them, she has so much to tell

but to tell the truth, she's tired as hell.

She is off again, to relax and go fishing,

but she can't wait to get back and get on with the dishing!

Okay, so I am no poet...but I have literally been here, there, and now going again and I have so many photos to share with you...people to thank....people to talk about....things to show you....I can't wait! But for some reason, my barber husband is insisting that I go fishing with him and wants to have me all to himself with a cozy campfire and his boat.....sounds good to me!

Miss ya'll and will have lots to gab about soon!

from my house to your house,



Anne Lorys said...

Sounds like fun, I hope you have an absolute blast, my friend!


www.MaisonStGermain.com said...

Have fun!!! Can't wait to hear all about your adventures:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Rhonda said...

Barber husband sounds so romantic, go go go - we will be here when you get back!

savvycityfarmer said...

head on out with that man honey ... they are one ina' million!

miss you

The Little Red Shop said...

Have a sweet time! Love the tub! I have a "new" one de-horsetroughetizing out in rain.

: )

Julie M.

Claudia said...

Can't wait to hear about your adventures - in the meantime, have fun with your sweet husband!


cathypentonatelier said...

oh that sounds like a lovely idea... We will all wait in anticipation for your return :)cxox

Tina said...

hugs dear Elizabeth! Hope you come home rested and refreshed!

trash talk said...

A fishing line is always the best pick-up line.
I would have killed for that tub during the show.

ChampagneMaker said...

totally jealous! i need a b.r.e.a.k! and I need one soon or i might explode!

Gretchen said...

So happy that you took the time to go away with your hubby for some r & r and fing. That stands for fishing, Elizabeth... :)
It's so smart to stop and smell the roses, to rest, to be still and to reconnect after such a busy spell. Now, if only I could learn to follow this in my own life, I'd be good to go.

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